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New York: Monday, September 20, 2021
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Marine forced to do mental check for Afghan criticism; “Small Number” of Americans left in AFGH


Marine forced to do mental check for Afghan criticism; “Small Number” of Americans left in AFGH

One commander went against the “NO “disrespect” of the senior government leadership order. Following the terrorist bombing that killed 13 American soldiers and 169 Afghans, Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller demanded accountability of the senior military. Scheller then questioned the heart and honesty of the military leaders for “not holding up their end of the bargain.

Head of U.S. Central Command, Gen. Frank McKenzie announced the completion of the withdrawal and the evacuation yesterday. Sadly, McKenzie acknowledged there are still Americans who remain in Afghanistan “in the low hundreds.” The general said, quote, “We didn’t get out everyone that we wanted to get out.”

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Marine forced to do mental check for Afghan criticism; “Small Number” of Americans left in AFGH

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  2. -- 3 weeks ago

    There is an authority higher than any other here on earth-

  3. Ronda Tylor 3 weeks ago

    Brave man, we need more like him.

  4. Deezeone 3 weeks ago

    everyone knows who needs a mental check ,..and believe me they know who this person is

  5. Manny Rosado 3 weeks ago

    This is a true leader!!

  6. LikeZ - 13 3 weeks ago

    Heard the number was 12,000 Americans and tens of thousands of people from india.

  7. Morgan Mac Alpin 3 weeks ago

    The Biden administration along with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schummer all need to go. They are all guilty

  8. Stanley Grey 3 weeks ago

    Once again our representives are just giving us lip service and not taking any credible action to hold these incompetents accountable. These treasonous traitors have armed our enemy and gave them a country. If this isn't treason explain to me what is. Oh that's right being a Trump supporter. This country is in a sewer of shame.

  9. Tony Ed 3 weeks ago

    They tell us this was a success? More people are checked, loaded, fly DAILY at major airports all over the USA. Than flew out of Afghanistan in a month!

  10. Rudy 3 weeks ago

    As a Patriotic Democrat for over fifty-years I find the Biden administration reprehensible for knowingly leaving our American citizens and allies in Afghanistan to be slaughtered by the Taliban. And were is our military??? Have they forgotten why they exist?? It appears the Biden Motto along with his cohort Milley is "We got our Military out of Afghanistan and now it is up to our American Citizens and Allies to find their own way home". Again, Biden and Milley don't appear to understand the purpose of having a country with the most powerful military in the world. The Democratic Party is destroying America and the American People!!! Rudy Di Maggio

  11. Anna Etheriedge 3 weeks ago


  12. Andrew Long 3 weeks ago

    It seems to me that this marine is a patriot. Too many service members have given their lives in this shit show for accountability not to be demanded! Traitor Joe needs to be removed and held accountable

  13. Alan Watson 3 weeks ago

    So the 150 to 200 Americans are expendable?

  14. Sherrie Laaksonen 3 weeks ago

    By closing the book on those left behind, their story may never be known

  15. Clint Boggess 3 weeks ago

    Has anybody else noticed that for the first time in Biden‘s life he held to his word? Unfortunately, it was to the Taliban to evacuate by August 31st.

  16. Steve Morris 3 weeks ago

    Our Marines and Armed forces in general need to do a "Right Thing" Check and consider if they enlisted to Just Follow Orders or Protect our Constitution. The ONLY people capable of threatening the Constitution are those who are supposed to be Restrained by it, namely Federal Officials and Employees. The Constitution is a set of Rules and Objectives for Govt Officials, NOT AMERICANS IN GENERAL.

    Think about it.

  17. Milena G 3 weeks ago

    Mr Scheller is a True American Hero.Communists and Marxists do send people to mental facilities when they are afraid of them.Learn history,people.

  18. Mrs Rabbit 3 weeks ago

    Biden Admin:
    "I repeat, those dogs are NOT stranded, they had the chance, if they so desired, to make their way to the Kabul Airport, they chose not to."

  19. Amen

  20. Angelika 01 3 weeks ago

    God knows our every need and will always provide for us!

    We NEED to remember and realize though that our WANTS are not always what we NEED !

  21. Leon Hostad 3 weeks ago

    Old communist trick, anyone who criticises the establishment gets accused of being insane.

  22. Anita Ellison 3 weeks ago

    I love how you told the last story of faith in God. Beautifully done!

  23. CySciborg 3 weeks ago

    🌜Sundowners🌛 Dr 🩺Jill 💀!☠

  24. luis brown 3 weeks ago

    Look at that amaris speaks the truth and he has to resign but our generals that fuk up don't have to be resign and Johnson had to answer for the fuk up the military's garnish it

  25. The Study 3 weeks ago

    Politicians seriously need to be held accountable for their actions. They can't constantly just flagrantly disregard state law and get away with it. If we can't do it, then they should not be able to.

  26. Paul Sprague 3 weeks ago


  27. Sir DogeAlot 3 weeks ago

    I'm sure video gamers could of handle AFGH withdraw better than our current government, so sad.

  28. Barbara Brooks 3 weeks ago

    The United States and India have both suffered huge financial losses from terrorist attacks. Why didn't the United States and India secure the areas with mineral wealth? We lost billions on 9/11 and need the rare numerals. India has a lot to lose from the withdrawal because it's strengthens its worst enemies, China and Pakistan. We need to take the areas with mineral wealth and partner with India against terrorism. Let the warlords have local power, but hold an economic zone. Give the Afghans an annual.check from the mines. Having a dependable income would weaken support for the Taliban and warlords. We can't let China get the minerals.

  29. The Study 3 weeks ago

    THIS is real journalism!

  30. Dave 3 weeks ago

    Good Morning to all my Conservative friends. This Brave Marine feel on his sword for his beliefs it is unfortunate that he gave up his well earned pension for a failed administration and its failed president, if someone sets up a GoFundMe page I will help. As for Maricopa County I have said this before, take away their income streams, such as any funds the state gives the county, stop their salaries, remove their benefits and , after a “fair trail” put them in Jail. Of course off bail at say $5,000,0000.00. We would then see them react a little differently. Have a great day.

  31. Taters Pops 3 weeks ago

    Marine corp leaders need to get their heads out of their asses. I stand with this LTC America demands accountability for Bidens Failures.

  32. Thomas Ridenour 3 weeks ago

    If someone sits up a Go-Fund-Me page for Col. Scheller to compensate him for his loss of retirement benefits, I will donate. He will become an overnight millionaire! AND RIGHTLY SO!

  33. Thomas Ridenour 3 weeks ago

    The Col. is a real hero! As a veteran, I have huge respect for his courage!

  34. Teresa Varner 3 weeks ago

    AMEN Michael. With God all things are possible ❤️

  35. Robert Maxwell 3 weeks ago

    Election FRAUD is real, Joey BRIBES Biden is a living example of such

  36. SMiles 3 weeks ago

    Great job Michael, much blessings to you 👌🌷💝🌷

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POLITICS: Marine forced to do mental check for Afghan criticism; “Small Number” of Americans left in AFGH - Video

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