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New York: Monday, July 15, 2024
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Sheriff Richard Mack Explains How We Can SAVE America! * * by Noah

NEWS HEADLINES: Sheriff Richard Mack Explains How We Can SAVE America! * * by Noah

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Yesterday I had the real honor of welcoming Sheriff Richard Mack to my show, The Daily Truth Report.

You might recognize his name…

Sheriff Mack has had a long and storied carreer as an Arizona Sheriff in Graham County dating back to 1988, but then in the 1990s he sued the Clinton Administration over the Unconstitutional “Brady Bill”.

Remember that?

Not only did he sue the Clinton Administration, but he WON in a historic decision called Printz v. United States.  A major victory for the 10th Amendment, and quite frankly a case that could stand to be applied to hundreds of things in our current society as the Federal Overreach has only become much worse 30+ years later.

But as great as all of that is, what I really wanted to talk to him about was his work with the CSPOA — that’s an organization he founded called the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association.

I’ve talked about this several times before, but I truly view Sheriffs across America as one of our last stands between a Constitutional Republic following the Constitution and a total takeover of this Country by some very bad people who HATE the Constitution and want to see it abolished.

So I had Sheriff Mack on my show to tell the world about what he is doing….and perhaps more importantly, how all of us can get involved to help!  Especially before the election.

Sheriff Mack told me an incredible story on the show about (a different) time he defied the Federal Government related to rebuilding a bridge.

The Federal Government said he couldn’t rebuild the bridge without a bunch of red tape and wasting several years and no doubt millions of dollars.

Sheriff Mack tried to comply for a bit but eventually said enough is enough and began work on rebuilding the bridge.

The federal government showed up, claimed they were going to arrest everyone, to which Sheriff Mack responded by telling them they have NO AUTHORITY to do so under the Constitution and if they tried he would arrest THEM!

Guess what happened?

They backed down!

Packed their bags, left town and never returned.

That’s why I love this guy!

The problem is, most Americans and even most Sheriffs today have no idea what their rights are under the Constitution, and if you don’t even know your rights, you can’t protect or enforce them.

So I think this interview is so important.

Please help me share this far and wide to wake some people up and build of “POSSE” before the election!

You’ll see what I mean when you watch.


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Sheriff Mack’s Books 👉

Keep up the great work Sheriff Mack!


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