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New York: Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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Understanding the Turmoil on Capitol Hill.

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Hmm. yes i understand the
question, you know it's been at least
15 years since I've been following the news, no 10 my folks do that, hmm. what was the question again !?
Excuse me, do you remember
where you read about this ?
Are you kidding !?
of course I can, it was here
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  1. Trevor Wolf 2 weeks ago

    At what point do you resort to violence? This republic wouldn't exist without violence.

  2. Eric Fleming 2 weeks ago

    I definitely do not condone it either but the media and these social media platforms played a major major role in this ordeal the hypocrisy is just unbelievable. The sensorship is down right sickening. President Trump is a great man he knew he got completely screwed and fought right to the end just like he has always done for the people. This was not about Trump he fought so hard because he knew he won and he knew all his historical efforts to turn this country around are gonna be totally ruined by an UNJUST ILLEGITIMATE!! Administration.

  3. Distracted91 2 weeks ago

    You’re missing the bigger picture here, it was all staged by ANTIFA, this was the left trying to assure their victory. They were trying to burn down the f*cking building with undercover BLM rioters and failed, that’s why these people’s responses to it seem overly intense in regard to the situation.

  4. dolores forst 2 weeks ago

    Thank god for live videos ..we seen the truth

  5. Zachary Stokell 2 weeks ago

    You are bad and you should feel bad

  6. itai arbel 2 weeks ago

    Now this is the kind of speech that need to be said IN CONGRESS!!!!

  7. Brenda Howard 2 weeks ago

    https://youtu.be/u4HJusPPWnc Italy did it. I hope this is correct.

  8. emily schwellenbach 2 weeks ago

    Ok Charlie I think you have a couple of things wrong. The only violence was committed by the police who shot the woman behind a closed door.
    The rest was just window breaking , not real violence compared to what BLM did to our country in 8 months of real violence. Why was there a break in securty??? Cause the police wanted this to happen. They knew a rally was happening and that crap could happen and they did not use tight security. They wanted this scenario to happen. I bet you they were given orders to do this straight from Pelosis mouth. Im sorry those people got hurt and killed but that was the police"s fault. Im glad they scared the crap out of Pelosi and her minions. It was about time. All we wanted was a fair open honest election. it is time for war. Our leaders failed us. They fled like scary cats under a bushel cause they knew people were pissed and might come after them.

  9. JR ROD 2 weeks ago

    Right on target Kirk! This about forgotten disenfranchised, silenced, censored, fired, mislabeled, politically used voting block!! Now totalitarian big tech and media will shame and persecute the same abused voting block that voted to be heard!!!

  10. Rachel melendez 2 weeks ago

    Some of your videos were banned. How long will they continue this abuse.

  11. Xtel May 2 weeks ago

    Remember, remember! The 6th of January, 2021. The Gunpowder treason and plot; I know of no reason.

  12. lovergurlxx1 2 weeks ago

    God bless you Charlie

  13. Vernon Roach 2 weeks ago

    Who gives a fuck anymore?!

  14. trippel 2 weeks ago

    In the end , Trump will win

  15. Joan Strine 2 weeks ago

    it's ANTIFA, Trump people don't carry hammers!

  16. Joan Strine 2 weeks ago

    Face recognition shows that it was ANTIFA

  17. Thefireman416 Hinz 2 weeks ago

    Wat do u expect

  18. Thefireman416 Hinz 2 weeks ago

    Stop saying wich i dont suport eveey second bro

  19. Nicole Hope 2 weeks ago

    We need a huge change bc of the fraud and lies.

  20. Jeffrey Bagg 2 weeks ago

    Trump needs to go all scorched earth on corruption during his last 2 weeks as POTUS!

  21. D A 2 weeks ago

    “Stunned to see this”? We deserved a forensic audit. Period. Just horrific leadership.

  22. These guys did everything right. They had the government crawling on the floors on fear. If they lived like this all the time we would be in a utopia by now. Make them fear you.

  23. No Sana No Life 2 weeks ago

    Everyone is (understandably) angry. But is any one going to actually do anything about it? At what point do you people stop and say "this is enough" and take action? This is not even comparable to any previous election so the excuse of "let's just try harder for the next election" doesn't hold. Is every conservative just keyboard complainers with only words, and in a few months will just move on? This is why conservatives are doorsteps, second-class citizens, who are always stepped on and spat at. Conservatives are too "all talk; no action" and try to be the good guys. Unfortunately being a good guy doesn't give you a win, as we've seen with the other side, who are willing to stoop to the lowest form to get what they want.

    I'm from overseas and am powerless to do anything, especially given the covid situation. But people who live in the USA should actually get out there and do any possible means necessary to stop this corruption or else it will always continue. Heck, even if it came to a country partition with the formation of a new country – so be it.

  24. Journey Travelers 2 weeks ago

    God bless you Charlie , President Trump was blocked on Twitter Also on Facebook – Look for his video Dorsey Took down and Put up a Violation . It was President Trump our Commander on Chief in action but Censored on Twitter and Facebook , who took immediate Action , * But His account was Locked .. Letting Biden Appear instead as if President Trump didnt give a damn.. Tell Congress to " Thank President Trump !.. who immediately sent National Giard to help congress .. Watch his Video today – Thank you .

  25. Deana Spence 2 weeks ago

    Back peddling. I was pissed at your show yesterday. You need to have 100% confidence. You have Zero reason to believe patriots caused problems! Shame on you!

  26. Dawn Shively 2 weeks ago

    Thank you, thank you Charlie. You're the only one in past 36 hrs that has made any sense of this.

  27. Marie Nigh 2 weeks ago

    I'll tell you why they did it they're fed up with a crooked corrupt government Donald Trump didn't need us we needed him to show us how corrupt and dirty our government really is they will sell us out for a dime Democratic Republicans it doesn't matter their self-serving demonic and Evil the American people don't trust the government anymore they will reap what they sow

  28. Edgar Vo 2 weeks ago

    I don't plan to vote anymore as it does not matter what we vote. The corrupted american representatives are bought by CCP under any way who knows! Will see how things will go in the future!

  29. emmapeel68 2 weeks ago

    Yes, more emboldened is 100% correct. If we didn't do anything about it yesterday, it's too late.

  30. Jean Joseph 2 weeks ago

    Why are we not hearing about the Antifa People dressed up as TRUMP Supporters, and who brought them in on a bus???

  31. Robert Ramsey 2 weeks ago

    I'm sry Charlie I like you and your movement but you act like those in congress give shit about what we have to say or that anything can be changed with talking. That's already been shown talking is going to get us absolutely nowhere. They have shown us this for many years now. We speak they berate and still do what they want and get away with it. No I'm sry charlie the time for words was over November 3rd.

  32. IchiroCharles 2 weeks ago

    This was cause by people like you. Who either lie or ignorantly tell your viewers that the world is going after them. You instill fear and propaganda for the people that pay you.

  33. Ridge Gillespie 2 weeks ago

    What's up with itily… https://youtu.be/QC0Aw5rrrMI

  34. Janice Booth 2 weeks ago

    A political system is never fair when oligarchs donate to a party – they become unelected controllers – that’s dangerous !

  35. Rachel melendez 2 weeks ago

    Our kid will never know the Truth with big tech controlling information.

  36. Phanita Daly 2 weeks ago

    She is US Air Force veteran that pass on at the US Capital Hill. Got short by Capital Hill police officers. All together 4 people. And some with black flag 🏴 at the right side on the balcony of Capital Hill. Some news reporters showed the video footage.

  37. Karen Tamminen 2 weeks ago

    You might count Pence your friend but that is how the swamp forms when people cover for other people’s sins.

  38. Karen Tamminen 2 weeks ago

    Why is Pence not standing up for the president in the face of the 25th amendment threat? Is Pence a complete pansy and Judas?

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