Germany, EU Should Follow Trump Lead on Banning Antifa

Trump Should Leave the CHAZ Alone and Let It Destroy Itself

Unless the mayor of Seattle or the governor of Washington request federal help, President Trump should leave the CHAZ alone.

For those who don’t know, CHAZ stands for Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone; it’s a six-block confederacy, a government-free zone (that actually sounds pretty good!), an area of downtown Seattle occupied by the left-wing terrorists of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. The police station within the CHAZ has been abandoned, border walls have been built, and vigilantes with high-capacity firearms are now the law.

There are about 500 residences within this CHAZ, 500 people who did not vote to be ruled by this CHAZ and its warlords, 500 properties whose values have plummeted… But these are people who almost certainly voted for the Democrats who are standing by and allowing this CHAZ to continue, so haha.

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