New York: Saturday, December 04, 2021
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New York: Saturday, December 04, 2021
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POLITICS: Fmr WH Advisor Explains Just How Screwed Biden Really

POLITICS: Fmr WH Advisor Explains Just How Screwed Biden Really Is: ‘He’s Kidding Himself!’

George W. Bush’s former advisor says Biden is screwed if he thinks he can turn around his approval rating and get lawmakers to work for him moving forward.

Biden’s irrational spending practices as well as his loopy immigration stance already had Biden’s rating in the trash—It’s over for him after the fiasco he pulled in Afghanistan.

Rove’s best advice for Biden is to keep the expectations of the American people low and that’s pretty pathetic.

Biden is dead in the poles with new numbers showing only a 43% approval rating and falling. Biden now holds a 51% disapproval rating. Meaning, Biden’s essential recked Dems chances in the midterms. Especially those close to him who put him in office.

“You’ve got to understand the territory ahead. The territory ahead is not a pleasant scene. The president has to get a budget passed. He has to get the debt ceiling raised. He says he wants to pass a $3.5 trillion spending package in a 50/50 Senate with not a single Republican supporting it and several Democrats raising very serious considerations about elements of the package,” Rove said.

He continued “There’s no easy way out of this. My opinion is that he’s got too much on his plate that he did not lay the predicate with the American people.”

Rove said Biden is kidding himself if he thinks his problems are going to just melt away as the US now faces a Biden-economy crisis.

“He’s got a very rough period of time ahead of him. The best he can do is narrow it down, try and stay focus, and knock these things out in serially and keep people’s expectations low. Because COVID’s not going to go away. The economy’s not going to be roaring and going and blowing like it is. Inflation is not going to mysteriously melt away. And he’s kidding himself,” Rove said.

Biden’s refusal to accept blame has knee-capped his presidency while he plays the blame game over issues he so clearly created.

“It’s not going to go away. We’re going to hear bad news coming out of Afghanistan in the weeks ahead, and the idea that the President of the United States can sort of wash his hands a la Pontius Pilate and say ‘I’m not responsible for anything bad that happens from here on out. You go talk to Secretary Blinken’ is foolish. That ain’t gonna happen,” Rove said.
Jenkins also asked whether Biden made a mistake when calling the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan an “extraordinary success.”

Biden may very well hold the record on any president for the lowest approval rating in the shortest amount of time. That’s saying something, as Rove knows all too well. It took Bush three years of his first term to get where Biden is now.

“He’s got a problem. Think about the polls. They’ve gone from 51% approval in the Real Clear Politics average to depending on what poll you’re looking at, you mention that some have it as low as 43%. Think about that. That means that 16%, one out of every six supporters of Joe Biden at the beginning of August is now disapproving of his performance today,” Rove said. 

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He emphasized “That happened because of real events and truth. That wasn’t just sort of because people woke up someday and got up on the wrong side of the bed and said ‘I don’t like Biden.’ It’s because they looked at what he was saying and doing. And the criticism was bipartisan.”

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