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New York: Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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"The View" Co-Hag Is Caught In Embarrassing Act of Hypocrisy After It's Revealed She Did Same Thing She Mocked Former Gov. Nikki Haley For Doing [VIDEO]

NEWS HEADLINES: “The View” Co-Hag Is Caught In Embarrassing Act of Hypocrisy After It’s Revealed She Did Same Thing She Mocked Former Gov. Nikki Haley For Doing [VIDEO]

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The View” co-host Sunny Hostin recently put on a display of incredible hypocrisy, accusing former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R) of trying to hide her Indian heritage by going by a nickname. Meanwhile, Hostin goes by a nickname as well.

Just as co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin began to praise Haley for being an “incredibly effective governor” and suggested she would be a good candidate for the 2024 presidential election, Hostin jumped in to attack her, asking “What is her real name again?”

Hostin tried to make it seem like Haley was covering up her heritage because she goes by “Nikki,” her middle name, instead of “Nimrata,” her first name.

“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin

As Griffin tried to continue speaking, Hostin loudly talked over her, saying, “There are some of us that can be chameleons and decide not to embrace our ethnicity so that we can pass…”

“Sunny, you go by a different name!” pointed out co-host Sara Haines.

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Hostin’s real name is ‘Asunción’ but she goes by ‘Sunny.’ After being called out for hypocrisy, Hostin insisted that she goes by a nickname because most Americans can’t pronounce her Puerto Rican name because of their “under-education.”

Apparently, Hostin gets to decide when going by a nickname is an attempt to hide one’s culture, and when it is acceptable.

Nikki Haley

In response to this ridiculous attack, the former governor Tweeted the clip from “The View” and pointed out that Nikki is, in fact, an Indian name, so she is in no way covering up her heritage.

Haley also pointed out that this is a prime example of the hypocrisy the left shows towards conservative minorities, proving they aren’t as “accepting” and “woke” as they claim to be.

She tweeted,

“Thanks for your concern @Sunny. It’s racist of you to judge my name. Nikki is an Indian name and is on my birth certificate – and I’m proud of that. What’s sad is the left’s hypocrisy towards conservative minorities.

By the way, last I check Sunny isn’t your birth name…”

Haley also discussed the incident on Fox News’ “The Faulkner Focus,” saying,

“[Liberals] can’t stand the fact that a minority female would be a conservative Republican,” said Haley.

She added that she has gone by “Nikki” since her childhood, not as some political ploy to hide her heritage.

“Nikki is my name,” she said. “It is on my birth certificate. It is an Indian name, and I embrace my Indian heritage. I have written two books that describe the struggles that my family had, what it was like growing up.”

“You’re not going to see her fired from that show,” continued Haley. “We’re not even going to see an apology from that show because they let liberals say that about conservative Republican minorities all the time, but yet nothing is done. Had this been said about a Democrat, all hell would have broken loose.”


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