New York: Monday, July 15, 2024
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New York: Monday, July 15, 2024
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Politics: Biden's California Fundraiser: Letters

POLITICS: Biden’s California fundraiser: Letters

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The Issue: Ex-prez Barack Obama leads President Biden offstage at major fundraising event.

On stage at a California fundraiser over the weekend, former President Barack Obama escorted President “Hand Puppet Joe” Biden off the stage, perhaps to get some ice cream or a diaper change (“Frail Joe Is No Gaffe-ing Matter, Dems,” Piers Morgan, June 18).

How could anyone with compassion for the elderly allow this to go on, let alone continue for another four years?

Mike Santavicca


It’s obvious that Obama is Biden’s puppet master.

If Biden is re-elected, the US will continue its transition into the world’s largest and most corrupt banana republic.

Dan Robinowitz

Dallas, Texas

I understand that The Post is a newspaper with right-wing tendencies.

But what is wrong with a man standing before a cheering audience for a few moments to show his appreciation of their support before walking off stage with his dear friend? I am curious; do tell.

Debra Sheehan

Lowell, Mass.

The video showing Obama reaching for President Biden’s hand during the Democratic fundraiser in Los Angeles is sad to watch.

It reminds me of a second grade class trip, when a child has to hold their partner’s hand in order to not get separated. I’m not a fan of Biden, but I surely don’t want him to be embarrassed publicly as a human being.

There is no doubt he is unfit to serve as president for a second term. Let us all be mindful of this when we vote this coming November.

Maria Musolino

Staten Island

I’m not surprised to see President Biden being dog-walked by Obama.

They actually have a lot in common and a strong connection, as good owners do with their pets.

They’re both mass murderers and war criminals. Obama’s drone strikes massacred thousands of innocent children in Pakistan, Afghanistan and the rest of the Middle East. Likewise, Biden’s policy of appeasement to Israel has made us complicit in the genocide of Palestinians.

It’s about time Biden and his owner retire some­where where the red fern grows.

Arthur Gutman

Great Neck

The Issue: Retiree Advocate, a chapter in the teacher’s union, toppling President Michael Mulgrew’s allies.

In the article about the UFT Retired Teacher’s Chapter election, The Post referred to the winning voters as dissidents of a “renegade” Retiree Advocate faction (“Retired NYC teachers toss out union prez’s crew in furor over Medicare coverage,” June 16).

We silver foxes are simply standing up for ourselves — both to maintain the health benefits we earned at retirement and to preserve our democratic voice in our own union.

Rochelle Kossover

Floral Park

Retiree Advocate UFT won, as they are a legitimate opposition caucus within the union fighting to preserve our original Medicare plan and the members’ existing premium-free supplemental health benefits. Plain and simple.

They are not just a renegade faction, as was reported.

David Roth

Long Beach

UFT retirees were told they would have health insurance after they retired.

We sacrificed, had low wages for years during our tenure and held the city together through many a crisis. And now, in our later years when health coverage is so essential, both the city and union I supported and paid dues into respectively are trying to take that away by forcing us onto another plan.

Linda Goldstein


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