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Politics: Bette Midler Urges Biden To Execute & Arrest Republicans

POLITICS: Bette Midler Urges Biden to EXECUTE & ARREST Republicans Who Oppose Them – The Beltway Report

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OPINION| In a unfortunately not so shocking turn of events, Hollywood actress Bette Midler has called on President Joe Biden to arrest House Republicans and execute Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan. This outrageous statement has left many Americans, especially those who value freedom and the rule of law, stunned and outraged.

Midler’s call to arms comes in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling that granted former President Donald Trump immunity for his official actions while in office. The actress, unable to contain her frustration, took to social media to express her dangerous and undemocratic views.

“Now that Joe has total immunity, many are urging him to be GOP ruthless. Here’s a suggestion for implementing his new powers,” Midler wrote, sharing a specific section of an article that fantasized about a scenario in which Biden orders the arrests of several Republican members of Congress, including Rep. Jim Jordan.

The article, which Midler shared, included a disturbing scene depicting Rep. Jordan getting shot and killed while resisting arrest. The fantasy continued, stating that “a number of other members of the House Republican Conference have been taken into custody.”

This kind of rhetoric is not only irresponsible but also dangerous. It promotes violence and undermines the very foundations of our democracy. The rule of law and the principle of innocent until proven guilty are fundamental to our legal system. Calls for the arrest and execution of political opponents are reminiscent of the darkest days of authoritarian regimes, not the United States of America.

Moreover, Midler’s statement is a blatant attack on the separation of powers and the independence of the legislative branch. The House of Representatives is a co-equal branch of government, and its members are elected by the people to represent their interests. The idea that the President could arrest and execute members of Congress simply because they belong to a different political party is a grave threat to our constitutional order.

Unfortunately, Midler is not alone in her dangerous rhetoric. Other Hollywood celebrities, such as Lea DeLaria and Rosie O’Donnell, have also made inflammatory statements, calling for violence against political opponents. This kind of behavior is not only unacceptable but also contributes to the toxic political environment that has plagued our country in recent years.

As Americans, we must reject this kind of dangerous rhetoric and stand up for the principles that make our country great. We must defend the rule of law, the independence of the legislative branch, and the peaceful transfer of power. We must remember that our strength lies in our diversity of opinions and our ability to debate and compromise.

In conclusion, Bette Midler’s call to arrest and execute House Republicans and Rep. Jim Jordan is a dangerous and undemocratic statement that undermines the foundations of our democracy. It is the duty of every American to reject this kind of rhetoric and stand up for the rule of law and the principles that make our country great.

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