New York: Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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New York: Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Politics: Michelle Obama May Have Notified People On Her White

POLITICS: Michelle Obama may have notified people on her White House ambition: ‘I plan to run’

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Keeping the bold in boldfacer

With nothing new to be told, creeping forth is retelling what’s old.

Years before “Oppenheimer” and Robert Downey Jr.’s Golden Globe win and Oscar nom, he exited a Santa Monica health club bathroom stall holding his face and complaining: “There’s no paper and my nose is running.”

Standing there was writer Jim Fragale who said: “There’s safety tissue in the wall for the seat.”

“Thanks,” he said as he grabbed a handful and honked his way out the door.

More. Comes now a re-revival of an ancient Betty Comden and Adolph Green Broadway show.

More. “Cabaret.” Another re-re-re-revival. The thing’s been around longer than the Statue of Liberty. With yet another party celebrating Joel Grey’s coming birthday at Café Carlyle to be hosted by Eddie Redmayne.

Meanwhile, in the big bay window of Michael’s, seated like a queen — Gayle King.

A timeless hate

More. The US and EU are pushing a two-state solution for Israel — but to think the hate will stop is delusional. Palestinian history is to eliminate Israel.

Their schools teach kids to hate Jews. Now’s different? After the destruction of Gaza, handing West Bank terrorists this special state??!

To divide Jerusalem is emotional for both sides. Won’t happen. Has not happened for decades. The West, into the trap of weakness and lack of realistic solutions, blames Netanyahu instead of themselves. Nobody has the answer.

Several degrees of dumb

Harvard — dozens of student groups signed to condemn Israel’s response to Hamas’ massacre and the institution is now hosting a radical Palestinian speaker who defended Hamas.

Also, antisemite Claudine Gay, who removed herself from its presidency, still keeps her $900K salary. Really?

Palestinian-minded Barack Obama was offered her job. He deferred a decision. Harvard still hates. A sympathetic stance while president, he pushes that agenda behind the scenes.

I broke the story Mrs. Obama might run for the highest office in the land. With outlets all repeating my story, the Obamas have not denied it.

While high-level DC people deny Michelle’s a maybe candidate, several firsthand sources whom she met in 2022 say I am right.

Obama, who came into the White House poor and left rich, has not refuted it.

A secret survey to a small number of DNC donors were asked how they feel about a Michelle candidacy. That is real.

Also real. 2022 in NY she told people “I plan to run.” Fact.

Sisters’ sorrow

Friends praying for the Lennon Sisters’ Kathy Lennon and her husband. Nasty fall down the stairs. While she and sister Janet have continued to appear in Branson, Dianne and Peggy no longer perform.

Doomsday prep

Another meanwhile. Rumblings are that North Korea may actually plan to actually attack South Korea. Chunky Kim, seeing the weakness of Ukraine and Israel, is emboldened by nukes.

The new close relationship with Putin may be encouraging this since it would distract the US and Europe from supplying Ukraine.

College conversation: “I’m going to enter the diplomatic service.” Friend: “Domestic or foreign?” First friend: “Neither. I’m going to be president of a university.”

Only in Harvard, kids, only in Harvard.

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