New York: Sunday, December 10, 2023
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New York: Sunday, December 10, 2023
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When The Dollar Collapses, YOUR LIFE Will COMPLETELY Change… * * by Noah

NEWS HEADLINES: When The Dollar Collapses, YOUR LIFE Will COMPLETELY Change… * * by Noah

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GLENN: Carol Roth, the author of The War on Small Business and former investment banker who started to use her gifts for the good, instead of the evil, is joining me now. She’s also got a new book coming out, the week after mine. And they are great hand-in-glove books. You Will Own Nothing.

Could the dollar get knocked off the top spot, as the world’s reserve currency? Challenges are emerging, and history shows, that countries whose currency has dominated the globe, can fall from that global reserve, that top spot, pretty fast, even over the course of a few days. We didn’t luck our way into this position. Listen to me carefully, it was a carefully engineered plan that unfolded in the mountains of New Hampshire, nearly 80 years ago. At the time, the British pound sterling, was the international currency. A title it had held for texting. But Bretton Woods changed everything. Now, this is actually — these are not my words. These are the words of NPR. They just came out with this story. The US dollar conquered the world. Is it at risk of losing its top spot? I know because I’ve been talking about this for a long time. And everyone has said, that will never happen.

And I said, really? Yes, it will.

And places like NPR have always called me a conspiracy theorist, even though they said that Bretton Woods was a carefully engineered plan that unfolded in the mountains of New Hampshire nearly 80 years ago.

Who is the conspiracy theorist? It doesn’t sound like me. It sounds like, if I am, NPR, you are too. But now Carol Roth is with us. Carol, now things are really starting to get serious, because as you said, we are falling ten times the rate than we have since 2003. And countries are getting serious. They — you know, everybody always said, well, we’re the worst — or, we’re the best of the worst. We’re still bad.

CAROL: Cleanest shirt in the laundry. Skinniest kid at fat camp. Yes.

GLENN: Well, now the actual skinny kids are showing up at fat camp, and saying, yeah. And we’re just getting into shape. And we’re just — we’re just — we’re right around the corner. And countries are moving in that direction.

CAROL: So I have to tell you a little thing — a tale on your Bretton Woods. This carefully crafted strategy.

One of the things I learned in researching You Will Own Nothing was from Jim Rickards. He’s a fabulous economist.

GLENN: Great.

CAROL: He told me that you know who really crafted this plan? You know who was really behind this? It was Russia. That basically, Harry Dexter White, who was the negotiator. He was the secretary of the US Treasury. He was the negotiator for the US side.

That he was a Stalinist agent, and the entire plan was to knock Britain off of the pole position. That was the plan. They didn’t even sign the agreement. They just hung out. They were there. They hung out in the back room. They didn’t sign the agreement.

But our US Treasury Secretary, who was negotiating this, was a Stalinist agent. This has been backed up even on So, again, not conspiracy. I have it very well-cited once Jim told me.

Because it sounds kind of loony, but went back and did the research.

And this was actually Russia’s plan that created this. And the entire focus, they didn’t care about the US.

They wanted Britain out of that power position, because they felt like that would make them stronger. And I say this and I share this in this discussion, because I think that as history rhymes, we need to keep that in mind. That if there ends up being some sort of a global cabal that comes together, or a war, that there are people that are focused on this.


CAROL: Right now. It’s Russia. It’s China. It’s China courting Saudi Arabia. And we have issues, not just with reserves, but also that the key piece. Because you asked me this one time offline. It’s not just the reserves. The reserves allow us to finance debt cheaply at the government level, and create some arbitrage.

But really what is this pole position as well, is being a huge piece of the payments.

We dominate, dominate. And have not lost ground, by the way, on the payment side. But China.

GLENN: Hang on. You’re talking about like the swift payment system.

CAROL: The global payment.

GLENN: Got it. If you talk about SWIFT. SWIFT is this international payment system, that connects the global banks. And says, this is what will happen in terms of global trade, $100 trillion a month goes through SWIFT.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

CAROL: And right now China only has about 2.4 percent of that. So they are working on clawing their way up. They are trying to make deals. They’re trying to convince the Saudis to let everybody pay. Including them. Pay for oil and their currency. The yuan. And so obviously, they’re kind of really focused on this. There was a China Arab conference last week, the first of — the first one I think they’ve been doing for ten years.

And a few things were announced. One, the Bank of China is opening its first branch in Riyadh, which is the Saudi Capitol. And then out of that, I can read you this. I am going to quote this from CNBC.

The Saudi minister said: Saudi Arabia and China are part of a multi-polar world order. And their mutual interests are, quote, strong and rising.

So the Saudis, are playing both sides of this. Right, they don’t want to give up, their sort of alliance with the US. But they see the weakness, and they see the weakness coming from our president. But they also see the weakness in terms of the attempted destruction of their own economy.

All of this green nonsense, that’s being pushed in the US, and with the other G-7 countries. It threatens their livelihood.

So, of course, they’re going to hedge their bets. China is the largest net importer of oil. And on a per capita basis, they use a fraction of what they do here in the US, so there’s an opportunity for growth.

GLENN: Well, that’s because some people have electricity, and most people have nothing.

CAROL: Exactly. Exactly.

GLENN: Right.

CAROL: So, you know, they are trying to say, you know, we’re going to — yes. We are the ones who said, you could have the petrodollar. And we are the ones who have been plowing our profits back into the Treasury. And you allowed us to do that and hid that fact. But, you know, now, you don’t really look as strong as you’re used to. So we’re going to hedge our bets. And we don’t really think you’re going to do anything about it.

And this has not only economic implications, Glenn. But obviously military implications as well. Because one of the things that we provided the Saudis for allowing the petro dollar, and we’re plowing their dollars back into Treasuries. Is we said, okay. Well, we’ll help you out militarily.

Well, guess who is knocking on that door right now. That is China.

GLENN: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. So someone asked me the other day, when do you think — and I said, nobody could predict this. This could literally happen — today is Thursday. Monday, you could wake up and the banks would all be closed. And we would be in a dire situation, because I don’t know.

We went to Russia — went to war with Russia overnight. Any big shock could trigger this.
And we might have big shocks that come and go. And we were just kind of coasting there.

We have no idea.

But what people have to really understand is: When it happens, life as you know it, in America, is completely different. Correct?

CAROL: Yeah. I think we’ve talked about this before. Sort of coming to grips with reality. You don’t want to be in that situation. And just be processing that situation if and when it happens. You want to be prepared for it, and say, okay. I’ve gotten past the shock already.

I kind of expected this day might come. And, hey, I have a plan in place.

Because I know that there will be chaos. You know, you started with Bretton Woods. Once that Bretton Woods agreement was signed. It was something like 15 years, that it took to change out the global financial order, in a way that everything was sort of smoothly operating and the US was fully in that pole position. It didn’t just happen one day to the next.

And there was chaos in these transition periods. And sometimes there are transition periods before there’s a wholesale change. So you may have these — these kind of interim periods of chaos.

And certainly, we’ve seen that domestically. In things like with the banking crisis. And the financial crisis, and the like. But there could be sort of an international chaotic period.

And that’s why you really do need to have the diversification, in your portfolio, as well as that personal plan.

What are you doing in your personal life, and in your community. To make sure that something goes awry. And there is this chaos. What are you going to do to make it through that period? Again, this doesn’t mean that the dollar is going away. It doesn’t mean that the entire US economy collapses forever. It just means that the stakes are shifting. And everybody is telegraphing it. This is one thing I noted, in your upcoming book, Dark Future. I also talked about it, in you will own nothing.

Is the White House has telegraphed this. Joe Biden has said, there is a new world coming. And, quote, unquote, we have to lead that.

Now, of course he was talking to elite business people, so I’m assuming that means him and his friends. But this is not like a conspiracy at all. This is — you type in Joe Biden, New World Order into Google. You will get tons of search results. We all know this is coming.

GLENN: And you will get from that same speech. As I have it in my book. You take the phrases that are in his speech, you type them out. And you have western leaders and world economic leaders, using exactly the same verbiage.

So they’re all aware of something.

But you’re not. Because media won’t report on it. And anybody who does report on it, will say it’s a conspiracy theorist. You’re a conspiracy theorist.

It’s not. They’re all saying it.

CAROL: And you have to say to yourself, okay. The elite and wealthy people in the world know that the financial stakes are shifting. Are they going to just sit back and hope it works out for them?

Of course not. They will do everything in their power to make sure they are molding it and controlling it to whatever standpoint they can. And to make sure they and their cronies come out on top.

And that’s where we take the conspiracy element out of it.

It’s not so much that they intentionally want to keep you down.

They just want to keep themselves up. And they don’t care what happens to you. And if you are at their expense, then so be it.

GLENN: Exactly right. So be it.

PAT: That’s really the takeaway. And that’s why you need to prepare, and make sure that you do the things, so that you can manage through this chaotic periods. And do everything you can so that you own as much as possible.

And will actually be happy, not the you will own nothing in the end.

GLENN: Right. Carol Roth from If you go to, you can find out more of her work and follow her.

She’s really, really good.

She writes for TheBlaze, among other places. And she’s written a new book called you will own nothing.

It will release July 18th. You can find it at Or you can go to Amazon. I will tell you, when you buy my book or her book, it usually is. These people who bought this book, also bought that one.

They go hand in hand.

Mine is dark future. It is coming out a week before hers.

Mine is a — much more of a, how this is going to control. And what their plan really is.

Carol is so much better than I am.

Of taking all of those plans, and saying, here’s what you need to know, to do.

This is how you can save yourself.

And it’s — it’s a fantastic book. You can get it, wherever books are sold.

Again, it is You Will Own Nothing, by Carol Roth, and my book at the same time. Dark Future.

Same topic. Not a lot of — I shouldn’t say that. I was going to say, not a lot of the same information.

Just presented in different ways. One to warn, one to say, here’s how you protect yourself.

And Carol is great. Thank you so much, Carol. Appreciate it.

CAROL: Thank you so much. And, by the way, Glenn. Thank you so much. You are the number one endorsement on the back of the book.

I so appreciate it.

GLENN: Will you send me a copy?

CAROL: We sent it to you. We sent it to you. So you should have it any day. This is early release copy, because Glenn was so instrumental. You were the first person that I emailed. And I said, this is what I’m thinking. And you pushed me to go deep. And connect all these dots. So I’m just so grateful you to. And so grateful for Dark Future. And those being companion pieces together.

GLENN: Yeah, Carol, thank you. God bless.

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