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New York: Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Breaking news upgrade today January 7, 2021. This is the current from DC.

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United States Armed Force News 2021

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Hmm. yes i understand the
question, you know it's been at least
15 years since I've been following the news, no 10 my folks do that, hmm. what was the question again !?
Excuse me, do you remember
where you read about this ?
Are you kidding !?
of course I can, it was here
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  1. America Freedom 1 week ago


  2. Rebecca DelValle 1 week ago

    Thank you for the mental clarity in reporting. The rioting was planned just as it has been for some time. Patriots fight the good fight. Don't be fooled by these evil people.🇺🇲

  3. Sharon Keith 1 week ago

    I understand that Ecuador is welcoming immigrants. I'm thinking about it.

  4. Michael Barber 1 week ago

    Wasn't there word that the other fuck nods were going to be there with Trump clothes?

  5. William Roemer 1 week ago

    You made yourself clear greg. Your against violence. I'm thinking the Boston tea party would repulse you as well

  6. Harold Huff 1 week ago

    I used to be proud to be an American,, but if living under China Biden America I feel like the world is lost,, and so is my pride ! To be put in the class of scum the world knows is corrupt,,, is embarrassing !
    Trump won ! Joe got caught cheating ,we won't forget or forgive ! Martial Law Now ! Remove Traitors now !
    Our country must object to COMMUNISM! Now !

  7. John Bollinger 1 week ago

    Pence can repent for being a bedo.

  8. tonyel99 1 week ago

    So, it seems as if the steal is complete! We have now officially gone from being a "country of laws" to a "country of lies"!

  9. PRO 1 week ago

    He was murdered by Capitol Hill police she is a veteran she was shot in cold blood unarmed

  10. wanda johnson 1 week ago

    God bless our president! Prayers for Pres. Trump, his strength, his willingness to fight for back! We love you!!!

  11. Why would anyone with integrity oppose a forensic audit of the election, with witnesses to the audit, when facts show that poll observers were obstructed from viewing the ballot processing? Where is the Supreme Court supporting a forensic audit as support for the Constitution?

  12. Eva Hompoth 1 week ago

    This were paid rioters.

  13. BLOODY ROOTS OMB 1 week ago

    The latest from my ass

  14. whatsyurprob ? 1 week ago

    Btw, this is yesterday's news.


  15. 얘들아엄마야 1 week ago

    Democratic crews killed usa

  16. Thanks to Trump now we can see who the real traitors of America are Pence, Biden and the whole Congress except those like TeD Cruz that stud up for this country to fight the lies behind this rigged elections

  17. PRO 1 week ago

    Shut the country down truckers for Trump Donald truck don’t deliver in democrat neighborhoods don’t order anything from Amazon don’t watch Netflix cancel your cable hit the Democrats in the pocketbook

  18. Trevor Philips 1 week ago

    It's war! Fuck peace!

  19. Rick Hewitson 1 week ago

    The Senators certainly had their recalibrated Speeches prepared and ready to read in Congress quite quickly ?
    In the middle of Chaos you had the Mindset and time to prepare a completely new speech. Hmmm 🤔
    They knew what Antifa was going to do.
    Terrible day for The United States of America.

  20. 楊吉蒂 1 week ago

    Let everyone see who is truly moral and democratic. You see, the Vice President of the United States is also a fake. Don't worry too much that all these congressmen are hopelessly fake, but the truth is forever.

  21. 👮 shot her. What's crazzy.is why they dont let the people come in. Its the people house. Its our money. We broke and they are rich off us . they should not get paid. Let see if they would be there. They sold us out. Boycott yall dont shop at big corporation.only ur community small business. No online shopping. Stop pay them. Petition there salary. And until the switch shine red light at night.to protests. Fight with the pen. Keep ur sign up.

  22. It was a set up to blame Trump and there is a video circulating that it was Antifa https://youtu.be/mkPXIrUSrf8

  23. Paris Hedgecock 1 week ago

    States changing voting laws Illegally is FRAUD. Cut and dry. Duhhhh

  24. Annette Carter 1 week ago

    I think Biden and his scumbags paid these people to do this. Just a thought

  25. Vince Parlante 1 week ago

    Hey George Stephanopoulos ? Said last night? Listening to Trump's call to have the people go home ? The closing comment Trump stated ? At the very end of this Trump speaking out George says it sounded to him? As is Trump was in sighting more type stuff. So in close let me say this. Today ? We are hearing that arrests will be made etc, etc…. And by many I have read? Are saying ? What about all those who burned cars in many of our city's in this country last summer along with looting the several businesses and closing off sections of city's and ? Burning city's Police dept. What? The left started all of these chain of events and the Illuminati and likes of George Soros. One last note. This all is by a few out there is for the nation to set up the NWO . and the Treasury dept. And all of these other events are being used to distract as to what's really gonna happen . It's not Russia and not necessarily ? China alone but let's see at the end of the road ? What really unfolds.

  26. Summer Time 1 week ago

    It's been said that Antifa and BLM have the support of the corporations, the police, the Government etc. Trump supporters have the support of none of the above. So the difference is the technocracy ownership. Remember, the trumpsters said they did not have cell phone coverage in the fed building. So they even blocked that from them.

  27. Judith Brakalov 1 week ago

    You and I both know! The left is!!! We would not do anything to harm us or the President!

  28. j marsian 1 week ago

    Half-wit .

  29. whatsyurprob ? 1 week ago

    Why did the President point out that we have all "seen it"?

    The People, had to see it all, and now they'll understand why the President is going to do what he has to do in order to save our Country.

    That's what I think ——— "it had to be this way!!!"

  30. iRishGuy83 1 week ago

    What did they expect, u try to force feed us lie after lie after lie and corruption, what do u expect people to do?! U in the MSM sit back fat and happy ready to swallow the president elect pill whole, meet the new boss same as the old boss

  31. Estelle V.W. 1 week ago

    The media is the real virus

  32. Chinyere Nwoye 1 week ago

    I never thought I'd see the day on which "EVIDENCE" becomes a relative word. But, like so many other words, here we are.

    Greetings from Spain. 🇪🇸

  33. Suzanne Xiong 1 week ago

    Biden pay his supporters to cause all these problems in the capital and blame on President Trump, the truth will reveal and biden will go to jail…

  34. Cat Cull 1 week ago

    This is antifa and BLM. They're was a busload of these losers.

  35. Luis Izquierdo 1 week ago

    It did happen antifa and the deep state along with the media set us up. These guys know exactly what there doing and they are getting help from the lefties

  36. rango tango 1 week ago

    Sometimes violence is the only means to change…it aint gonna change itself..the dems aint gonna help…the republicans aint gonna help..

  37. Malcolms HVAC 1 week ago

    All antifa tactics

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