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NEWS HEADLINES: Top 6 Ingenious Diversion Safes To Hide Your Valuables In Plain Sight * * by Noah

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When prepping for emergencies, you might want to hide money or other small valuables in convenient hiding places like diversion safes.

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Diversion safes look like ordinary household items, like canned food or a flower pot, but with hidden compartments for storing small valuables discreetly. If you hide your diversion safe in an ideal location, it can be almost impossible to find, unless a burglar already knows that you are hiding one somewhere in your house.

Here are some of the best diversion safes for your emergency funds or survival caches. (h/t to

Cleaning product stash can

A burglar won’t usually rummage under the kitchen sink to look for valuables to steal.

When buying a cleaning product stash can, make sure it matches a cleaning product that you already use at home so it will be harder to find. Keep in mind that most products will be the same size and the weight as half-used container of the original cleaning product.

A cleaning product stash can is easy to open and close. With its compact size, it’s also easy to grab if you are in a hurry to leave the house during an emergency.

Flower pot fire safe

If you need an indoor or outdoor solution, try a flower pot fire safe. Some products have a keyed lock under the planter drop-in to access the safe, which can help deter curious kids.

Use lag bolts to secure the plant and make it harder to pick up. To make the pot convincing, place your own plant in it. (Related: SHTF bartering must-haves: 13 Things that will be in demand after an EMP attack.)

Outlet wall safe

The average house has many outlets, and nobody is going to consider them as a potential hiding spot.

This is one of the few diversion safes that require installation to work. You will need to make a hole in your wall where an outlet usually goes.

This type of wall safe is ideal if you need to hide very small valuables at home, such as expensive jewelry. To maintain the illusion, plug an appliance you rarely use or a nightlight in the outlet.

Spam can safe

Keep Spam can safes in your survival stockpile if you want to hide several small valuables without arousing suspicion.

This diversion safe should fit in fine in any non-vegetarian pantry. Use it to hide money, keys, or other valuables.

Fake marker diversion safe

The fake marker diversion safe is one of the smallest diversion safes available and it can only fit a folded bill or another small item inside. It is usually the same size as a normal marker, with a small working head that screws on.

Unlike the other diversions safes in this list, you can carry the fake marker around with you if you prefer to keep it on your person.

Canned food stash safe

If you have room, your pantry is one of the best places to have a safe. And if you are installing a larger security safe, pantry and laundry rooms are preferred over bedrooms and closets because thieves will search these areas first.

But if you don’t have enough room for a full safe, you probably have enough room for a can or two.

Since these food cans are rather large, you can store more money and other valuables in them, especially if you hide two or three cans among the other items in your pantry.

Pick the type of can that wouldn’t look out of place in your pantry. Keep the fake canned meat next to real canned meats and the fake canned veggies near the real canned veggies.

Where to buy canned food for your survival stockpile

Here at the Health Ranger Store, we want to help you prepare for different emergencies.

We offer different canned foods for your survival stockpile, where you can also hide fake Spam cans and several canned food stash safes.

Health Ranger Select Freeze-Dried Organic Whole Blueberries are full of essential nutrients, and they are an excellent healthy snack that you can enjoy all year round.

They have been carefully freeze-dried to preserve the taste, texture and nutrients of fresh produce without any chemical preservatives. You can eat them directly or reconstitute them by simply adding water.

Health Ranger Select Freeze-Dried Organic Whole Blueberries contain no gluten or GMOs and have undergone extensive lab-testing for glyphosate, heavy metals and microbiology.

They are also vegan, non-China and certified Kosher and organic.

We also offer Freeze-Dried Organic Mango Diced. Our freeze-dried mango pieces are grown in Mexico under strict organic standards.

The freeze-drying method preserves taste, texture and nutrients better than any other food preservation method ever invented.

You can enjoy freeze-dried mangoes as a snack or rehydrate them by soaking them in water.

Check out this link for a list of must-have food items for your stockpile.

Visit for more tips on how to prep for emergencies in secret. Visit Health Ranger Store and Brighteon Store to find more supplies for your prepping needs.

Watch the video below as Health Ranger Mike Adams talks about helpful prepping reminders and resources for emergency comms and asset protection.

This video is from the Health Ranger Report channel on

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3 Non-Fearmongering Reasons Survival Food Should Be Purchased Immediately

Things are getting bad for millions of Americans, but there is still time to turn things around. Whether that means saving the country or just saving one’s family, Americans are still able to take actions that will improve their personal situations while hoping the nation itself can be improved in the near future.

“I’m generally an optimistic person so I get very annoyed by fearmongering,” said Jason Nelson, co-founder of Prepper All-Naturals. “Most Americans are neither stupid nor blind. They don’t need to be told that disaster may be around the corner. Either they see it or they don’t.”

Nelson has seen truly bad situations. As a combat disabled veteran who served across the Middle East, he knows that as bad as many Americans think things are today, they can get worse. That’s what drives him to not only try to make things better for his fellow Americans but also to prepare them in case everything goes south.

It’s easy to point at multiple threats facing Americans and declare them as “existential,” but there are actually common sense reasons for Americans to be stocking up high quality survival food. In times of such turmoil, it behooves Americans who have the resources to prepare for what may be coming.

Here are three reasons now is the best time to start (or continue) stocking up on survival food, including the 25-year shelf-life Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin, or Sirloin sold by Prepper All-Naturals.

Survival Food Is Not Getting Cheaper

Freeze drying food is time-consuming and expensive. Beef, for example, must be cooked, frozen, and then freeze dried for over 24-hours in order to retain flavor and nutritional qualities. Unlike dehydrated beef or jerky, freeze dried beef does not suffer from a massive drop in quality.

Across the board, food prices are rising. This is especially true in the survival food industry because the food must be taken from fresh to freeze dried BEFORE it can be packaged and sold. Prices have been skyrocketing for meat products to the point that a few survival food providers have stopped offering beef and chicken.

Today, companies are doing what they can to keep their prices affordable but that may not be an option if food price hikes continue to outpace inflation… which is already bad enough. They buying power of the U.S. Dollar will almost certainly not get as much food in the future as it can today.

Supplies Are Dropping

Survival foods that were in stock at all times just last year are being listed as out-of-stock more and more. Even giants like Amazon and Costco are struggling to keep survival foods shipping or stocked on the shelves.

“We anticipated the demand spike last year which is why we started overproducing,” Nelson said. “It’s easy to stay ahead of the game when you only sell one product type and it happens to have a 25-year shelf life.”

The biggest challenge for many survival companies is that freeze drying has a finite production scale. The process cannot be sped up and unless there are open freeze dryers, it’s not effective to hire more people when demand is so high. In other words, production is forced to remain steady even when so many people are starting to buy survival food as they are today.

Quality Matters

There’s a common theme among many new preppers. Podcaster Joe Rogan said it best when he noted a couple of years ago that he had stockpiled tons of beans and rice buckets and he’ll be happy with that and nothing else if necessary.

Experienced preppers, especially anyone who has lived off low-quality food for extended periods of time, know that there’s a huge difference between good and bad survival food. The psychological effects of eating poor quality foods repetitively often hit much faster than people expect. Then, there’s the health concerns; protein in particular needs to be the best it can be for sustained periods of “survival mode” because poor quality meats or meat alternatives can cause cascading medical issues.

Click here to see all that Prepper All-Naturals has to offer.

Whatever event or events prompt the need to eat survival food, chances are high that over extended periods people will simply opt to eat less of their food because they won’t have the appetite to eat what’s necessary to retain strength. Low quality food can be both emotionally and physically draining.

Today, the “premium” survival food companies are running out of supplies faster than their budget competitors. This is natural because some foods such as the infamous “beef crumbles” offered by many survival stores become less appetizing the more they’re eaten.

“We had a customer tell us she had tried a few versions of ‘beef crumbles’ and they all tasted and felt like meat flavored porridge,” Nelson said. “Now she’s subscribed to receive both Ribeye and NY Strip monthly and she often uses it in her regular cooking.”

When survival food is good enough to eat during normal conditions, it’s definitely good enough to eat if things go south.

Prepper All-Naturals is maintaining a strong supply of beef by partnering with multiple Texas ranchers. Their quality is the highest in the survival industry. As for price, they’re offering — for a limited time — 25% off all products with promo code “veterans25.”

(Note: Thank you for supporting American businesses like the one presenting a sponsored message in this article and WLTReport benefits from any purchase made through the links provided. Thank you for your support!)

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

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