‘Once Upon a Virus’:
China mocks america in an animation made with lego-like pieces

Official Chinese news agency broadcasts a video in which the Statue of Liberty talks to a warrior from Xian.

China has published a brief animation on Monday entitled Once Upon a Virus mocking the US response to coronavirus and used Lego-like figures to represent the two countries: a warrior from Xian and the Statue of Liberty. And both with a mask.

The curtain opens, as the chords of The Entertainer, the tune popularized by the film The Strike, begin to play. On the stage, on the one hand, a Lego-like figure depicting one of Xian’s famous terracotta warriors, covered in a mask. On the other, the Statue of Liberty with its face uncovered. A satire about how China perceives America’s strategy —and President Donald Trump’s criticisms— against the coronavirus.

The two countries, whose relationship has deteriorated in leaps and bounds during Trump’s tenure, have engaged in a war of recriminations over the origin and management of the pandemic. President Donald Trump believes the new coronavirus originated in a lab in Wuhan, the original focus of the pandemic that has already infected more than three million people worldwide.

He also accuses China of having withheld information in the first few weeks, preventing the rest of the world from responding to the pandemic appropriately, and has suggested that it could demand payment of reparations to the Asian country. Last week, the Republican came to insist that China’s pandemic management was proof that China would do “everything possible” to get him to lose re-election in next November’s US election.

Chinese diplomats, on the other hand, have suggested that the virus was able to enter the country brought by U.S. soldiers who participated in the World Military Games held in that city last October. Beijing has also flatly denied having any interest in interfering in the US election.

Now, in the short animation video released by Chinese state news agency, Xinhua, he mocks comments that Trump has downplayed the crisis since Beijing announced the discovery of a new disease in December.

“We’ve discovered a new virus,” the terracotta warrior announces.

“So what?” replies the Statue of Liberty, “It’s just a flu.”

The warrior continues to list a series of milestones in China’s fight against the pandemic and the statue responds with phrases said by Donald Trump, as he progressively reds, victim of a fever, and is connected to an intravenous drip pathway.

“The virus is not dangerous. But millions of Chinese have died. But the virus is not dangerous. We’re right. Even though we contradict each other,” the figurine representing the United States holds.

“Are you hearing yourself?” asks the warrior. “We are always right, even though we contradict ourselves,” insists the statue, now covered in mask.

“That’s what I like about you, Americans: your consistency,” concludes the Chinese warrior.

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