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Woke Soccer Player Says Her Latest Injury Proves God Doesn't Exist * * by Tracy

NEWS HEADLINES: Woke Soccer Player Says Her Latest Injury Proves God Doesn’t Exist * * by Tracy

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Progressive leftists are some of the whiniest people on the planet.

They also have zero ability to cope with any form of true adversity.

This has become particularly true in the world of sports.

It’s become commonplace for rich and spoiled athletes to complain about their “struggles” to a world of hard-working people who just want to enjoy a game after work.

No one embodies the bad attitude of today’s whiney athletes more than soccer player Megan Rapinoe.

Rapinoe suffered an injury that likely spelled the end of her controversial career in women’s soccer.

During the National Women’s Soccer League Championship, she injured her Achilles tendon.

After the game, Rapinoe remarked that the injury proved that God does not exist:

What a sad human being she must be…

The Post Millennial reports:

Following what appears to be a career-ending injury in a game that her pro team lost, US soccer player Megan Rapinoe claimed the injury proved God didn’t exist.

On Saturday, the activist soccer player injured her Achilles tendon, possibly tearing it, while trying to make a play on defense when she went down with a non-contact injury in the sixth minute of the game as OL Reign fell to Gotham FC in the National Women’s Soccer League Championship.

During the post-game press conference, Rapinoe said, “I’m not a religious person or anything and if there was a god, like, this is proof that there isn’t. This is f*cked up. It’s just f*cked up. Six minutes in and I eat my Achilles.”

Not everyone agrees with Rapinoe’s sentiment about God, or her career for that matter…

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