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New York: Saturday, June 12, 2021
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Fauci's True Opinion on Masks; Relationship with China; Millions of Dollars to Wuhan | Facts Matter


Fauci's True Opinion on Masks; Relationship with China; Millions of Dollars to Wuhan | Facts Matter

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Emails Reveal Dr. Fauci’s Relationship with China; Millions in Funding to Wuhan Lab | Facts Matter
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Hmm. yes i understand the
question, you know it's been at least
15 years since I've been following the news, no 10 my folks do that, hmm. what was the question again !?
Excuse me, do you remember
where you read about this ?
Are you kidding !?
of course I can, it was here
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  2. non gar 1 week ago


  3. Darren Samuels 1 week ago

    The left are really trying to destroy America 🇺🇸 what do they think they will gain by keeping everyone against them. Around the world we all know President Trump won that election. The lefts corruption was crimes against America they need to be impeached. 🇦🇺🤬

  4. Amanda Moyer 1 week ago

    Pennsylvania votes getting second count, already.

  5. David Goodtime 1 week ago

    No resignations with pay and positions elsewhere!!!!..heads need to roll or jail without bail

  6. DJ Johnson 1 week ago

    No money is better spent on boosting your immune system with Vitamins A B C D and natural E (because synthetic E is many times made from petroleum.) And Zinc
    Or if you get Coronavirus Hydroxychloroquine Azithromycin and Zinc Sulfate is a cure many emergency room doctors used to save peoples lives in many different States in the United States of America. This whole Plan-demic was planned by elitists who used this as a major step to steal the 2020 Presidential Election from every Legal Registered Voter. By robbing because they hated President Trump who is the true duly elected President. Joe Biden is not.
    He was installed by the Administrative State. Not elected by the American Citizens and of such every Legal Registered Voters Vote.
    Remember on October 24 2020 Joe Biden confessed of the conspiracy the Democrats and the Administrative State to steal the election . Joe Biden said " We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD ORGANIZATION in the History of American Politics"
    They needed to unleash the Coronavirus upon the America
    To push their massive mail in balloting agenda. They then used fear and hype to justify lockdowns mask mandates all in the name of "safety" Yet Benjamin Franklin warned us that those who would give up essential liberty for temporary safety were not deserving of either liberty nor safety.
    And these liars thieves cheaters who call themselves politicians and Democrats bear before Yahovah Elohim the blood of every person who died of Coronavirus. They also bear the accountability of robbing President Trump of his rightful 2nd consecutive term. That Yahovah promised through the Christian Prophet Kim Clement in 2007 prophecy concearning Yahovah was going to put Donald Trump in the Whitehouse as President for 2 terms.
    With the stealing of the election all you who were involved have Hellfire to pay as Yahovah can not forgive you of this heinous sin and act of Treason unless you publicly confess because your crime of Treason was against the American Citizens and of such every Legal Registered Voter and their vote. And since your pride and arrogance is so great you never will confess and it will be this very sin left unattended that will ensure that your rightful judgement of being tormented in Hellfire will be your just reward.

  7. Kc Cutter 1 week ago

    Email link doesn’t loas

  8. Silence Dogood 1 week ago

    Who is Fauci taking orders from? That's what I want to know. This was all just a dry run folks, the next one will be very deadly. Prepare yourselves. Remember what the guide stones say? Brought to you by our leaders in DC, and China of course…

  9. John Schmitz 1 week ago

    Fauci was a soros.. pundit!!

  10. Chris Jones 1 week ago

    China in focus……..you are now the enemy………

  11. Branchen 6 1 week ago

    Testing to see if the virus can pass from bats to humans?? BOHUNK!! There's a doctor out there that has tested the genome of the virus, and he has deduced that it passes from bat to human EASIER than it passes from bat to bat….meaning, this virus was genetically modified and injected BY a human, and did NOT pass from another bat.

  12. Just Tired 1 week ago

    ALL politicians should be on Term Limits!

  13. jake68vesta 1 week ago

    Yea, they probably do what they did with Hillary's emails.

  14. John Schmitz 1 week ago

    Why does China have a virus lab.. something smells ugly !!!

  15. LadyLuck 1 week ago

    Where do we find the emails? Any emails including Dr. Birx? This is an onion…..more to be revealed.

  16. Chronick 1 week ago

    Why would Buzzfeed request those emails? Aren't they part of the fake media?

  17. Peter R 1 week ago

    Recount every 2020 election, lets see how much of it is conspiracy theory. We can see clearly how this current administration and the MSM operates without transparency and completely ignores the public call for it!

  18. Bourne Accident 1 week ago

    I knew Fauci was lying from the very first time I saw him being interviewed on cable. All my family and friends were so horrified by just the idea of a "pandemic" that they believed Fauci and bought the entire story hook line and sinker. Fast forward over a year and the truth is coming out. So now I say hang on to your hats people. This truth is just the very start of what's to come.

  19. Chris Baldwin 1 week ago

    "Gubernatorial" is pronounced like this, Roman:

  20. Lee Williams 1 week ago

    Shameful that the left doesn’t hold election integrity as as high priority. Maybe they are so power hungry that they don’t what their cheating schemes exposed.

  21. Edelweiss du Preez 1 week ago

    Most doctors agree there is no such thing as asymptotic people spreading the Covid19 but because they have manipulated the PCR test to pick up any viruses which we all have antibodies for. It a scam to keep the emergency order in place. There is no studies showing confirming their claims if they used blood serum tests.

  22. Gloria Stanley 1 week ago

    Fauci should be held accountable for all the deaths he has caused. And china should pay for all the deaths. This was a direct bioweapon attack to the American people

  23. Keith K 1 week ago

    Let's be honest, Dr. Fauci would make a great Bond villain.

  24. Tim W 1 week ago

    It doesn't matter they always get away with everything.

  25. E J 1 week ago

    He could have followed his mentors and destroyed his hardrive! China and Joe will cover for him!

  26. David Langley 1 week ago

    It's funny how everyone is so ready to fix the election process after the damage has been done. So, Americans lose trillions of dollars, go into debt as a nation, and still have 3&1/2 more years of this crap. By the time they fix anything, it'll be over. May God bless us all, Amen 😇

  27. thomas budnik 1 week ago

    I wish other "news" outlets were like this so people weren't so brainwashed on propaganda

  28. everydaycommuter 1 week ago

    I want to know if he gets a kickback from these so called vaccinations. Was he investing or donating.

  29. John Ward 1 week ago

    Oh look, 6 months in and here's a real scandal that far outshines anything in the previous 4 years

  30. Dave H 1 week ago

    How is that not the same as developing bio weapons?

  31. K M 1 week ago

    Fauci SHOULD be fired, arrested, and tried for treasin! He LIED under oath, that's a FELONY. He used taxpayer $$ to create this virus, and then INTENTIONALLY send it off into the world to MURDER MILLIONS of lives! Bio-warfare is AGAINST the Geneva convention and Fauci, Democratic politicians, and China ALL broke the Geneva convention by creating this virus!

  32. Amanda Moyer 1 week ago

    Trump won three times. Joey Biden lost a ear and tooth while talking, it was televised.

  33. I just clicked on this and it said it was removed

  34. Ilya Peteka 1 week ago

    What is a mystery to me why Trump didn't fire his s back then

  35. roger lopp 1 week ago

    There is only one reason they are afraid of the audit and we all know what that is !

  36. Steve Smith 1 week ago

    The only problem I find with this is you keep calling politicians leaders. They are representatives of the people not leaders. The only leaders i want and need are in our military!!!!

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POLITICS: Fauci's True Opinion on Masks; Relationship with China; Millions of Dollars to Wuhan | Facts Matter - Video

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