New York: Thursday, February 22, 2024
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New York: Thursday, February 22, 2024
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A Supreme Court Blocks 10 Republicans From Running for Re-Election

POLITICS: A Supreme Court Blocks 10 Republicans From Running for Re-Election – Video

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What Do You Think?

  1. The only response is for every red state to adopt the same measure. I’m tired of this one sided tyranny. The left clearly wants to obstruct voters for making the decisions. If they don’t like what their legislators did then they can vote them out. The left should not have any say on someone’s ability to run for office. Biden and his administration have neglected their responsibilities over and over again. Are we going to ensure Joe is unable to run for office in November? Hmm 🤔

  2. Oregon is lost, best move out, as painful as it may be. You don't want to wait too long to leave as some did in Germany and Austria in the 30s.

  3. Well, from how that is written, it seems, that they are only barred from the immediate next term… so they could make a "Putin" and alternate with the next Senators, like Putin did with Medvedev. So they could block everything and still come back.

  4. I have to agree with the ruling. The law states you cant miss 10 sessions. You know the rule you know you cant miss 10 sessions. The people of Oregon now get new senators according to the majority. Dumb play by the senators so they did not deserve the seat. Not cool these idiots lost the Republican representation of the people.By misreading the law. Its their job! If they cant read it they should not make the law.

  5. I live in Oregon, coworkers REFUSE to vote Republican, but BITCH ABOUT HOW THEY CANT AFFORD A HOUSE.

    Stupid druggies! (If we had piss test to vote, Oregon would be NORMAL).

  6. If you can not block or marginally disrupt corrupt behaviors and agendas through due process, than it is within my opinion, that said law makers and those appointed by the people to keep legislation clean, agendaless, and in righteous direction of the republic for which it stands.

  7. I believe State lawmakers can make any rules they want if it is strictly a state issue affecting politicians in the state. However, No state should be able to prevent any candidate from being able to run in a Federal election as it disinfranchises voters in other States. Federal law already superceeds State law. So State government should have no say in who runs in Federal elections or their ability to appear on a ballot. That should always be left up to voters to decide who they want on the Federal level.

  8. Hi Roman, some information. First, it is 11 Republicans and 2 Independents and were referred to as The Oregon 13. The 10 that cannot run again do include those two independents. There are three that can return because caucus decided for two of them to be on the floor, which was not enough to allow them a quorum in the Senate, to object to any shenanigans proposed by democrats during the absence. The third was excused because of previously scheduled major health actions. Some of the Senators had already had some coming excused absences that were changed back to unexcused by the Democrat President of the Senate. Second, a small thing, Knopp is pronounced kah-NOPE. Third, both of the bills that eventually did pass were massively amended as part of the agreement that was done by Knopp. They no longer included the super harsh things that were originally sticking points. Fourth, the denial of quorum reason given was because the bills, by law, are supposed to have summaries that are easily read and understood by average people. This is easily determined by requiring a Flesch-Kincaid reading score of 60 or higher. You can find that on Google or even in the widely used Word program. Not only was that not being done, but nasty things like in HB2002 were inserted and basically hidden in the legalese language in the summaries. The Democrat majority refused to make counsel redo those summaries to make them comply with the standing laws concerning them. Negotiations on the Senators returning then put on the list the demanded changes in those bills and the flat out killing of other bad bills. Lastly, that I can think of for now, there is another lawsuit by the Independent Senators that is based upon this Measure 113 violating free speech. It is in the Federal Appeals Courts and they've promised to decide before the March deadline for election filing. We still have hope and I hope many people send money to help those guys for legal costs in that last case that is still standing.

  9. Communist country now we better start using the same fighting style or marching orders or plan cuz we're losing our country on a lot of fronts and they're using our own Constitution and legality against us even though there is a law still in the books making it a crime to be a communist in this country

  10. Don't you mean Republicans from EASTERN Oregon? THOSE are the folks who are wanting to detach from Oregon, to become a part of a "Greater Idaho," instead of being under the thumb of buffoons from Portland, etc.?

  11. Most likely wanted to trigger this fight take it to the supreme Court. Ultimately I think all it's going to do is further infuriate the counties that already want to leave the state quicken the secession process

  12. OREGON state constitution was set up for this exact purpose. To stop an insane majority to hurt children. And to protect our 2nd amendment rights.
    The walk out was justified. The progressive lefty sickos in OREGON need to be stopped unfortunately oregon Supreme Court is full of sicko progressives too.

  13. I'm not in favor of elected officials skipping work to make political statements and to avoid doing their jobs. I'm in Texas, and was seriously irritated when Democrats here vacationed in DC to avoid a quorum during COVID. These rules work both ways. Republicans can't complain at suffering penalties when they do the same thing. The voters approved the amendment, and the intent is pretty clear even if some of the language is ambiguous. Do your damn job or clear out and let someone else do it. The performative politics being played throughout the US now is destroying our country, and both sides of the Uniparty are engaging in it. If the parties were reversed in this story, I'm sure many of the people commenting on this video would reverse their opinions.

  14. When it comes to bills with life changing matters or constitutional matters there should be separate voting directly from the ppl, not just decided by some power hungry elites.

  15. Only four states even have 2/3 majority quorum requirements. It doesn't seem like this is a question of principle, a human right. In other states, the legislature simply has the power to force its will, whether that be in a conservative or liberal direction. What's odd is that Oregon voters weren't asked to simply remove the 2/3 majority quorum requirement but instead were asked to make the 2/3 majority quorum requirement irrelevant while leaving it in place.

  16. This amendment should never have been adopted, the 68% of Oregon voters are idiots. They already had this right, just don’t reelect them. I understand what the republicans are up against, we have the same situation in Washington state. I guess when Republicans do it they’re evil but if the democrats do it there doing the will of the people. No wonder why so many Oregon’s are leaving and coming to Spokane. California political migration has destroyed Oregon, Washington, and Montana, Idaho are next 😢 so sad!

  17. The DemORats control everything just like CA, so doing, they push through their Unconstitutional Laws. Notice who is in charge. No wonder all those Counties want to succeed from OR!!!! People like that will destroy their State, which they are already doing!!!!!!!!

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