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New York: Friday, April 19, 2024
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Politics: End Times Headline News. April 1 2024

POLITICS: End Times Headline News. April 1 2024

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Happy Easter Amid The Squatters And Lunatics

Spring is in the air, to quote a time honored expression. The atheists must really struggle at this time of year. Observing the plants and the flowers magically blossoming forth, the birds and crickets chirping. The renewal of life. It must be very hard to attribute all that beauty and loveliness to sterile randomness.

I feel sorry for those who don’t live in climates where the change of seasons is so visible. Who don’t get to watch the leaves turning golden and red and yellow in the fall. Or watch the birds flying south for the winter. But spring is truly special. It symbolizes the Resurrection which we celebrate on Easter Sunday. The coming back to life. Jesus rising from the dead was instantly recognized for the danger to the established order that it represented.

Happy Transgender Day – Forget Easter

If anyone dares to question why the United States will break apart and separate, you must move to California. Biden has just declared Easter is really Transgender Day.

He did not give us a memo on how to celebrate. I guess we do not have to hunt for eggs or give presents. So, I guess we are all supposed to be cross-dressers today. We now have Biden effectively declaring Easter Sunday Transgender Day, which is basically a FU to all Christians while they are really saying take your religion and stuff it. The Biden Administration, like Marx, has effectively declared religion the OPIUM OF THE PEOPLE, and they have no respect for anything you believe.

White House Slams ‘Cruel, Hateful’ Backlash Over Its Assigning Transgender Day on Easter

The Biden administration banned children from depicting religious themes on Easter eggs in an art contest.

The White House lambasted lawmakers who questioned the Biden administration’s decision to assign Easter Sunday as a transgender day, claiming that the critics were spreading “hateful” rhetoric. On March 29, President Joe Biden issued an official declaration that March 31, which is Easter Sunday this year, will be observed as “Transgender Day of Visibility.” The declaration triggered widespread criticism. On March 30, the White House doubled down on the message.

Criminal White House Press Corps Has Been Looting Air Force One

In case you needed one more reason to despise legacy-media journalists, Politico reports that White House correspondents have been routinely looting Air Force One — to the point that they were just collectively asked to keep their sticky fingers off the taxpayers’ property.   

After the latest discovery of missing property, White House Correspondents’ Association president and NBC reporter Kelly O’Donnell emailed members to inform them that stealing is not allowed, and that doing so harms the press corps’ reputation, such as it is.   

IN-DEPTH: Baltimore Disaster Adds Urgency to Calls for US Maritime Policy Reform, Port Investment

Growing chorus say Biden’s $20 billion ports plan needs big boost to reverse decades of infrastructure neglect that now imperils commerce, national security.

President Joe Biden, in an executive order this February, directed $20 billion in allocations from the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill (BIL) into a five-year grant program dedicated to modernizing America’s 361 commercial ports. The money is welcome but not nearly enough to overcome decades of neglect in comprehensive federal port investment and a half-century absence—some say abdication—by successive administrations and Congresses in sustaining a cohesive national maritime policy, a growing chorus of critics contend.

Oklahoma Bridge Shut Down After Being Struck by Barge (VIDEO)

A bridge near the Kerr Lock & Dam in Sallisaw, Oklahoma was shut down on Saturday after it was struck by a barge.

“The Oklahoma Highway Patrol responded to Sequoyah County after a barge hit a bridge near the Kerr Lock & Dam,” reported. “US-59 south of Sallisaw at the Kerr Reservoir is completely shut down at this time due to a barge that has struck the bridge. Troopers are diverting traffic away from the area. The bridge is going to be shut down until inspections of the bridge can be made,” Oklahoma Highway Patrol said on Saturday.

In Easter Ruling, Judge Orders Release Of ‘Border Riot’ Migrants Who Overwhelmed National Guard

A group of migrants involved in a riot at the southern US border have been ordered to be released by an El Paso magistrate judge.

The swarm of migrants overwhelmed Texas National Guard soldiers who were trying to organize them into groups to be taken into custody by Customs and Border Protection (CBP). At one point, a migrant attempted to grab a soldier’s firearm, one National Guard source told the NY Post.

Watch: Denver Official Caught On Tape Begging Illegals To Leave The City

A top Denver official was caught on tape in a local migrant shelter begging illegals to go to other cities, as Denver – a so-called ‘sanctuary city,’ can’t support them.

“The opportunities are over,” said Mayor Mike Johnson’s political director Andres Carrera, who also serves as the city’s Newcomer Communications Liaison, in an exchange with newly arrived migrants. “New York gives you more. Chicago gives you more. So I suggest you go there where there is longer-term shelter. There are also more job opportunities there,” Carrera continues in the video obtained by 9News.

Chinese Illegals Sneaking Into Guam Raise Alarms Over Potential Security Threats

Concerns have escalated over the infiltration of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) into Guam, a strategic U.S. military site.

A significant increase in Chinese nationals entering Guam from the Northern Mariana Islands has heightened the risk of CCP influence on the island, home to over 20,000 US troops. Guam serves as a crucial location for the Navy’s only submarine base in the western Pacific and an air base that houses bombers and fighter jets.

Asymmetric Response And The Perp Walk To World War III

Have you ever tried to break out of the orbit of a narcissist? It’s damn difficult. Their pattern of emotional abuse is designed to make you feel like the abuser, demoralizing you, sapping you of your vitality and agency.

They weaponize your humanity and feed off your guilt. When you finally summon the courage to divorce yourself from them that’s when the fangs really come out. That’s when their true face is revealed. And it’s nothing but scorn, derision and unfettered hatred. Narcissists don’t love you. They love themselves. I’m opening this article with that quick reminder of human psychology to set the stage for this week’s discussion of all things geopolitical. There ain’t no art in this piece folks, I’m too damn exhausted to craft the language.

New NATO member backs Macron on troops in Ukraine

The French president was right in his attempt to be “strategically ambiguous” on the issue, Finland’s foreign minister says

French President Emmanuel Macron has done the right thing with his efforts to maintain “strategic ambiguity” to keep Russia guessing whether the collective West may actually deploy troops to Ukraine or not, Finnish Foreign Minister Elina Valtonen has said. Speaking to the Financial Times on Sunday, Valtonen backed the stance taken by France’s president on the deployment of troops to prop up Kiev against Moscow, arguing, however, that there was no pressing need to actually send them in.

France promises ‘hundreds’ of old armored vehicles to Ukraine

Kiev will get used but “still functional” VAB vehicles, the French defense minister has said

France will supply Ukraine with additional surface-to-air missiles and hundreds of armored vehicles from storage, Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu has announced. The deliveries are set to begin this summer and continue over the next two years. Speaking on Sunday to the newspaper La Tribune Dimanche, Lecornu said he had been instructed by French President Emmanuel Macron to come up with a “new aid package” to help Kiev’s war effort against Russia.

Moscow demands that Kiev surrender terrorism suspects

Russia has insisted that Ukraine hand over those it believes were involved in terrorist attacks, including its spy chief

Moscow has demanded that Ukraine surrender everyone in the country it suspects of terrorism, including Kiev’s domestic spy agency boss Vasily Malyuk, and to immediately stop supporting any related activities such individuals and groups undertake, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced on Sunday. The ministry said it had officially contacted Kiev with the demands under the UN-adopted International Convention for the Suppression of Terrorist Bombings and International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism.

Erdogan tells Dutch PM Rutte that Turkey will back new NATO chief based on ‘needs and expectations’

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte in a phone call on Sunday that Ankara would back a candidate to be NATO’s new chief based on its expectations and needs, the Turkish presidency said.

Erdogan told outgoing premier Rutte that Turkey expected the new head of the security alliance to serve the needs and interests of allies regarding counter-terrorism and to take account of the sensitivities of non-European Union member allies, according to a statement from his office.

“Turkish People Demanded Change”: Erdogan Suffers Shocking Defeat In Country’s Municipal Elections

In a historic upset, Turks dealt President Tayyip Erdogan and his party their biggest electoral blow yet in Saturday’s nationwide local vote that reasserted the opposition as a political force and reinforced Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu as the president’s chief rival amid raging inflation and the highest borrowing costs since the president swept to power more than two decades ago.

With most of the votes counted, Imamoglu declared victory in the Istanbul mayoral race after leading by 10 percentage points while his Republican People’s Party (CHP) retained Ankara and gained 15 other mayoral seats in cities nationwide. According to Reuters, it marked the worst defeat for Erdogan and his AK Party (AKP) in their more than two decades in power, and could signal a change in the country’s divided political landscape.

US destroys Houthi aerial systems in Yemen

CENTCOM says the unmanned aerial systems presented a threat to US and coalition forces and merchant vessels in the region.

The US Army on Sunday destroyed two unmanned aerial systems in Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen in self-defense. “One was engaged over the Red Sea and the other was engaged on the ground prepared to launch,” US Central Command (CENTCOM) said in a statement. “It was determined these unmanned aerial systems presented a threat to US and coalition forces and merchant vessels in the region,” the statement added.

Palestinians reject proposal to introduce Arab multi-national force in Gaza – report

This recent proposal by leaders of the Arab World would see a multi-national force establish order in Gaza, with whispers that Arab leaders are interested in seeing a similar force in the West Bank.

Al-Mayadeen, a Hezbollah-affiliated network, reported on Saturday that “Palestinian factions” in Syria rejected the proposal to establish a multi-national military force of Arab countries with the backing of the US. This force would be responsible for controlling law and order in Gaza and escorting humanitarian aid convoys. “Arab countries, together with the US, are trying to rescue the Israel Defense Force (IDF) from the situation it has found itself in Gaza. The Palestinian people are capable of choosing their leaders and institutions that will manage the Strip,” the report stated. 

Sister of Hamas leader arrested in Israel

The sister of Hamas political bureau chairman Ismail Haniyeh, a resident of the southern Israeli town of Tel Sheva was arrested on charges of supporting a terror organization and inciting violence.

Officers from the Southern District Border Police, Negev Yasam (special riot police), the Israel Police Aerial Formation, and regional and national intelligence units raided the home of the sister of Hamas political bureau chairman Ismail Haniyeh in Tel Sheva in southern Israel. She is suspected of corresponding with Hamas terrorists, and sympathizing with a terror organization while inciting and supporting acts of terror in Israel.

Report: US, Israeli officials to discuss Rafah operation in virtual meeting

The meeting was supposed to take place in person last week, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cancelled it after the US did not veto a UN Security Council resolution on Gaza.

The US and Israel are expected to hold a virtual meeting on Monday to discuss the Biden administration’s alternative proposals to an Israeli military invasion of Rafah, four Israeli and US officials told Barak Ravid of Axios on Sunday. The meeting was supposed to take place in person last week, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cancelled the meeting after the US did not veto a UN Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and the release of all hostages.

Hamas is disintegrating from within, Gazan terrorists tell Israel – Gallant

Yoav Gallant: Hamas terrorists can no longer take the toll of Israel’s war in Gaza; terror group is ‘disintegrating from within.’

Hamas is “disintegrating from within,” Defense Minister Yoav Gallant told Israel Defense Force (IDF) soldiers during a Sunday visit to the 98th Paratroopers Division’s military base in central Israel. “Over the past few weeks, hundreds of terrorists have been arrested, and what they tell us helps paint the full picture,” the defense minister said. “They’re saying Hamas is disintegrating from within, the price they pay is very steep.

How Ramadan is muscling out Easter all over Europe: 30,000 Ramadan lights festooned across London. A Muslim crescent flag flying atop Westminster Abbey. Jam-packed mosques while church pews are fast emptying

There are few more joyous places for a Christian at Easter than northern Europe’s tallest and largest Gothic cathedral in the city of Cologne.

This morning, thousands of worshippers from Germany and across the globe gather for the most important day in the Christian calendar to mark their belief that Jesus rose from the dead. Inside the ancient cathedral, they will sing to the heavens as Catholic priests light Easter candles and the smoke of their swinging incense burners wafts through the glorious nave to the tourist-filled square outside.

Concern Over Food & Water Supply Grows Among Europeans

Spain’s northeast Catalonia region is currently suffering its worst drought on record.

And, as Statista’s Anna Fleck reports, it’s not just Spain afflicted with this problem: The EU Commission’s Joint Research Center sounded the alarm earlier this year over how prolonged drought events have affected Europe for more than two years already and northern Africa for as many as six, which is “causing water shortages and hampering vegetation growth.”

Food and water supplies were not considered a particular issue among Europeans for a long time. But new data illustrates how that is starting to change.

Canada-wide demonstrations planned for April 1 in protest of carbon tax hike

The Liberal government continues to double down on the carbon tax while affordability remains a top electoral issue for most Canadians.

Demonstrations are set to take place across the country in protest of a hike to the carbon tax taking effect April 1. A group titled Nationwide Protest Against the Carbon Tax is behind the planned protests, stating that their goal is the “immediate removal of the Carbon Tax, without replacement by any other form of taxation.”The group says the nationwide protest is a “peaceful event aimed at uniting Canadians for a common cause” and adds that they will be “holding the line indefinitely until our mission objective is achieved.” 

Not an April Fool’s joke! MPs to receive raise same day as carbon tax hike

The carbon tax will cost the average Canadian family up to $900 more a year than what they get back in rebates.

On one of last week’s episodes of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host Sheila Gunn Reid was joined by Franco Terrazzano, director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF), to discuss the upcoming April 1st carbon tax hike and MP pay raise. The tax hike is set to make Canadians’ lives a lot more expensive, from fuelling up at the gas station to heating homes in the winter. “And folks, don’t buy the government spin about the rebates,” said Franco. “The parliamentary budget officer shows that the carbon tax will cost the average family up to $900 more a year than what they get back in rebates,” he added. 

Canada Following China’s Path? Bank Accounts Linked To Obedience Scores

Our neighbors to the north are implementing a new system called “open banking” that will link citizen’s bank accounts to a new social credit scoring system.

In the aftermath of the Trucker Convoy and other noteworthy protests against coronavirus restrictions in Canada, the Justin Trudeau regime is radicalizing the nation’s banking system to make it much harder for citizens to express their voices against political corruption. Proponents of the social credit score-linked banking paradigm say it will make Canadian banks more “inclusive,” allowing them to easily access user data on demand while being able to share information with one another.

Did the Covid Psyop Fail?

As you all know, I have not been one to believe that the tides are turning. But lots of people think they are. They cite many victories, in court, in the streets, with family and friends.

The fact that the agenda has not sent out a second wave of horror and fear propaganda is also rather telling to these folks. Where is the next pandemic? What happened to Covid’s diabolic never-ending run of mutations, what happened to Monkey Pox? What happened to Disease X?

BREAKING: Tennessee legislators have passed a bill to require any food that contains a vaccine or vaccine material to be classified as a drug and labeled as such

Experts Warn of ‘Digital Enslavement’ as Amazon Pushes Palm-Scan Payment Service

Amazon has rolled out tech to facilitate palm-scanning payments, drawing criticism from experts on privacy and social surveillance and control.

E-commerce giant Amazon has just launched new tech that makes it far easier to sign up for its palm-scanning payment service, sparking renewed concerns among privacy experts, with some warning that it’s another pebble in the growing rock pile of big tech-enabled, Orwell-style digital enslavement. Amazon announced on March 28 that it had just launched a new app that lets first-time users of its Amazon One biometric payment service sign up for it from the comfort of their home (instead of having to do it at a physical store) by taking a photo of a hand and uploading it to Amazon’s servers.

AT&T data breach: Millions of customers caught up in major dark web leak

Personal data belonging to 73 million current or former AT&T customers has been leaked online.

Information including addresses, social security numbers and passcodes was published on the dark web, the US telecoms giant said. AT&T said it had not identified evidence indicating the data had been stolen but had brought in cybersecurity experts to investigate. The company said it had reset customers’ passcodes. They were urged by the company to “remain vigilant by monitoring account activity and credit reports”.

Caveat Emptor – The Alarming Health Dangers of Consuming Fake Meat!

Recently, we’ve seen the unelected globalists pushing for lab-grown plant-based fake meat. They want to foist this alternative on us while opposing our eating of farm-based real meat produce.

Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates compete with each other as both have made sizable investments in related animal-cell, lab-grown fake meat projects… The Bezos Earth Fund claims that there is a need to set up centres for “sustainable protein.” What does that exactly mean?? It’s funny, but every time I hear the word “sustainable” from these globalists I feel immediate mistrust. For example, some might say, whatever Bill Gates advises, do the opposite!

8 extremely unusual events that will happen in the month of April

When is the last time that there was so much buzz about one month?

As we enter April, there is so much anticipation in the air, and it isn’t just because of the Great American Eclipse on April 8th. In recent days, I have heard from so many people that feel like something really big is about to happen. I can feel it too. It is almost as if we are all holding our breath as we wait for the next shoe to drop. Chaos is threatening to erupt all over the globe, and meanwhile signs in the heavens are literally screaming at us to pay attention. The following are 8 extremely unusual events that will happen during the month of April…

Trailer full of Bibles set on fire outside Greg Locke’s Tennessee church on Easter Sunday

Someone bought a bunch of Bibles and a trailer just to set them on fire outside a church. What must it feel like to have that much hate?

The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office said deputies responded to a fire at Old Lebanon Dirt Road and Chandler Road around 6 a.m. Sunday. Mt. Juliet Fire Department crews quickly contained and extinguished the trailer fire. The trailer, containing Bibles, had been dropped off in the middle of the intersection near Global Vision Bible Church and then was intentionally set on fire, according to police.

The April 8th Solar Eclipse, A Prophetic WARNING from God to America? Solar Eclipse Prophecy 2024


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The post End Times Headline News. April 1 2024 first appeared on USSA News | The Tea Party’s Front Page.. Visit

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