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Beef Cattle Tracking Sneaked into US Spending Bill

POLITICS: Beef Cattle Tracking Sneaked into US Spending Bill – Video

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What Do You Think?

  1. It's a particularly malcious war of attrition the government always plays,,, slowly killing off competition by way of leveraging beurocracy and hordes of …"rules"…to perniciously bury everyone….
    I don't understand why they're opposed to freedom and prosperity…why must they meddle with EVERYTHING?! Especially when they're not the experts! Clueless bureaucrats just fucking life up at every opportunity 🤬. That's what "authority will get ya… a bunch of tyrannical morons that are hell-bent on "fixing things till they're broken."

    government is just like a cancer, that slowly misgrows and misdevelos, until it gets dangerously out of control and destroys the whole organism from the inside out.
    As long as there's a monopoly on power & violence, somehow claimed by the government…society is in jeopardy of cancer…

  2. This is a fire drill for tracking everyone..they will start wirh the livestock then move to the human resource..Thats what we are a tax paying resource. Stock on the shelf.. with new stock arriving everyday..

  3. Johnson even allowing this to go to a vote is what is wrong with Republicans they can never stay together and their supporters are totally sick of it. Vote all Rinos out Johnson included.

  4. Track cattle but allow chemical’s and nutritional blockers into our food so more “maintenance” medications are dispensed. Thanks Rockefeller

  5. You do realize we can come up with technology that can jam those frequencies so they're not going to be able to just scan and get the data they know that right they know that we can actually remove those chips right so why are they wasting their money in time and doing something that they should already know that's none of their business to do it almost sounds like they want to know who has what and what kind they have so they can probably unleash some strange disease killing the flock which is why I think Farmers Feed their animals antibiotics and antivirals all the time because they're worried about their cattle being mysteriously killed in the night you know biological warfare just doesn't affect humans it can affect animals too add with idiots talking about creating ticks that might make you allergic to eating meat add other uppity nosy elitist bastards and b**** saying that they don't want you eating meat you know this is getting really out of hand we don't want to be told what we can and cannot eat we don't want to be told what we can and cannot do we don't want to be told where we can and cannot live we do not want to be told what we can and cannot disallow to be placed or implemented into our bodies we want freedom and liberty and I think we've been saying all across the world they call it a populist Uprising it's just regular people saying we don't want to be told what to do we're not your slaves go pound sand that's what an actual populist movement is

  6. And I think we need to start learning how to kick it old school because our ancestors they didn't have processing plants are these middlemen to I guess properly slaughter their cattles they did it themselves when it was time to process an animal for food maybe we need to go back to that maybe we need to allow the farmers to be a little more autonomous you know have their own meat processing right there on the farm maybe they can actually hire people to help them do that without sending it to these corporations that end up adding things to it and we end up finding out that our food is poisoned it'll be a big difference when people start actually getting their meat straight from the farm instead of going through a bunch of middlemen

  7. Section 10 of the Constitution says No State shall make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts. It also says States can't coin money. But section 8 says Congress can coin Money, regulate the Value thereof,….. all this to say the Fiat dollar is illegal and unconstitutional for states to pay their worker with, or any others they owe a debt to.

    SO Congress can't use section 8 To regulate Commerce among the several States as a basis to set up a FDA and control Cows, or diseases. It would be like Congress coining cows and regulating their value thereof, which has nothing to do with controlling the Cows or diseases, just regulating the value of as per the constitution. Controlling diseases and inspection of the meat etc are powers the constitution gave to the States or the People and purposeful separated from the Congress and the Federal Government.

    By passing the 10section of the constitution prohibiting the States from taking funny fiat money, and only accepting gold or silver as legal tender, I guess the thought it would stop the Congress and FED from printing up the funny money to fund everything the Constitution did not want them to because the Fed would blow up into a Super King tyrant be all and encompass all things Government.

    BUt Congress and the Fed did anyhow. They disregard anything the Constitution has to say and fiat fund their rampage, murdering for money and lands in endless Wars and turning on the the Citizens of the US to plunder and rob them in a out of control spiral addiction needing ever more money , power and plunder.

    When there is nothing left on Earth to Plunder, this will crash like all human empires thus based upon fiat principles and consumption, if they are not stopped first. Personally I'm beginning to think nothing human can stop a crash from happening. They edict all day their commands and think they can speak and call forth this great empire they have in their heads for themselves, but disaster and crash is the whirlwind they will reap as they know or care not what they sow.

  8. The next step is reducing the number of cattle processing plants in order to force interstate movement of live stock.

  9. Another ridiculous rule snuck into a 1000 page bill that has nothing to do with the bill itself. Our government is out of control. Hurts the small business community and will make everything more expensive, big surprise..

  10. Ensuring food safety is one thing that seems like a good idea.
    Government Hold my beer !
    I’ll find some way to abuse and misuse anything that seems like a good idea.

  11. A "RULE" is not a LAW. We see this all the time in the 2A war. HOW ARE "RULES" BEING APPLIED AS LAWS? ATF "rules" circumvent the House of Congress's legislative purpose. ATF routinely uses fluid definitions to manipulate laws. This will be no different. It will be used for the stated purpose CONTROL.

  12. There will be FINES, there will be FEES, there will be INCREASED TAXES to facilitate this ever growing Communist Cancer of Bureaucracy. It will all be used to attack ANY operation that operates outside of the New World Order factory farming paradigm. Look at what they're doing to the Amish community Amos Miller Organic Farm. If the NWO can get away with this one we're all screwed.

  13. Ok, 🤔 time.

    Inter < Latin : IE > Enter meaning = among, between or reciprocal. AS & G = UN( t 2 d ) Grimm's Law. ( Interstate or International ).

    Inter< Latin = v.t.( in turd )( in + terra ) to put a dead body in ground/earth, bury.
    ME, OFr + LLatin = En

    Just me or is this International v InterState v IntraState hidden in plain sight? 👁️.

    Whose being reciprocal & whose going to be buried by ________. 😱

    Study to find thyself approved. ♊

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