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New York: Sunday, January 17, 2021
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All eyes on Georgia: last line of defense before Jan 6; Trump files lawsuits against GA Secretary


All eyes on Georgia: last line of defense before Jan 6; Trump files lawsuits against GA Secretary

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Unlike Perdue and Loeffler who are combating the intrusion of socialism in Georgia. Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, are usually referred to as far-left Democrats. Individuals see them as fans of socialism. Ossoff motivated his Twitter fans to follow the CCP’s Xinhua News back in 2012. Some from the Republican politician Celebration even implicated him of concealing his personal business’s company ties with the Chinese Communist Celebration. Warnock is no much better. After the previous Cuban leader Castro died in 2016, in a church in the United States, Warnock asked the general public to wish the Cuban individuals and keep in mind Castro.

President Trump personally called Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger, who is at the heart of the Georgia tally debate. The call lasted about 40 minutes. Throughout the call, President Trump called on Raffensperger to determine the bothersome tallies in order to safeguard election stability and accomplish a reasonable result.

The Trump group has actually submitted 2 lawsuits against Raffensperger, one is at the federal level and the other is at the state level for unapproved recording and dripping of the personal lawsuits call.

#Georgia #SenateRunoff #Trump

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All eyes on Georgia: last line of defense before Jan 6; Trump files lawsuits against GA Secretary

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Hmm. yes i understand the
question, you know it's been at least
15 years since I've been following the news, no 10 my folks do that, hmm. what was the question again !?
Excuse me, do you remember
where you read about this ?
Are you kidding !?
of course I can, it was here
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  2. Wayne Gilchrist 2 weeks ago

    I can not help but be astonished at the Democrats and those who are far left liberals who are pushing Socialism. Socialism is a four lane highway to Communism and it's not hard to observe that Communism demands a Dictator to force the system to function even at a modest efficiency of it's projected ideals even though it always fails the people it claims to benefit. Truthfully it is the greatest form of Slavery hidden in plain sight because it places the vast majority of it's citizens in abject poverty and substandard living and medical care, while promoting an elite leadership who are treated like Royalty and who rule the System with the Iron-fisted discipline of a Mafia Family. Ironically the group that should be the staunchest antagonist is the Black Americans who have fought to put Slavery of their ancestry behind them and rise to new heights of living and pursuit of happiness.

  3. Malinda Allen 2 weeks ago

    Challenge them ALL!

  4. jess man 2 weeks ago

    They are all communist socialist gangstalkers. They love organized gangstalking these guys are a$$holes that have turned Colorado into Venezuela

  5. gale lopez 2 weeks ago

    Yeah they voted over there because of what happen with Trump with all the votes they cheated I’m praying for the Republicans to win tomorrow we’re going to the capital here in Austin Texas to rally for Trump victory for him

  6. Malinda Allen 2 weeks ago

    Every Republican should challenge the Electors, as well as every honest Democrat (if there are any).

  7. Anthony Olejniczak 2 weeks ago

    I get really tired of you guys always misidentifying America as "the U.S." This IS NOT the U.S. It's the U.S.A or just America! The U.S. is the corporation. And it is the reason why we are having so many problems! Please research this (varify) and make the necessary corrections?

  8. Anne 2 weeks ago

    So Pelosi wants to change our language?? What should we call her????

  9. Anne 2 weeks ago

    Kamala is not resigning because she wants a job !!! She won’t know how to work outside the government!!!!

  10. Gino Emanuele 2 weeks ago


  11. Darkhorsekc 2 weeks ago

    Thank you Michael Lewis.
    Even without fear,
    still trying to get my feet under me
    (God's steadfast strength)
    listening to Eye Opener is is blessing and an encouragement.
    As in,
    I have more courage after the segment than at the beginning.
    The power of truth.
    Thank you.

  12. Brian Davis 2 weeks ago

    Great report Michael, about the virus we've all felt like China did the exposure of the bio weapon on purpose which would make sense after the tariffs we placed on them and their thinking on this was to destroy us or by some time either way their many lies and cover ups says a lot.
    We are in the fight of our lives here with what has happened from the beginning of last year to date and with the false promises from the CCP or black mailing of our citizens to the point to cause treason. Is down right disgusting and we must cut the head of the snake off before it to late my prayer is the Lord would hunt the wicked down and pour his spirit out on our land and bring healing and revival like we have never seen before.
    As for all believers we must pray for this in agreement and raise our voices to the the heavens and seek forgiveness for the falling away from his direction for our lives and our land that he alone has blessed us with.
    We ask for all this In Jesus name, Amen

    Thank you brother for bring the truth to the people in helping up prepare for what may lay ahead in these troubled times God bless you and your team for all your dedication for the truth Michael may the Lord continue to use you mighty way
    in the the days ahead.

  13. Mark Heimweh 2 weeks ago

    History discover soon # 45 and his allegiance were the greatest fake and error ever in american presidency

  14. Ian Whiteley 2 weeks ago

    We end them. Thay plan our end. Lets end them first fight or die starving in death camps

  15. Maria Christina 2 weeks ago

    Good luck Trump! All the best from Canada!

  16. Eva Leszczynska 2 weeks ago

    Michael I could listen to you all day long what an amazing reporting ,nobody else reports like you , great job

  17. JCB Bwn 2 weeks ago

    Georgia will cheat again!

  18. Inette Duteil 2 weeks ago

    I read the conversation he had with Trump and the Media twisted what he actually said.

  19. Biden is a crook and a fraud. His wife ought to be ashamed of herself.

  20. Anne 2 weeks ago

    I heard today that John Cronyn is not going to stand up!!! He’s Rino!! I tried to text him a message at his Washington office to let him know that I won’t be voting for him!!! I also asked him why!! Anyway, I got a response back saying that they wouldn’t take my message because it was negative!!! Well what do they expect if you don’t stand up for our country!!!!!

  21. Doug Elsing 2 weeks ago

    We the people, will remember every senator and representative who's does not stand up and had there voice heard, NOW.

  22. Irina Osipovich 2 weeks ago

    "… I think it would best for Biden to announce his inauguration from his basement. It would be the safest place for the public." 🤣🤣🤣 Hilarious!

  23. Rusty Yates 2 weeks ago

    While it is much better if the Republicans have the majority, because of the rinos in the republican party, there are no guarantees even with the majority. We have Obama Care, and several other unconstitutional programs that have hurt the country tremendously because of the rinos in the republican party. It is long since time we have a convention of the states according to article 5 of the constitution whereby we can undo all unconstitutional atrocities imposed on us by both parties. We can even remove any member of government government and replace them with qualified members .it takes 2 thirds of the states to sign on. We currently have 15 states that have signed on including my state of Louisiana which signed on under Bobby Jindal. The convention of the states was put into the constitution by Adam's as one last option to avoid a violent showdown between the American people and the government.

  24. Cliff Hunt 2 weeks ago

    i believe that democrats party is paying Mitch mconneld millions or thousands of dollars
    to disagree with republican party . so what needs to be done ASAP Fire Mitch mconneld and then get someone that who cares about us people and the UNITED STATES AMERICA

  25. libertyn jeopardy 2 weeks ago


  26. Mark Enriquez 2 weeks ago

    That potato Biden, and those commie puppets in Georgia, will NOT assume office! GITMO for the RINO traitors!

  27. Thayne Z 2 weeks ago

    Love from Canada

  28. Zaw Win Maung 2 weeks ago

    Imaging when US transform to Socialist/Communist Republic, will all people accept or not?

  29. Anne 2 weeks ago

    I listened to the short version of the phone call. I think Trump was giving him a chance to come clean!! He kept asking him are you sure giving him several opportunities to tell the truth!! Now what kind of dirt do they have on him that he wouldn’t tell the truth??????

  30. player2030 2 weeks ago

    Democrat are still winning. They knew their best chance was to get the election to this point. Going the right route they would have never stood a chance against Trump.

  31. jerry thompson 2 weeks ago

    You the Best Michael God Bless You and America

  32. Sheri Nah 2 weeks ago

    Watch them cheat again!

  33. Victoria Mark 2 weeks ago

    Challenge all the USA elections. The machines and software were used everywhere and are totally suspect of fraud…in all states. Don't pick and choose states. New Elections everywhere are needed.

  34. Aaron Burrow 2 weeks ago

    If pence doesn’t come through all we have left is revolution. It’s time to cut off some traitors heads.

  35. Wednesday's Child 2 weeks ago

    I think ccp was planning to unleash that virus, but there was an accident and the virus got out before it was ready.

  36. john mcdonald 2 weeks ago

    After tomorrow "The Gallows and The Firing Squad".

  37. Harold Sy 2 weeks ago

    Amen…awomen, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Awkward!

  38. kly rand 2 weeks ago

    open tree's son, no arrests. blatant mass murder of thousands of american by sending covid patients to nursing homes, no arrests. open admission of overthrowing out government with one that is entirely antithetical to it, no arrests…

    arrests are for the ordinary cattle slave citizens. trump will never have world class human rights abuser criminals as bad as hitler arrested. he will never drain the swamp.

  39. Rick Montague 2 weeks ago

    Dems are up to cheating Georgia again, planing on a dump in next couple hours. Watch!

  40. jester 2 weeks ago

    'A-woman' lmfao what idiots!

  41. saintcruzin 2 weeks ago

    Thank you for your excellent work. It’s very clear we are under attack from without and within. May God guide us and our President in our quest to keep our freedoms….

  42. Victor R 2 weeks ago

    To many damn rino's.

  43. gramma says 2 weeks ago

    Another steal. The percentages are about the same. These votes need to be checked! An expert who testified in Arkansas said the ballots were easy to confirm or reject. His Team could tell the difference!

  44. Ion Kayak 2 weeks ago


  45. Sum WiseGuy 2 weeks ago

    Thanks again sir. Take care.

  46. john folger 2 weeks ago

    biden campain headquartes is a UK phone booth, placed in china, guarded by irainin s with a masad phone in it

  47. Sheepdog1314 2 weeks ago

    excellent, as always

  48. Ian Whiteley 2 weeks ago

    End them we march with wepons and ropes. It ends at dc. Hunt them down

  49. Tadeh Petrossian 2 weeks ago

    Trump should have declared martial law in the 6 swing states. You should have sent in the military.

  50. Alana Bunch 2 weeks ago

    I hope Trump team and others are watching this Georgia runoff. Trump had treated the machines stopped again, or rather they stopped counting again. This is definitely a coup but NOT by Trump!!

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POLITICS: All eyes on Georgia: last line of defense before Jan 6; Trump files lawsuits against GA Secretary - Video

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