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New York: Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Craig Considine Fantasizes about Islamic Tolerance
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Craig Considine Fantasizes about Islamic Tolerance

Rice University sociologist Craig Considine’s works “highlight the compassion, the mercy of Prophet Muhammad” and his seventh-century Islamic neighborhood’s “religiously pluralistic society…steeped heavily in religious tolerance.” Uncritically promoting Considine, London-based Minhaj Well-being Structure spokesperson Anam Iqbal made this entirely counterfactual evaluation throughout an October 26 podcast.

Consdine is a jihad-appeasing, previous sports management trainee, whose baffled interfaith views on Islam Muslims themselves have actually condemned. This fabulist spoke throughout a virtual trip for his exposed, brand-new book, The Mankind of Muhammad: A Christian View. As formerly analyzed, in this book and in other places he has actually spun Muhammad’s subjugation of the Arabian Peninsula’s Najran Christians into a story of coexistence, a main example of Considine’s “fantasy Islam.”

After Muhammad’s death in 632, Umar ibn al-Khattab, Muhammad’s 2nd caliph or follower, (ruled 634-644), expelled the Najran Christians (and Arabia’s last Jews) from the Arabian Peninsula, Islamic sources relate. The Christians “were indulging in usury,” typically forbidden in Islam, “and were also guilty of activities hostile to Islam.” Hence Iqbal’s assertion is definitely unreasonable that Christians throughout Muhammad’s life time had “freedom of expression, freedom to practice their faith.”

Yet Considine brushed over such distinctions with Iqbal, for “Jews, Christians, and Muslims are monotheists” who are “essentially part of the same religious tribe in many ways” and “quite close, we have similar histories.” Particularly, Christianity’s Jesus and Islam’s Muhammad “are really standing for similar values” and the message “we are all part of the same creation.” “In many ways, Islam is kind of the ultimate Abrahamic religion,” Consdine has actually concluded, offered a chronology of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, which questionably declares with the other 2 faiths a typical patriarch Abraham.

Amongst these 3 faiths, Consdine questioned “why is there all this Islamophobia, even though we are so close theologically.” Originating From a Catholic background, he has actually even formerly specified that studying Islam “really triggered me to return back to my faith.” His research studies triggered Iqbal likewise to stress that some individuals “feel that religions are mutually exclusive almost,” yet the 3 Abrahamic “legacies almost built up upon one other and there is so much similarity.”

By contrast, contemporary Muslims themselves promote accounts of the really covenant Muhammad allegedly concluded with the Najran Christians that are far less tolerant towards especially Jews. The covenant prices quote Quran 5:82, such that for Muslims the “most violent of people in enmity for those who believe” are Jews. On the other hand the “nearest in friendship to those who believe” are “those who say: ‘We are Christians.’”

The covenant appropriately mentions that the Christians “proved their devotion, united to wage war against the Jews,” as Jewish people pertained to oppose Muhammad’s Muslim neighborhood in Medina. The Christians had actually been prepared “to publicize the cause of Allah, to support it, and to defend its apostles.” Contrary to this Jewish rejection of Muhammad’s prophetic claims, the Christians allegedly “had debunked the evidence which the Jews had relied upon in order to deny and hinder my mission.”

Jew hatred likewise saturates Islamic canons, however Considine has actually attempted to argue that the unfavorable Jew image in Islamic bible simply describes the specific disputes of Muhammad’s life time. “The Quran is not saying that Jewish people as a whole for eternity should be condemned. The Quran was talking about a given moment,” Considine has actually specified, and for that reason “there’s a lot of historical context.” As in his book, he typically relates a hadith or canonical story about Muhammad representing a dead Jew’s funeral procession, however mindful analysis of these Islamic accounts refutes Considine’s analysis of “Respect all of humanity.”

In basic, Considine turns down any association of Muhammad and Islam with aggressiveness, regardless of centuries of jihadist conquests following Islam’s introduction. Considine has actually dubiously declared that Muhammad “was not the aggressor” in any of his combating and just participated in “defensive battles, preemptive battles.” Capital’s 630 surrender to Muhammad’s frustrating fatal force is for Considine simply a “triumphantly and peacefully return to Mecca.”

Considine just quickly yields that like the Najran Christians, Jews, Christians, and others damaged by Islamic imperialism throughout history have actually needed to accept a servile status under their Muslim overlords. To name a few adversities, these non-Muslim dhimmis needed to pay the embarrassing jizya survey tax. The “technicalities with the dhimmi as well and how it relates to the jizya,” Considine has actually specified, are “kind of touchy issues.”

A lot more enticing to Considine are representations of Muhammad as a spiritual hunter checking out spiritual with varied buddies. In this vein Considine analyzes unproven Muslim accounts of Muhammad’s relationship with Waraqa Ibn Nawfal, the Christian uncle of Muhammad’s very first spouse, Khadija. These 2 males “were probably talking about really deep stuff,” Considine has actually specified.

Somebody who unquestionably talked “about really deep stuff” was Considine’s fellow Catholic, St. John of Damascus (675-753). He had an intimate understanding of Islam, showing that he matured under Muslim guideline to end up being a high-ranking authorities in the Umayyad caliphate. His works on heresies upset Considine for their deconstruction of Islam’s mistakes, however the Vatican called this venerated theologian a medical professional of the church in 1890.

However, Considine has actually condemned that John of Damascus “was saying some pretty outrageous things about Muhammad that I think anyone would rightly be concerned with.” Not Impressed by the Damascene (while misdating his works to the years 637-640), Considine in his magisterial judgment thinks that any unfavorable appraisal of Islam is the outcome of lack of knowledge. Not having actually satisfied Muslims or studied Islam, numerous Americans “are not liking something that they have never even tried or never even seen.”

If John of Damascus will not alter Considine’s mind, possibly nobody will. He provides every sign of being hopelessly devoted to adhering himself to the shallow spirit of the modern age. Others would succeed to overlook him and trust more reliable authorities.


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POLITICS: Craig Considine Fantasizes about Islamic Tolerance

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