Auschwitz and the Knesset (Part 5)

Auschwitz and the Knesset (Part 5)

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One can only wonder whether Jewish denial of Islam’s hatred and final plan for them is of a piece with the denial of Jewish dhimmitude under Islam. It would seem that at the heart of the whole Jewish experience lurks denial. Confront one denial (of the Holocaust) to conceal another denial (of dhimmitude under Islam). It is a dark irony that denial should also be found at the heart of the Muslim’s relationship with Islam. Islam denies the Muslim his humanity, and the Muslim must every day deny that to be human, he must deny Islam. Such is Islam’s hold over its votaries. Islam perverts the humanity of all whose inner relations it mediates, as well as all whose interrelations it mediates. Whoever interacts with Islam, becomes corrupted by Islam. The Muslim who wants to reform Islam (assuming the desire is genuine, and not just good old taqiyya) has already apostatised, but cannot bring themselves to not be Muslim.

Far easier do they find it, to pretend that Islam is something other than it is, thereby demonstrating their inability to consummate their apostasy. Someone who rejects the barbarism, ignorance, stupidity and deceit of Islam yet is unable to shed its demonym “Muslim,” still submits and so remains a flickering, if not glowing, ember under the ash. The Muslim who has thrown off Islam and gained control of his own humanity, by the very nature of the case, no longer submits, and is no longer a Muslim. Therein lies the final solution to the Islamic problem.

There is a world of difference between an unshakeable desire and search for peace, which is noble, and a stubborn refusal to see when peace is not possible, which is delusional. In Islam, peace with Jews is a sin. Instead, pleasing to their Allah is behaviour such as this, reported on the Jihad Watch website:

Adele Benita [a Jewess] described the horror of being stabbed, trying to help her husband, and screaming for help while, “There were lots of Arabs around looking … laughing and smiling…” Benita told the New York Times that she, “Screamed, I begged for aid,” but, “They stood chatting and laughing — they spat at me.” As she ran past them to find help, Arab onlookers “spat at me and slapped me in the face. While the knife was still stuck in me they slapped me and laughed at me.”

As Ayatollah Ali Sistani famously pointed out, “Civilisation and Islam are two different things.” The “Palestinians” who, since their contrived invention after the catastrophic defeat of the Arab armies in 1967, have done everything to convince the world that they are a nation and that their struggle is a nationalist one, now their “national struggle” is reaching the end of its useful life, and they are defaulting to what the whole sorry “two-state solution” has been about all along: a subterfuge for the jihad against Israel and the jihad against the Jews.

The barbaric inhumanity towards Jews that Islam demands Muslims preserve and hold dear in their hearts, now has to shed one of its veils. Islam is the negation of humanity, both in the sense of civilisation and in the alienation of the Muslim from his human self. This reality stands naked before the world in the behaviour of the Muslim “Palestinian,” whether he wields the knife, or merely laughs at the victim. How do those Jews who insist on “co-existence” with Muslims make sense of “They stood chatting and laughing — they spat at me?” Do they still insist it was just an isolated Arab who grossly misbehaved, rather than Muslims obeying their Allah? “While the knife was still stuck in me they slapped me and laughed at me.” These are the people the deluded Jews would give up their land for to make peace with.

Acknowledging that there are Muslims who are appalled by such barbarous behaviour neither negates the behaviour nor absolves Islam as the cause of such behaviour. Unfortunately, the positive fact that not all Muslims do this serves as an excuse to avoid acknowledging the reality that the “good Muslim” lives in defiance of his faith, and that his problem with Islam is for him to resolve, not for those his religion commands him to kill. The Jews’ priority must be to fight the religion that targets them. Treating Islam with respect is not going to make it reciprocate. It holds itself entitled to respect. There can be no reciprocation from the best of people towards the vilest of creatures, especially towards the descendants of apes and pigs. Unfortunately, this is reality to the Muslim, whether he wields the knife, spits at the victim or is appalled by it all.

The strategic geopolitical realignments underway in the Middle East at time of writing, a kind of rapprochement between several Sunni Arab states and Israel (the dreaded “normalisation”), and increasingly vocal Arab expressions of dissatisfaction with the “Palestinians” and their brazen ingratitude, threaten to leave the “Palestinian nation” high and dry. Decades-long unflinching support for “Palestinian” nation-building calls for “Palestinian” gratitude, but Muslims do not do gratitude. Thus, on the simple level of courtesy and manners, does the “Palestinian struggle” reveal itself to be nothing more than a religious war of Muslims against Jews.

Expending resources on attempting to play the Saudis against the Turks, the PA against Hamas and Hamas against Palestinian Islamic Jihad, essentially a geopolitical game that shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the jihad against Israel, Israel would get a lot further by throwing its weight behind the war against Islam. Forcing Muslim MKs to denounce the genocide hadith and all Islamic verses calling for the harming of Jews in one way or another before they can take their seats would be a good start. The Jewish state must close down all places of Islamic religious education in Israel, and take control of all education in Judea and Samaria, in the way it controls other strategic state functions in those areas.

The “Palestinians” are compelled to shed the cloak of Arab nationalism and have nothing in its stead with which to conceal the Islamic religious war that “the resistance” has been all along. If Israel does not recognise the nature of  that war now, then the stage is set for the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), proxy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, to finally force its hand. In other words, it will not be at a time of Israel’s choosing and on terms it might have little say over.

Hamas boss Ismail Haniyeh announced that, “Normalization with the Zionist enemy is considered a big crime and sin that can’t be forgiven,” (emphasis added). The Association of Palestine Scholars, a body affiliated to Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, in a document entitled The Call of Fraternity and Religion from the Heart of Palestine, decreed:

“It is decided by the Sharia and the scholars of the Ummah unanimously agreed, that the victory of the Muslim is a duty for the Muslim and it is one of the priorities of the great Islamic religion. It is legal, and the land of Palestine is a Muslim Arab land blessed with the blessing of the Al-Aqsa Mosque as God Almighty decided in its glory,” (emphasis added; electr. transl.)

 In this new Middle Eastern landscape, the “Palestinians” are losing the hearts and minds of the Arabs. The fake Arab nationalism with which the “Palestinians” so enthralled the world is evaporating. The “resistance” can now be openly re-Islamised and Hamas is already on the case.

While wealthy, influential Arabs flocked to Bahrain to listen to Jared Kushner snooker the “Palestinians” with his ‘Deal of the Century’ and PA President Mahmoud Abbas was jumping up and down with demented apoplexy, Hamas supremo Ismail Haniyeh scurried off to Malaysia for an audience with Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed. It was time to remind the Muslims of the world that they have an Islamic duty here. This disruption to the “Palestinian” MO exactly when unity is most needed is, of course, very much to Israel’s advantage, but its ultimate benefit to the Jewish people still seems well beyond the radar of most analysts: the coming to the fore that Israel has all along been engaged in a religious war; that the enemy religion is Islam; that Islam fights by jihad; and that jihad aims to exterminate the Jews and annihilate Israel. The days of the delusion-feeding “moderate Palestinian” are over. The consistent bearer of the Palestinian torch has never been the PA, but the Muslim Brotherhood, in its guise as Hamas, whose charter, in Article 13, says,

“The so-called peaceful solutions, and the international conferences to resolve the Palestinian problem, are all contrary to the beliefs of the Islamic Resistance Movement. For renouncing any part of Palestine means renouncing part of the religion; the movement educates its members to adhere to its principles and to raise the banner of Allah over their homeland as they fight their Jihad. …There is no solution to the Palestinian problem except by Jihad.” Emphasis added.

The PA has, of course, been engaging in jihad by other means, just as the Islamic Movement in the Knesset has been. The difference between the overt jihad of Hamas and the covert jihad of the PA and the Muslim MKs, has been enough for Israel to keep its denials alive and well. It refers to Hamas at “Islamist Hamas” in contradistinction to the nationalist (read: “moderate”) PA, despite the latter paying its terrorists specifically to kill Jews, and inculcating hatred of Jews and readiness for “martyrdom” in every schoolchild.

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