New York: Friday, April 12, 2024
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New York: Friday, April 12, 2024
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Christian Nationalism 👿

POLITICS: Christian Nationalism 👿 – Video

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Eric Metaxas is an author, speaker, and radio host, as well as the host of the nationally syndicated Eric Metaxas Show. He has also published well over a dozen books. Among his published works, is ‘Letter to the American Church’, a book which was recently turned into a film. In today’s episode, I saw down with Eric, to get a better understanding of his message, about the parallels between the American church today and German Churches in the 1930s, as well as why staying silent isn’t an option.

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What Do You Think?

  1. Nobody believes your schtick. The politicians you want in power are adulterers, frauds, sexual assailants, liars.. you have actively worked to take away women's right to choose and divide neighbors. Jesus would be ashamed of Christian Nationalist.

  2. The Left: how can you vote for Trump he’s so sinful.

    Also the Left

    Joe Biden’s support of abortion, his obvious failure as a father, and his likely pedophilia is ok.

  3. Jesus said I am no part of this world just as my servants are no part of this world. Christian Nationalism doesn't exist. It's a term made up by scared Nazis.

  4. That religion was the Trojan horse of imperialism/ colonialism ; the spiritual foundation of white supremacy.

    It’s the scourge of mankind and is proly the cause of homo sapiens’ mass extinction

  5. Dems are trying to discourage us from voting, they know that believers don't like what they are doing. Dems hate God, America and our Constitution.

  6. Well as a Salvadoran let me tell you, the men(yes only men) that fought s we could get independence from Spain were Christians, 6 of the 12 involved directly in the movement were Catholic priests, and the leader behind it all Father Delgado.
    In America, no exception, most of them Christians, caring for your nation IS a Christian virtue, even Jesus cared for Israel.

  7. ”Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.“
    ‭‭John‬ ‭18‬:‭36‬ ‭KJV‬‬

  8. I can recall many other mean and nasty labels people have had. They're manipulation meant to dehumanize and make them "other" than the rest. Pigeon holing is never good or right.

  9. dems, as usual, have never read the Constitution. In our system there is no place for government in Religion, doesn't say a dam thing about religion staying out of government

  10. Wrong, voting is slavery, and xtians are the first that are not suppose to vote, stop following Paul, and start following Jesus and the Old Testament.

  11. Christians, here's what you need to understand… You read your bible, hopefully… The thought is, the desire is that this is done in a church with solid biblical exposition.

    If this is the case, then you more than likely have studied the Hebrew translation for the word for the title: Satan

    Better to think of that name is a title more than a name… Because the name is that's what it is, a name – put a title is a brand for a directive covering activity… Which is why you take a look at the varying names for Satan call in very specific context to the translations of his name according to purpose.

    That title could mean as we have learned: "against", "anti", "in opposition" for "opposed to"… and equally important and oftentimes overlooked – "instead of"

    The wisdom in being taught bibliocentric biblical exposition…

    Is that you get to learn how to unpack the very specific context of the use of Satan's titles one name different contexts to be applied to very specific circumstances.

    When you unpack the circumstance and you apply the appropriate name within context, you now begin to see through reverse engineering the circumstance spiritually you get to see how Satan is acting or being uncovered in the matter.

    Satan is trying to literally be God of this world, instead of merely "Prince of the power of the air"as he is referred to as in Scripture…

    When it comes to government, Satan's design is to try to displace God's influence so he can then intimidate people into what he wants… All we have to do is go back to when God wrestled with Jacob and changed his name, he changed Jacobs identity one of being carnal can deceitful… Because Jacob means: trickster or supplanter

    Best Jacobs carnal nature

    That wrestling with the Angel of the Lord, I believe truly was a Christophany of salvation… and a new identity being established in the old one purged after a struggle.

    This government play side settled after the period that Daniel prophesied in chapter 12, the world experienced the industrial revolution, and America blew up big time… The Pope was dethroned and jailed shortly after that Nations began to recover their identities… Apart from Roman Catholic interference.

    Well that was Satan's first beast receiving the deadly wound… And then according to the prophecy attending to the 1335, these were the days of blessing this was the industrial. Why?

    "Man will go to and fro and knowledge will increase" [Daniel 12:4]

    Trump translations say "knowledge explosion"that's actually more accurate, because that's precisely what happened, up until the postmodern era / industrial age, man pulled a wagon with a donkey… Less than 20 years after the dawn of the industrial era, gottlieb Daimler invented the first car, 2 years later Henry Ford is devising mass production.

    Yeah, I'd say that was a knowledge explosion

    Because 30 years after that we were flying…

    100 years after that and we were in space…

    The Bible lays out and is replete in the reminder of God blessing man, through the israelites, and the Israelites always got full of themselves and wanted to go do their own thing and forget god, same thing here, man had made huge strides…

    And then here comes satan, with the pride play… With the eugenics based God rejecting postmodern era… And lifted himself up as god, you know what happens there, triggers the Ten commandment rebuffed what allows you to be God in your own mind but you get what that self-deification can pay you.

    The world is under the rot and decay of self-worship. Because it is under the same penalty Satan is it's in Satan is God of the world system… We only get with that system was designed to give us – it wants no part of godliness.

    So this is where we have to remind ourselves of who we are and our heritage.

    This is not a Godless land, we are not Godless people, Satan is leveraging entities through technology and systems and government that's where demonic influence comes in to displace or supplant what was there that supported righteousness.

    Ever wonder where the 501 3C tax law codes came from? Which are about the boldest most Marxist intimidation of pastors to stay away from politics social issues from the pulpit imagine to come out of the 20th century.

    Good luck with Satan did he came and supplanted later, "we want you to stop talking about what is godly so we can come in with what we would prefer to talk about which is comfortable for us, not that it's even legal, not that your laws even support it, but it's comfortable for us.."

    That's all that happened, nature of horrors of vacuum – if something's missing it's going to get replaced with something else if something was supposed to be there.

    Satan came in and substituted righteousness for lawlessness.

    You have to remember that this country was built for us, and we don't have to tolerate this, but there's a reason why this thing is allowed to go this far, this is how God works dash he allows the evil to metastasize if there was planning a godlessness behind the planning, because in his great theater of justice, he's going to draw out the evil workers…

    And they will all pay a price according to their level of participation, the Apostle Paul makes this clear.

    It's time to start standing on the truth of what you've been giving because all they can do is disagree, but they cannot hide what's there… When Jesus with stood Satan being tempted, Satan doesn't possess anything, unless you give it to him… You learn that lesson in Ezekiel 28

    So if Satan ends up with something it's because somebody that knew better didn't do better now Satan is using it against those who live righteously… That is the economy of lawlessness, it's all leverage.

    It's time to evict The leverage brokers, because at the end of the day Satan is a squatter…

    Inhabiting what he did not create for an outcome that he cannot win to try to depose a throne that was never his… All because he imagined it was, that's called the delusion of pride.

    It's time to hit the eject button on a nation being run by proud sycophants.

  12. The left likes to pretend that voting based on your Christian values is somehow wrong, while them voting on their anti-Christian values somehow is acceptable. The founding fathers authored America's founding documents based on Biblical values and while praying. That says a lot about their vision for the soul of America. God bless America!

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