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New York: Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Politics: America Vs. The Federal Government – One America News

POLITICS: America Vs. The Federal Government – One America News Network

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A Fine Point Editorial
OAN’s Chanel Rion
5:30 PM – Monday, June 10, 2024

“The Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.”  – Ronald Reagan, 1981 Inaugural Address.


If Reagan said this today, he would be locked up as a domestic terrorist, and he would be in jail next to Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon, since the federal government is brainwashing society to believe that any criticism of the government is an act of treason.

They say judge a man by his enemies; I say judge a man by his punishments at the hands of his enemy.

The more severe the punishment, the more that tells you how afraid the enemy is of that person.

In the past, the left did not have the tools that they have today to punish their political opponents. In the past, they merely controlled the media and Hollywood. However, now, they control our Justice Department as well as Big Tech.

Throwing Senior Trump Advisor @RealPNavarro in jail showed that Democrats are afraid of Trump-backed fighters who refuse to bend, even to the establishment powers in his own party.

Locking up Chief Rabble Rouser Steve Bannon @WarRoomPandemic proves that Democrats are terrified of Bannon’s effectiveness within the anti-Big-government movement.

Pushing to criminally indict RNC attorney @christina_bobb shows how afraid the Democrats are of Bobb’s credibility and resolve.

Prosecuting former President @realDonaldTrump for a non-existent crime proves how afraid the Democrats are of one man who’s willing to lose everything in order to fight for this country.

It’s not that Navarro, Bannon, Bobb, or Trump are radical or dangerous, it’s that our current government is radical and dangerous.

Hell, the FBI even has a file on me! FBI Special Agent Elizabeth Bracco was previously at the door of one of my sources. Special Agent Bracco had been grilling them on me, a member of the free press. But why?

Because I was investigating Biden’s corruption in Ukraine.

I was simply asking and investigating how the Bidens have beach houses in Delaware and estates in Bel Aire. How are they worth millions on a civil servant’s salary? That was my only crime, but they would still throw me in jail if they could.

Our government is radical and dangerous. Our government will throw individuals who make these sort of statements behind bars.

We used to say “there’s a lot of good people over there, but leadership is rotten…”

I call Bull.

If you work for today’s DOJ or FBI and didn’t submit your resignation after the DOJ labeled parents domestic terrorists in 2022 for questioning propaganda perpetuated by schools, then you are part of the evil poisoning of the integrity of this nation.

You were worried about your retirement pension, so you stayed? Coward. Glad we could pay for your safe, bureaucratic lifestyle so you can be a part of an organization that is nothing more than a Democrat powerhouse and piggy bank.

Here’s the thing: the people fighting federal abuse of power are the people fighting for America, since this is the toughest fight of all. We are willing to risk everything to restore the fabric of our union.

The rest are just resume padders and glory hounds. Attention starved grifters looking for validation amongst their fellow grifters. Cheerleaders who bark talking points put out by the Murdochs.

The political fighters we need are those who do not care about the money, they do not care about the resume, and they do not care about hurt feelings or about being disinvited from cocktail parties.

These are the kind of fighters the federal government fears the most. So you’ll notice, these are the fighters they will try to suppress.

Remember these fighters….They have proven themselves.

And they can sniff out the phonies.

Chanel Rion (X) Twitter profile: @ChanelRion



(Views expressed by guest commentators may not reflect the views of OAN or its affiliates.)

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