New York: Monday, April 22, 2024
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New York: Monday, April 22, 2024
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Lockdowns & Cancer 😭

POLITICS: Lockdowns & Cancer 😭 – Video

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According to a new pre-print study, the rise in cancer deaths here in America spiked in the year 2021, and then again in 2022. And these spikes were in great excess to the multi-year trend.

The new study was published by a research firm called Phinance Technologies, which looked at CDC data and figured out whether the rate of deaths from cancer changed significantly in the past few years.

The answer: it did. Dramatically.

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What Do You Think?

  1. The Covid 19 pandemic was to eliminate as many carbon footprints as possible for the benefit of climate change freaks.

  2. The problem is not that people are just finding cancer though. There is a new "aggressive" version of cancer that appears suddenly and spreads too quickly to be treated effectively.

  3. Roman…no…it’s not because they weren’t being screened and the cancers were just too fast to detect in time… it’s what caused the cancer in the first place that caused the rise. You know it.. I know it… the whole comments section knows it… but I know… you gotta appease the platform to get the word out at all…. I’m just sayin, that’s all.

  4. So you're also missing the GIANT elephant in the room. Obviously what he said IS a variable of why we're seeing with the increase, but let's talk about the rest of it, shall we? NAGALESE, n Dr Jeffrey Bradstreet and Dr. Garcia were the ones who discovered it in vaccines originally . Dr. Bradstreet was a week out from going public with his discovery and he SUPPOSEDLY "committed suicide" by shooting himself in the stomach in a ditch right next to his house. Ironically the same exact day he died the man he'd been working on that discovery with in Mexico cuz he knew he was being watched by the United States government, so he was doing the book of this research with another doctor in Mexico. That dr also disappeared with 3 of his colleagues the day Dr. Bradstreet was murdered n when their bodies were finally found two weeks later they just all happened to be different heights, different weights, different tattoos. They were NOT the same people obviously. And then after that 100 other holistic doctors went down who knew anything about NAGALESE or GcMAF which is what it affects. Basically it's a cancerous tumor protein that self-replicates n it can ONLY be BIOENGINEERED, it CANNOT be in your vaccines on ACCIDENT, and it stops your body's ability to produce GcMAF which in essence is your body's cure for EVERYTHING, and also stops your bodies ability to ABSORB VITAMIN D which is also what? Key for your immune system. So ponder ALL of that together, a cancerous tumor protein that will self-replicate, your body's cure for everything being stopped in it's production, and then your inability to now absorb key vital nutrients for your immune system. HOW do you think THAT would work out, and THEN tell me WHY we're seeing such an increase in cancers, because it's NOT just lack of screenings. You have to check that box obviously, but it's not just that. Dr. Bradstreet deserved not just acknowledgment, but so much more than what happened to him. He really tried to do the right thing. He'd already had his office raided by the United States government when he had information that would have proved a correlation between the live Measles component bypassing the blood-brain barrier in the spinal fluid of Autistics. They marched into his office with automatic weapons at gunpoint and took all of his research. How do I know because he literally told me. It's a proven fact they raided his office and said he was a "threat to national security." HE KNEW there was something that was still not being found with a lot of Autistics and he was trying to find WHAT it was, n for no other reason than to help those kids he was rewarded by being murdered. And if we really want to get into it when a lot of those families got private autopsies on those doctors, a large amount of them had a drug in their system in lethal amounts called 2- CE or AquaRust which in essence can mimic what looks like a heart attack, cause hallucinations, and raise your body temperature to such a degree that it can become disorientating or cause a collapse of your system. Right around the time we saw all of these doctors either going missing, being called suicides, supposedly jumping out of high-rise buildings even though they had NO suicidal previous issues n had things on their schedule, we also saw the largest group of doctors being poisoned in Germany in recent history and they were all poisoned with the EXACT SAME DRUG that we saw in these private autopsies. These doctors deserved a whole lot more than what they were given because a lot of them were given a death sentence in the end and I will stand behind that. I know because I utilized Dr. Bradstreet's protocol to get my son better. And I met him personally multiple times, so the fact that nobody has pushed this subject nor brought it forward out of fear is sad. Ask WHY we're not seeing a lot of private laboratories producing GcMAF synthetically? Cuz as far as I know there was one maybe two labs that were prior to 2017 and ironically they all just got shut down very quietly n very mysteriously, and then we could also talk about WHO was on the MALAYSIAN FLIGHT that just disappeared? Infectious disease experts, n two of them in particular had patents in the works that would have possibly changed medical as we know it for the better. I guess those patents are just stalled out now. It's very convenient for the government and multiple special interest groups isn't it? It all just happened prior to Covid. It's almost like they knew it was coming. 🤷🏼

  5. Because we were told cancer surgery and treatment. was non essential. Hospitals told everyone only covid treatment. Nobody willingly postponed cancer treatment

  6. I believe it was the covid vaccine, they blame it on crappy food ect,but there has always been crappy food.when i read younger people are getting cancer more what else could it be? These people eat better than i ever did.and now of all people kate has it at 41?

  7. This guy hates everything about the white man !!! Except the check he cashes.. you know the only reason he wont leave this country is because no one else will give a crap . And the benefits for him here is almost like hitting the lottery.

  8. Clarification: It's not that people were choosing to not go to their doctor… it's that they were not ALLOWED to see doctors under threat of violence from government officials. (And doctors were being threatened with lose of license if they stayed open, many being shut down as "non-essential").

  9. Guess who welcomed the damages. NWO and WEF elites have been working towards the end of the real reason why western nations have succeeded by diminishing God. Change my mind

  10. This is what happens when Big Pharma abuses the people and they loose trust in the medical industry. personally, now i avoid seeing a doctor for anything that isn't immediately life threatening. I know they don't care about me and I don't want them touching me.

  11. Maybe this just shows my contempt for humanity, but I honestly think this disease, and more in the future, was released on purpose with the sole point of culling the weak and elderly from our populations to save money on the health care system. So often you hear people in power talk about how over crowded the earth is becoming. What an easy solution that they cannot be blamed directly for because there is no proof it was released on purpose.

  12. I didnt need a study. This is just common sense. And it didn't just happen with cancer. Kids isolated, committing suicide. Spouses forced to stay separated overseas. Parents stranded from their children. Imagine businesses dying and those bread winners not being able to afford life saving medication for their dependents. "Due to covid?" No. "Due to lockdowns." Say it right.


  14. Increased cancer, increase suicide and increase depression. Lockdowns did what the Democrat elites wanted- a weakened America Good job Biden.

  15. This newstory is personally devestating for me, for by the grace of God, as a young 19 year old Army soldier, my government gave me cancer, by submitting me to eat, work, and sleep in toxic EPA Supersite sludge, and with 3 months to live, their medical care diagnosed my Leukemia, and veterans benefits gifted me 3.5 years of chemotherapy and cancer treatment. I am now a blessed 49 year old Christian married mom and…now my body has begun to tell me a similar story. We shall see how the rest of my story plays out. By the grace of God go I. And also by God's doctors, though some of them are true demons. Yet, we shall see…

  16. All roads lead to Rome, just ask the Pope, the current Antichrist! He's behind it all, I'd love to tell it to his lying face, maybe he will pay me a visit someday? As I have been told and understand it, to get an audience with him you have to admit that he's the Holy Father and that ain't going to happen.

  17. Doesn’t this dovetail nicely into the elites/big pharma/big corporations (food supply)/ etc. goals to decrease populations? Especially all those bourgeoisie pee-ons that make up the middle class. Honestly, I’m surprised any of us are left to vote them out….🙄

  18. No. They already had the jab created and knew it would cause cancer. So they tried to get ahead of it with their false claims that it was a lack of screening which THEY shut down, not the virus.
    Before jabs, I NEVER heard of so many cancer. Screening doesn't prevent cancer; it just treats it earlier.
    All lies…. they're removing the "carbon bodies" as planned by their Master Deceiver fallen angel.

  19. in the US Big Pharma adds hazardous additives almost in everything. Not in Canada, because there is free medicine in Canada

  20. Military admits that the FDA scammed us with Covid Vaccines

    A soldier was recently granted a honorable discharge for refusing the vaccine.

    He realized that when they said that the vaccine is FDA approved they weren’t talking about the one in the United States so he told them that he would take the approved vaccine not the current vaccine.

    Now this hearing proves that the FDA in fact pulled this maneuver and tricked everyone with a bait and switch.

    This can be used as evidence to prosecute the ones who did this.

  21. The mystery shot data showed those that took the shot were experiencing increased occurrences of cancer. Individuals who were in remission were showing up at their oncologist showing growth in their cancer and it was more aggressive than the initial cancer they had before remission.

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