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New York: Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Lawmakers Say New Docs Reveal Fauci Lied to Congress; Official Complaint with DOJ | Facts Matter


Lawmakers Say New Docs Reveal Fauci Lied to Congress; Official Complaint with DOJ | Facts Matter

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Senator Sends Fauci’s Name to Justice Department Over Potential Lying to Congress | Facts Matter
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  2. Scott McDonald 2 weeks ago

    The CCP wouldn't engage in germ warfare….. would it?!

  3. Calbeck 2 weeks ago

    inb4 Pelosi dismisses the charges because she doesn't mind being lied to on behalf of causes she likes

  4. Sharon Washington 2 weeks ago

    I wonder what these celebrities who did all of these videos with Fauci things about this.

  5. Jean 2 weeks ago


  6. Tom McLaughlin 2 weeks ago

    The DOJ is corrupt. Good luck with that referral.

  7. charlie 2 weeks ago

    FYI ROMAN – on one hand you say you cannot trust anything that comes out of a communist country while you run a story about not trusting what is coming out of a federal republic country. I get what you are trying to say but maybe in the future focus on the story and the reporting. It could very well be that the communist country in which you refer had no idea either. Just sayin.

  8. Sharon Washington 2 weeks ago

    This is bigger then lying to Congress. This is criminal.

  9. Dennis Schoemaker 2 weeks ago

    So Dr. Fauci needs to be fired for a line under old

  10. Cynthia Williamson 2 weeks ago

    We can thank him for all the death's and existing illnesses,lost births. Nothing will be done, hes the tool if the Biden Admin. To destroy our world!

  11. Dennis Schoemaker 2 weeks ago

    Certainly hope Dr. Fauci is in hard water he needs to be eliminated out of the loop because of the Wuhan lab

  12. Cosmic Brownie 2 weeks ago

    Oh yeah we better see him in jail.

  13. Suzanne Hartmann 2 weeks ago

    I do not trust the DOJ to do anything about it I wish I did.

  14. Mike Myers 2 weeks ago

    Because we are all involved in an experiment they've moved from using rats to using people the Chinese and dr fouchi are taking notes who dies from the virus and how can we tweak the virus to kill certain segments of society I'm just glad I got covid and I'm better protected than the poor souls getting the "cure" test inoculations that are fatal to certain segments of society

  15. JANINE STOKES 2 weeks ago

    Good.morning..yeah right.
    Is this a decoy, to prevent others being held accountable???????

  16. John Pyle 2 weeks ago

    Now the never ending question that I know the answer to. We have caught this P O S several other times with no repercussions. After the 50th time will he be removed and jailed? Answer. NO! He will still be the go to Bureaucrat…

  17. Top Cat 2 weeks ago

    It would so nice to have a world where the truth prevailed.

  18. Tresha S. 2 weeks ago

    Since when has Congressional Dog and Pony Shows accomplished anything?

  19. Jimmy Desperado 2 weeks ago

    Key words "Minority Senate Leaders". Because your next door neighbor who had a Biden sign in their yard….are the same people who refuse to contact their Democrat Majority Senate Leaders and demand justice be brought upon a man who has repeatedly lied to congress. A man whose poor decisions have led to millions of people dying worldwide. So in essence that same neighbor is responsible right a long with Fauci. Feel free to go next door and call that POS out on it….since our fine DOJ won't call the POS Fauci out on it. And anybody that's a Biden democrat who happens to be reading this. You are also a feckless POS.

  20. JANINE STOKES 2 weeks ago


  21. wade quad 2 weeks ago

    Sounds like obama had a hand in this note the obama intell community got stupid on the matter.. among lol other things. Only thing that obama intell community can go after is anything Trump true for America. President' so much cover up. It's the top intell leaders. That are against America.!!!!!! Seems they want to control Americans.

  22. patty otool 2 weeks ago

    the world should grab Fauci and charge him with crimes against humanity period but the new world order will never let that happen

  23. Cynthia Freudenberger 2 weeks ago

    So Fauci lied. What else is new? It’s not like there is anything anybody is going to do about it. He doesn’t care.

  24. Jackie Bowen 2 weeks ago

    Fauchi is part of population control he is corrupt and makes plenty 😉money 💰off the american people he knew gitmo for justice for the american people

  25. MrWeeble19 2 weeks ago

    If there are only two are only scenarios, then one can be taken off the table. The infected animal scenario is unlikely because there is ZERO evidence. Let's walk this through. In order for an infected animal to be the cause, it would have to have been caught in the wild. The infected animal did NOT just walk into the wet market and say "find me a nice home." No, it was captured in the wild by… HUMANS. And those humans didn't immediately show up at the wet market with their prized single infected animal. No, they probably had it for several days or weeks while they collected other animals for the market. This happened some distance away from Wuhan. So an infected animal made it from it's home to the Wuhan area with humans but we only know of Wuhan being the epicenter of Covid19? Seems to me IF that was the best optics for the CCP, they would provide the "facts" to prove that. Have they?
    The other scenario really has 2 parts. First, was it leaked from the Wuhan Institute on purpose? Or second, was it leaked by accident? Those last two are where the focus should be. Occam's Razor should be helpful here.

  26. Jackie Bowen 2 weeks ago

    Fauchi is a tupical drmocract liar thats

  27. Perry Bailey 2 weeks ago

    Some arrests and convictions had better come of this. This makes the Nuremburg trials look like a jaywalking citation.

  28. Wendy Bee 2 weeks ago

    If faux is not prisoner this should be a civil war. Over thro a currupt presid3nt.

  29. Ron Sanderson 2 weeks ago

    It seems fauci is guilty of releasing a deadly man-made virus on the world to study its effects on the human syche.

  30. Rudolf Hess 2 weeks ago

    The same people that are responsible for the virus are now pushing the “vaccine”. Not only that, but they are undermining therapeutics that have been proven effective…….

  31. copper jacket 2 weeks ago

    good one Roman , And I hate big tech communism !

  32. Fossitt FN 2 weeks ago

    Arrest Fauci the murderer and Biden needs to call Fauci out.

  33. Charles Murrell 2 weeks ago

    Keep up the good work Roman! I am glad I subscribed to ET.

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POLITICS: Lawmakers Say New Docs Reveal Fauci Lied to Congress; Official Complaint with DOJ | Facts Matter - Video

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