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Politics: Biden’s Top Aids Break Silence, Warn America That Biden

POLITICS: Biden’s Top Aids Break Silence, WARN America That Biden Is NOT FIT TO SERVE As POTUS – The Beltway Report

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Syndicated with permission via Valiant News| James Michael| A new report from the Wall Street Journal has shed light on the growing concerns surrounding President Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities. According to multiple aides, pols, and White House staff members, the 81-year-old President is showing significant signs of mental decline behind closed doors.

The report, which was published on June 4, 2024, details the observations of several individuals who have worked closely with the President. These sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, expressed their worries about Biden’s cognitive fitness and its potential impact on his ability to effectively lead the nation.

One aide, who has worked with Biden for several years, described the President as “slower” and “less sharp” than he was in the past. The aide noted that Biden often struggles to remember important details and relies heavily on pre-prepared notes during meetings and public appearances.

Another White House staff member shared a similar sentiment, stating that Biden sometimes appears “lost” or “disoriented” during private conversations. The staff member recalled an incident where the President seemed to forget the details of a major administration program and claimed it was only a research project.

The concerns about Biden’s cognitive decline are not limited to his aides and staff members. Several Democratic lawmakers have also privately expressed their worries about the President’s mental state. One lawmaker, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, described Biden as “a shadow of his former self” and questioned his ability to handle the demands of the presidency.

The White House has yet to issue an official response to the Wall Street Journal’s report. However, a spokesperson for the President dismissed the allegations as “baseless rumors” and insisted that Biden is “as sharp and focused as ever.”

The revelations in the Wall Street Journal’s report come at a time when Biden is already facing significant challenges, including a struggling economy, rising inflation, and a deteriorating security situation in Ukraine. The President’s declining cognitive abilities, if true, could further undermine his ability to effectively address these issues and lead the nation.

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, the concerns about Biden’s cognitive decline are likely to become a major issue for the Democratic Party. Some political analysts have already speculated that the party may need to consider replacing Biden on the ticket if his mental state continues to deteriorate.

In conclusion, the Wall Street Journal’s report has brought to light the growing concerns about President Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities. The allegations of mental decline, if true, could have significant implications for the President’s ability to lead the nation and the Democratic Party’s chances in the upcoming election.

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