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New York: Thursday, September 16, 2021
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James O'Keefe shreds the "Twitter's a private company" argument | The Benny Report on Newsmax


James O'Keefe shreds the "Twitter's a private company" argument | The Benny Report on Newsmax

James O’Keefe, investigative journalist and founder of Project Veritas, joins Benny Johnson to discuss his permanent suspension from Twitter and how social platforms hold such power in throttling information. – via The Benny Report, Saturdays at 9:30PM ET on Newsmax

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  1. danmar007 2 weeks ago

    Indeed. And it does a lot of good, doesn't it? Everyone is sitting back watching their monitors, eating Cheetos, waiting for James to solve the world's problems.

  2. Jim Brown 2 weeks ago

    “It didn’t start with gas chambers. It started with one party controlling the Media, controlling the message, deciding what truth was, censoring speech and silencing the opposition. It started with one party dividing citizens into “us” and “them” and then calling on their supporters to harass “them.” It started when good people turned a blind eye and let it happen.”…Anonymous

  3. cjm081 2 weeks ago

    I dare Twitter to ban people based on the color of their skin. The 1st amendment is equally protected under the constitution.

  4. wmsprez09 2 weeks ago

    Could Hillbilly Nation say something that a REASONABLE person would or could believe once in their life? I guess not!

  5. Mike Williams 2 weeks ago

    When you create a Twitter account or any social media account you agree to their rules so quit crying about it

  6. Joe B. 2 weeks ago

    James O’Keefe and Tom Fitton are national heroes

  7. G. Shultz 2 weeks ago

    This censorship b.s. is ridiculous. They hide behind this "private company" crap and don't act like a "private company". They violate free speech rights constantly and our politicians are doing nothing about it because they are being paid off by them. We can never allow this to become the new norm or just shrug it off. We have to keep this a main issue and keep raising a big stink about it until something is done about it. This is America. If you aren't going to play by our country's rules, you shouldn't be allowed to do business in our country.

  8. Benjamin Peabody 2 weeks ago

    People still use/"follow" Twitter? Why?

  9. John Cicero 2 weeks ago

    I dont understand the need for Twitter, you have prob 100's of messengers. if not thousands. just boycott them, along with tik tok that shits true cancer from the ccp.

  10. Eve Stayplace 2 weeks ago

    If section 230 protects Big Tech from being sued for materials on their site that are offensive, so long as they are not illegal…
    Then the act of censoring anyone's comments that are not illegal, SHOULD VOID their protection provided by section 230!

  11. rick t 2 weeks ago

    The Drone strike in Afghanistan was not anybody important because if it was somebody important than the terrorists would be running up and down the street screaming you killed one of our leaders so therefore it is fake

  12. John Q’Public 2 weeks ago

    Big tech, and social media don't care about your welfare. They are concerned about putting your US dollars in their pockets, and uncontrolled power. Same goes for mainstream media. Lies for dollars! Liars, censorship, misinformation. They are extremely harmful to America and its people. Far to much power. Wake up folks.

  13. Cap’n America 2 weeks ago

    Twitter banned a sitting American president but let’s the Taliban use their platform. That’s all you need to know. Social media is poison.

  14. Duane Davidson 2 weeks ago

    James O'Keefe is the most based journalist reporting today

  15. Brad Grauer 2 weeks ago

    You can lie under oath as long as you're the ex-head of the NSA CIA and FBI

  16. Lol this dude is a grifting fraud. I emailed him legit evidence with sources about the Maricopa county election and he never got back to me or brought it up. Frauds all of them!

  17. B. A. 2 weeks ago

    Benny, Suggestion try getting Edward Snowden on your show I believe your show will be huge with followers. He has posts pretty frequently and he is spot on up to date and a few steps in front of what is going on. He is a patriot of the people and tried to forewarn the American citizens as to what our government was doing behind our backs.

  18. Wirmish 2 weeks ago

    Talibans on Twitter: YES
    James O'Keefe on Twitter: NO

    Fok JD

  19. msd 2 weeks ago

    So private companies should not be allowed to decide who is on their site?

  20. Yin Yang 2 weeks ago

    excellent comment, o Keefe!!

  21. Robert Sutton 2 weeks ago

    James is a true patriot

  22. Well we now know where the Bidumb Menstruation is coming from |

  23. Jee-Awe Zee-Vow 2 weeks ago

    He probably doesn't miss Twitter, but we miss him there.

  24. alfred miles 2 weeks ago

    Screw twitter. Ban Trump and give Taliban an account. Traitorous frame of mind.

  25. Uncle Randy 2 weeks ago

    Jack Dorsey is as anti-American as he can be

  26. Lee Lemon 2 weeks ago

    Thank you James for ALL You do. All MSM cares about is The Love of Money and Power, Period. And their investors are the same. All Glory goes to GOD

  27. Todd Bellows 2 weeks ago

    Twatter and Fakebook are members of the Speech Cartel.

  28. Douglas Russell 2 weeks ago

    The biggest part of them that are questioned by Congress lies

  29. As much as it pains me to say, we lost the election and the time has come to finally concede. Sleepy Joe Biden is the new president and it is time to move on.

  30. Infinite Marcus 2 weeks ago

    Here’s an idea, stop using twitter and Facebook.

  31. james dolph 2 weeks ago


  32. Prepper coops 2 weeks ago

    James and the team at Project Veritas are on fire and are uncovering a lot of false narratives and corrupt politics. Pray for them, and support the team in anyway you can. And May God continue to Bless the Truth for all things, and all people searching for Truth.

  33. Erik l 2 weeks ago

    It's not an "extraordinary" admission….it's a truly scary admission. Propaganda and censorship are the norm.

  34. An Le 2 weeks ago

    Love James O’Keefe

  35. icy dawn 2 weeks ago

    But congress lie under oath they put a "rule" through that they can lie & not be charged. I stopped twatter when they banned my president. It was so hateful & vile. I believe James is a hero too

  36. Mickey 2 weeks ago

    I love James….he is much better than the TWIT!

  37. thomas margolis 2 weeks ago

    speaking truth to power comes with a price. And the accountability overdue, and the social media speak of open
    platforms elsewhere, but … they are hypocrites.

  38. Marcia Wood 2 weeks ago

    If they are engaged in crimes don't they lose private company status?

  39. Joey's Dream 2 weeks ago

    Section 230 should be removed from all social media.

  40. Robert Le 2 weeks ago

    Our government has to find a way to stop Facebooks censorship. Same with Twitter. These are the 2 biggest tools Americans use to communicate, share ideas and information, and expression opinions. Zuckerberg power must be reigned in and controlled. We can't let this guy squash our freedom of speech and right to assemble. The United States belongs to the people, not Mark Zuckerberg. Our representatives must step in and stop the censorship.

  41. Cheery Chum 2 weeks ago

    Lol James do you miss Twitter?

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POLITICS: James O'Keefe shreds the "Twitter's a private company" argument | The Benny Report on Newsmax - Video

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