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New York: Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Politics: Carl Bernstein On Biden's 15 20 'episodes' Of Decline: Letters

POLITICS: Carl Bernstein on Biden’s 15-20 ‘episodes’ of decline: Letters

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The Issue: Carl Bernstein’s comments on President Biden’s 15-20 episodes of cognitive decline.

Once-respected journalist Carl Bernstein is now trying to save his reputation by revealing to the public that President Biden’s feebleness has long been there (“No longer possible to deny it,” July 3).

Surely Biden’s feebleness would have been obvious before the 15-20 incidents Bernstein cites from just the last year, which he only now comes forward with when it’s too late to have any relevance. Bernstein, at some point in time, turned against the street smarts that created his legacy, which is now tarnished forever.

James Ulrich

Long Beach, Calif.

How can any American support Biden after seeing so many instances of cognitive and physical decline?

The never-ending media excuse-making is puzzling and disappointing, as Biden’s long list of failures cannot be ignored and must be examined.

People may not like former President Donald Trump, but he can make presidential decisions. That should matter.

Jack Ridolph

The Villages, Fla.

It has been painfully obvious that President Biden has been suffering from cognitive decline.

It begs the question: “Who’s minding the store?” The implied answer: “The deep state.”

Voters must decide if another four years of a Biden administration is what’s best for our country.

D. Snyder

Baiting Hollow

Trump warned the American people about Biden’s failed mental state during the 2020 debates — and he was right, as we can all now see.

When Trump was president, the Democrats and their allies insisted that he take a test for his mental state. They even talked of removing him from office by using the 25th Amendment’s procedures to remove a president who isn’t fit enough for office.

Maybe these same Democrats ought to exercise that same constitutional article to remove Biden from office.

Chris Tripoulas


If Trump actually poses a threat to American democracy, why did the Democrats let President Biden run again in the first place?

Biden said in 2020 that he was OK with being a one-termer; why change his tune? Letting him continue to do more presidential debates amount to elder abuse.

I have no issues with age, but I have issues with people staying in politics for over 50 years and being in a state of cognitive decline.

Teddylee Gray

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Any clear-thinking American should have come away from the June 27 debate extremely concerned about the dangers we face having a senile man running the country during a time of inflation, multiple wars and a migrant invasion across our borders.

Americans should also remember the Democratic politicians who have lied through their teeth by saying Biden was not mentally in decline. Those Democrats have put us all at risk in their lust to hold power.

Christopher O’Keefe


Even before the debate, anyone with an ounce of objectivity recognized Biden’s cognitive decline. The Democrats have blundered by not presenting alternatives.

It makes you wonder: Who is really running our government?

Regardless, the Democrats will reap what they sowed in November, and Americans will benefit.

Anthony Forleza


There was never any illusion about President Biden’s shortcomings. His performance in the debate itself was not the only indicator.

Earlier, many aides had to prep him for a week for the presidential debate, despite his 50 years of experience in public office. His wife Jill had to help him off the stage and direct him, as did Italy’s Giorgia Meloni earlier this year while stage-managing Biden at a G7 photo-op. Everyone knows he is incapable of personally managing his daily routine.

But the most important question: “Who’s running the shop?” Because it’s not the Joe Biden who has been on display these last few years.

Larry Sylvester

Ontario, Canada

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