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Steve Bannon Accuses Mark Esper of Treason After He Makes Outlandish Claims About His Time Serving Under President Trump [VIDEO]

NEWS HEADLINES: Steve Bannon Accuses Mark Esper of Treason After He Makes Outlandish Claims About His Time Serving Under President Trump [VIDEO]

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On Monday, Steve Bannon tore apart former Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Monday’s episode of War Room for his recent comments about President Trump both on television and in his new book.

Former US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper appeared on ‘60 Minutes‘ on Sunday, where he discussed his newly released memoir, A Sacred Oath, in which he made very controversial accusations about President Trump’s actions during his presidency.

Mark Esper on 60 Minutes

Esper asserted that members of the US military, including himself, went behind Trump’s back to make their own rules. He also stated that Trump suggested the US military shoot the George Floyd protesters, a claim that Trump expressly denied.

“This is a complete lie, and 10 witnesses can back it up,” said Trump in a statement responding to Esper’s claims. “Mark Esper was weak and totally ineffective, and because of it, I had to run the military.”

Esper also revealed that he and General Mark Milley conspired to block any moves President Trump tried to make.

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The former Defense Secretary also appeared on Fox News saying that Trump was a threat to democracy.

On Monday’s War Room, Bannon was joined by Former Special Advisor to President Trump, Boris Epshteyn. They held nothing back while ripping into Esper for his comments, making it very clear how highly they disapprove of the claims he is making.

Bannon addressed Esper directly, saying,

“Now let me be brutally frank, Esper, ’cause your book’s gonna get ripped apart like Bill Barr’s, and Esper you’re gonna be held accountable for this bro. So don’t think you’re skipping way from this. When we come to power, don’t think you’re gonna skip away from this.”

Steve Bannon and Boris Epshteyn on War Room

Bannon then insists Esper and Milley will face charges for their “treasonous plot” when Trump returns to the White House.

“Esper lays out the coup and he lays out the guilt of he and Milley. And we’re going to have a massive investigation of this, sir. I hope and believe you’ll go to prison. Because you belong in prison. Strategic retreats – Would that happen to be what I fought for in ’17 that you guys lied about and spun away from was the getting out of Afghanistan? That you lied to Trump about all of it. The money, all of it. I can go back and prove it. I got the receipts. OK?… Were you elected by the American people to stop that, sir? Yes or no? No. The answer is no, no you were not. OK? You were not. This is a coup!”

Before playing the clip of Esper revealing him and Milley’s “arrangement” on ’60 Minutes’, Bannon said,

“The audacity of the following clip to be played and you to say it publically and put it in a book, and then go to the revered and sacred plains of West Point and give the interview… This West Point mafia of Dave Urban, by name, and Mike Pompeo, by name, and Dave McCormick, by name, and Esper, by name, should be ashamed of [themselves] and should be coming to the American people and saying ‘We messed up’… ‘We apologize.’ You can either apologize or we’re gonna force an apology… We’re not gonna sit down and just take this, and have you… attack the greatest Commander in Chief we’ve had.”

WATCH the full episode below:

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