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New York: Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Greg Kelly uncovers Joe Biden's real crisis, Hunter Biden and his dealings with China


Greg Kelly uncovers Joe Biden's real crisis, Hunter Biden and his dealings with China

‘Beijing Biden’ left a mess in Afghanistan and the Chinese are moving in, Greg Kelly on the swift withdrawal from the region and more – via ‘Greg Kelly Reports’ on Newsmax.

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  1. Larry Conway 1 week ago

    Dems have become the party of traitors

  2. edward toner 1 week ago

    Biden family's the bìggest dumb bunch of lying scumbags trying to steal your wealth from your Country, STOP THEM KICK THEM OUT.

  3. Phaedra Backer 1 week ago

    40 years of bs.

  4. undefined 1 week ago

    Well being President now the spotlight is always on you eventually he will annoy someone enough they will leak the bombshell

  5. undefined 1 week ago

    Well the thing about being president now the spotlight is always on you and eventually Biden will annoy someone enough they will leak a real bombshell

  6. Irene Keen 1 week ago

    Love Trump

  7. William Jarvis 1 week ago

    Biden is a dam traitor!

  8. Elaine Coyle 1 week ago

    Biden is a Traitor. China will have alot if those weapons we paid for in Afghanistan. Biden is helping China.

  9. Sherrie Evans 1 week ago

    A deep rooted spy.. our very own fake president

  10. Anthony Silvestro 1 week ago

    Biden thinks that he’s a Clinton and everyone will commit Suicide to protect him he’s a joke

  11. fun with food 1 week ago

    There using that mandate to wash over the Afghanistan debacle!!!

  12. Ken Robison 1 week ago

    Why did Obama let Biden loan 1 billion US tax dollars for Ukraine oil and gas industry? Then Biden stops our pipeline for our oil and gas industry? Why did Russia give Joe Biden son Hunter 3.5 million dollars for what? For helping Russia pipeline?
    Why did China give Joe Biden son Hunter 1.5 billion dollars for what?
    Look the other way Joe while we build the south China sea islands? Why did Obama put Biden in charge of the south China sea? Go figure? Can't fix stupid Democratic socialist party! Screw socialism! See the pattern and problem with Democrats Politicians?
    They don't work for us anymore. Recall or vote them all out of office!

  13. Blaine Gober 1 week ago

    Hunter Biden should be in prison….but since we have no justice system for the ruling class…he's out taking more money from foreign governments

  14. gengar carport 1 week ago

    check out bidens investment in china dealing with lithium batteries , tied to Afghanistan for 300 million bucks

  15. David Payendeh 1 week ago

    The Biden family is a group of mentally ill people who must be under medical care in a hospital and have no qualifications to run a large country like the United States.

  16. David Payendeh 1 week ago

    Joe Biden and other members of his cabinet receive orders from behind-the-scenes organizations and play the role of a puppet.

  17. Tiffany Magee 1 week ago

    Joe Biden and his family are selling out the US to China right in front of our faces!!!

  18. Me Craig 1 week ago

    Hunter can do as he wants since his dad has paid 90 billion in arms to the taliban.
    Hunter will paint us a picture of it.

  19. H H 1 week ago

    This biden is dead!!!

  20. H H 1 week ago

    Die by murder news reporters..beware!!

  21. Patrick Dickey 1 week ago

    If the Republican Party fought as hard for Americans as the Democrats do for illegal aliens this country would be GREAT!

  22. Edward Jones 1 week ago

    China Give Hunter Crack money.

  23. nimrod paul 1 week ago

    Has trump come out and stated how mandating the arm poke is tyrannical and unconstitutional? I honestly don't know, just curious if he, trump, has spoke about forcing a 100 million to take a medical procedure they do not want? Please, has he, if so what did he say?

  24. wendy poisson 1 week ago


  25. TheDroneScene 1 week ago

    He is the definition of failure

  26. Teresa Cardenas 1 week ago

    Great job impeach biden

  27. Mark Paxton 1 week ago

    Its a shame nothing will ever be done

  28. X-Army Sarge 1 week ago

    Wheres Hunter ? Hunter Biden more than likely to get post as "American Money Siphoning Ambassador to Afghanistan". That is why we're paying Taliban? So DEMOCRATS can steal more money from Americans .

  29. Hdbldr- 55 1 week ago

    It all makes sense now that POS is selling us out to China

  30. Cook Poo 1 week ago


  31. William Wasilewski 1 week ago

    President Joe Biden (Mr. Plagiarism) & Son Hunter 😎👍🇺🇸

  32. MrSpankyTank 1 week ago

    Hunter: (putting his arms around Biden) “Daddy? Why don’t you sniff me anymore? Do you not love me?”
    Biden: (staring blankly) and you are?

  33. Connie Wilson 1 week ago

    Do any Americans care anymore that the border is completely open that's where covid is coming from don't we care God helps those who help themselves and maybe he feels like we're not helping ourselves if we have to why can't we go close to border why can't we have a militia why can't we call him the national guard these are questions that need answering preferably by Joe Biden

  34. Shanna Grubbs 1 week ago

    Well why dont we fo something about it instead of talking non stop about…trump got impeached in like what …. 1 day!?😅 smh….sick of complaini g an never seeing any action…theres no justice in America anymore…pelosi is a ghoul

  35. fishy dubs fishing 1 week ago

    The lithium is need for the battery production they control the auto industry with the chips now they will control the batteries

  36. fishy dubs fishing 1 week ago

    🇨🇳 taking over just like the taliban took over

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POLITICS: Greg Kelly uncovers Joe Biden's real crisis, Hunter Biden and his dealings with China - Video

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