New York: Saturday, September 23, 2023
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New York: Saturday, September 23, 2023
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JFK Assassination Witness Drops Bombshell

POLITICS: JFK Assassination Witness Drops Bombshell – Video

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What Do You Think?

  1. I was 10 years old when JFK was murdered.
    Now I fear this, any government and government agencies that can effectively murder their own commander in chief, can and will be able to do anything to us ordinary citizens and I know now that they would do it to us without a second thought.

  2. If I had to guess the USSR was involved the with help of the CIA or the CIA wasn't involved with the assassination but with the knowledge of other high government leaders the CIA helped in cover-up. This could be for a multitude of reasons but the one I feel is strongest is had the information been released in 1963 when the vast number of people thought their children could be saved by duck and cover under their school desks, I remember doing those drills, would have demanded that the US retaliate to the clear act of war that the assassination would have been escalation would have been more than likely but near certain. US leaders then reasoned the greater good kept their silence and/or wealth or power. After all who would have picked Gerald Ford as president but he just as a example was part of the Warren Commission. Then as the years go by As went by the cover-up would have real world consequences and the leaders then well the kingmaker families want no effect on them, however remote.
    Last thought if this is true the 99% is largely false or immaterial whereas that 1% could still be volumes given the investigation.

  3. Just read the police report he had a handgun that didn't have a firing pin in it and the rifles barrel was bent. Remember he was accused of killing a security guard to that building read the original police report

  4. No matter what new evidence this Agent brings fourth the bottom line is you had the Lead Agent in the Limo who did absolutely nothing to protect the President as opposed agent

  5. Oswald was a patsy…I've come to the conclusion the cia, fbi, vice president, great military complex, and federal reserve, all fed by the key holder to the federal reserve….the corporation that holds all 3 uniquely governed countries within cities. This same group was responsible for the Bolshevik revolution. They recruited Stalin, Lennon, Marx, they groomed Hitler, and saw him rise to power. From 1918-1953 that crew was responsible for the death of 70 million jews!!! Let that sink in. Interestingly enough the current trend of fearmongering us to think a food shortage is coming, is too eerily similar to what the bolshevicks did to the Russian jews…3 completely engineered famines. 60+ million dead. One should really question why we went to stop Hitler while being allies with Russia?? Did our government not know, i think not.  Why would we be friends with the people exterminating more jews? Why was Preston Bush trading Ford engines, coca-cola, to name a few with Germany? That's illegal! Why when the war was over did we bring many of the nazis here?most thought the worst were executed for crimes against humanity at Nuremberg. But were they? It's funny how Hitler had flying saucers that weren't operational yet,or were they in 1945? We found them when we liberated Germany. Did Tesla's missing work after his death that was confiscated by FBI for national security. 30 of 90 trunks were taken by im ASSUMING Tesla had come up with anti-gravity and electro magnetic or resonance propulsion and Preston Bush got it in the German's hands. Is it not odd that 1947 was the Roswell incident? Or isn't it odd that the nature of the democrat party changed in the 50s? They absorbed the socialist party in America and were the socialist democrats for 4 years before dropping the word socialist.  Did you know that was the political party name the bolshevicks used in Russia? Kennedy warned us of this group and so did Regan but America was already asleep and too numb us more after Kennedy was killed, they began dismantling the bond between the us citizens. Racial, political,  social injustices, demoralizing our vets, and ruining our own image of our country in our eyes; that was what the 60s were about. Peace, love, drugs(thanks cia) gave rise to dividing teens and college students from parents (by drugs) and from those believing in patriotism and fighting for freedom, ah, but that too, was a tool to get us into war. Between civil rights, liberal hippies, drugs,, and vietnam that was the beginning of how they created ground that we couldn't stand together on as one group, as Americans as we had through many years prior. The ones behind the bolshevick revolution were already here, long before 1913 but in 1913 they sank their claws in us and for over the last 100 years we didn't notice that we've been bleeding… but DJT 45 did. They robbed us of gold in 1933 by trading Americans their gold coins for paper money!! Gold prices jumped 2x overnight…that value stolen from the people. Vietnam was a milking machine for all involved with the military complex. The police action of how our military was to conduct themselves left wide open the avenue for ol' Hanoi Jane Fonda to see our boys cut down villages as they were told to do. Imagine…a village is like a house, they all protect it and each other, they used guns to defend themselves or they were told propoganda about what Americans would do to them, so its no surprise that they confronted our soldiers. Our boys were told go check out that village and if anyone shoots then they must be VC, so wax everyone!!! Our boys thought they were doing right but Jane Fonda sees the women and children dead and comes home to tell the liberal peace love drugs hippies about it and our soldiers came back as shit to everyone, not heroes, just spit on and called murderers and division was sowed. The CIA ran drugs into the hoods, which were still good places with moms and dad families, but within 20 years Nancy regan would be coining the phrase, "just say no." We know Hitler and his goons were fabricating drugs….remember who we brought here in 45-46 the nazis…chemical, medical, nuclear, engineers….etc…the SS. Is it a coincidence drugs became a way of dumbing us down by not asking critical questions and questioning what we were told? We shall not forget the race conflicts and who fueled them….every kkk meeting,  every Jim crow law, every racist law, all segregation,  and every slave ever owned in this country except for 8…were all done by democrats. 1988 saw the American ring leader sit in oval office…the rest of this story is good but I find myself just emotionally drained at the revelation i have come up with. From these events to present but even more intriguing and scary is how far back i follow this. We aren't just fighting for ourselves we are smack dab in the middle of the oldest battle in history. So yes the cia, yes more than 1 shooter, yes the kill shot came from the direction of the grassy knoll, it was not the driver, I think it came from the storm drain. I only danced around it all but you can see the logic of who, where, why, when, what are nearly there. I have much more to really substantiate this explanation of what I think is a true historical account.

  6. JFK had an interview 2 weeks previous to his assassination where he promised the American people that he would shut down the federal reserve and basically have the American people be the "Stockholders/CEO's". That why I believe he had to shut up.

  7. A friend Larry M. Sturdivan was the chief ballistic scientist investigating for both the Warren Commission and later House or Representatives Investigation. Larry has written a book and also recorded an oral history in 1997. I have not talked with Larry for some time but from my talks with Larry on this subject some important facts come to emphasis. First he worked at the Army labs at Aberdeen Proving Ground in the bio-physics lab of ERDEC. The work on the ballistics of the bullet used by Oswald proved it to be the most stable of any known bullet they had ever tested… this included every known bullet type and design in the world of that time. That the bullet was proven to not tumble in flesh and bone of actual cadavers from many angles and even upon shots impacting major bone structures of the body it would not deflect in any significant manner, but maintain a straight path, even through multiple bodies in the same orientation duplicating the ‘magic bullet’ from the assassination of Kennedy. That the bullet speed was above the speed of sound resulting in hydrodynamic wound effects increasing its wound production and injury effects even despite the lack of tumbling effects in wounds produced by most other rifle bullet designs where tumbling was an important wound enhancing effect. The 6.5mm Carcano rifle and cartridge is one of the most accurate military rifles ever produced. The specific characteristics of the bullet making for this unusual for a military rifle projectile straight wound channel effect were the bullet nose blunt rounded shape and the cylindrical long narrow flat based body of the bullet providing an extremely high sectional density for a military rifle bullet. In fact over many thousands of known bullet designs the 6.5 Carcano bullet was the most likely to result in a straight wound pattern experienced in the Kennedy assassination. That the gun used also was one along with the Russian version of that rifle design which was the sniper version and scope pattern allowed the fastest repeat shoots of any known sniper rifle. At Stalingrad the 7.62mm caliber Mosin Russian near identical save for the 6.5mm caliber chambering of the the Italian Carcano, though in a heavier recoiling 30 caliber chambering used by Russia had a destination advantage over the German KAR 98 pattern sniper rifles as to speed of target engagement and repeat shots giving the Russians a distinct advantage, in a battle of snipers. The Italian Carcano version Fucile Modello 1891 ("the ninety-one", as commonly known in Italy); Carcano coupled his own bolt design, derived from that of the Mod. 1867, to the Mannlicher-type charger clip. Which was coped by the Russians for their primary battle rifle of WW1 and WW2 the Mosin–Nagant is a five-shot, bolt-action, internal magazine–fed military rifle. Known officially as the 3-line rifle M1891[9] and informally in Russia and the former Soviet Union as Mosin's rifle. The Carcano and Mosin are nearly identical save for the Carcano 6.5 mm x 52 caliber and the Mosin 7.62mm x 54 caliber chambering. In Larry’s stated opinion the 6.5mm Carcano was the ideal assassin’s gun for the job at Dallas to kill the American President. So considering the projectile path the 6.5mm Carcano was likely the only possible rifle that could have accomplished that unusual straight flight and wound path… that is the point of the term the ‘magic bullet’ …. that does not connote rarity as those sniper rifles with original scope in excellent condition where commonly and easily available from many mail order sources in the 1960s for a low price, just no better tool for the job was possible or as easily available, and effective though dismissed by the shooting press of the time.

  8. The warren commission is when I first began to distrust my government, and my father's reaction on 11/22)63 which was when him and mom came in from deer hunting ane asked why everyone was crying. Dad's exact words was that bastard Lyndon.

  9. The OSS was formed prior to WW2 by FDR, who they swore allegiance to. The head of it, Donovan spoke directly to FDR often with Truman as the only one in the office. FDR valued Truman because Truman was brave and smart enough to offer an intelligent counterpoint. Sometimes Truman offered a different perspective that wasn’t his position but because FDR needed to consider it. Donovan hated Truman for contradicting him in front of the president. After Truman became President, Donovan often stated that Truman wasn’t his president. After the war, Truman disbanded the OSS but Congress created the C.I.A. with roughly half of the former OSS in key positions. The other OSS agents went into DoD, DoJ, State Department and the U.S. military industrial complex.
    Jump forward to the Cuban Invasion which was a project of the OSS Alumni Secret Society, JFK usurping their authority, and their swearing they would kill the president and assume control. They were regarded as real life Captain Americas whose fabled exploits had many believing they were superior to even Medal of Honor recipients. Their fan base included the VP, FBI director & agents, active & retired military personnel, members of Congress, municipal police chiefs and officers, mobsters, disillusioned Americans, “The-Powers-That-Be”, America’s wealthiest, elite, and upper echelon. All were easily controlled and in league with the OSS alumni, and responsible for JFK’s assassination.

  10. anyone with a brain knows your own people (CIA/FBI/ Deep state operator) assassinated your president, and for you not to find the real shooter(S) is the real crime here. A real banana republic. steven

  11. I find the comment from @basspig about the driver very interesting. Never heard that concept before. I was 14 years old at the time of the assination. To this day I am convinced Oswald was just a patsy. There were at least two maybe three shooters and the kill shot was from the front. And I totally beieve it was the CIA and possibly other three letter agencies responsible. Not sure if I believe the SS agent about the magic bullet but it is better than the rest of the stories. Nice work Roman. Watch your back.

  12. 6.5 Carcano is not that powerful . It would be nice to know what CAL. that bullet was. Was it a Solid brass bullet ?? Those are most likely a larger CAL large game round…….. OH & FU@K U-BOOB

  13. We know it was the CIA who killed him. We have a rougue government. George Bush Sr. Was the head of CIA. Kennedy wanted to dismantle the CIA.

  14. There is a zero percent chance in my mind that the spooks didn't kill Kenedy. He was trying to destroy them, and they got to him first.
    I'm sorry YT is screwing you guys. It's going around.

  15. The CIA was working with Johnson to murder Kennedy. They used Lee Harvey Oswald as the patsy, but he wasn’t the one to ultimately murder the President as there were multiple shooters. The CIA did this because they (and Johnson) wanted the US to enter the Vietnam War and Kennedy was adversely against going to war in Vietnam. It was the people around the President who were part of the military machine that wanted to join the fight. Kennedy wanted to peacefully resolve the war and bring reform to the communistic country. But Johnson and the CIA didn’t want anyone to stand in their way from going to war and wasting American’s lives and taxpayer dollars. And that’s why Pompeo didn’t want Trump to release the documents and why they don’t want Biden to either. Because it will cause the CIA to be dissolved. And that would be bad for business.

  16. Knowing that his murderers and everyone involved will endure enteral suffering in the abyss, I do not worry about justice or seeking the truth on this earth. My faith is meshed with god and my eternal savior Jesus Christ. Matthew 5:38-39


  18. When is there going to be a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT towards YouTube? Enough of them taking advantage of people! I’ve got at least 4 channels I watch that they have just stolen money from and pulled this heist you’re talking about!

  19. The FBI car behind JFK had a new agent working. The cars come to a stop and the new guy was crawling out of the car and stumbled and pull the trigger seems wild but once you hear people saying somebody had a gun by the car cause they could smell gunpowder in the air

  20. JFK made many enemies within the government. Leaders within our government killed

    JFK; LBJ who was the most powerful elected official within congress, took a paycut to be in JFKs shadow


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