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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Expected Running Mate Identified In Report, Surprise Name * * by Danielle

NEWS HEADLINES: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Expected Running Mate Identified In Report, Surprise Name * * by Danielle

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According to a Mediaite report, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is expected to select California-based attorney Nicole Shanahan as his running mate.

Shanahan, once married to Google co-founder Sergey Brinn, reportedly funded RFK Jr.’s Super Bowl campaign commercial.

RFK Jr.’s campaign team declined to confirm if the report is accurate.

Mediaite reports that an unnamed source said “they align on numerous issues.”

“The campaign is also looking for a candidate who can help finance the ballot access initiative,” the source reportedly said.

RFK Jr. is still attempting to gain ballot access in all 50 states.

“Shanahan was behind funding the Super Bowl ad in February run by pro-RFK super PAC American Values 2024, which cost $7 million to run. Again, take all of these VP reports with a grain of salt until Kennedy officially announces his pick on March 26,” Holden Culotta wrote.

Per Mediaite:

The source added: “She might be infusing millions of dollars into the campaign to help fund the ballot initiative, which makes her attractive financially; however, she lacks the qualifications to actually do the job.”

Mediaite found that the domain was registered on March 13th, and verified the donation page is live and accepting donations at the subdomain

Mediaite donated $1 through that donation page to discover the domain was registered by Kennedy senior advisor Link Lipsitz.

A spokesperson for Kennedy did not respond to Mediaite’s request for comment.

“I am going to name a vice president on the 26th in Oakland. We have an extraordinary person. I can’t tell you who it is, but it’s not any of the people they have been talking about,” RFK Jr. recently said.

“It’s somebody that is going to surprise people and someone I think that the country is really gonna fall in love with,” he added.


From the New York Post:

Shanahan, 38, told The New York Times last month she had given $4 million to the super PAC, American Values 2024, to fund the $7 million 30-second Super Bowl commercial.

While claiming to not be an “anti-vaxxer,” she said she shared Kennedy’s constant attacks on vaccines. She also describes herself as a progressive who cares about children’s health.

She donated to President Biden’s campaign in 2020 and gave the maximum $6,600 to Kennedy’s campaign in May 2023 while he was still seeking the Democratic nomination, according to records obtained by The Times.

The Bay Area attorney was married to Google’s Brin in 2018 — but they officially divorced last summer after she was reportedly romantically involved with Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Musk and Brin were previously longtime friends, and Musk frequently stayed over at Brin’s home, the Wall Street Journal reported in 2022.

However, the two reportedly had a falling out following Musk and Shanahan’s brief fling in December 2021, when Brin requested that his financial advisers sell his personal investments in Musk’s companies.

Musk and Shanahan have denied the allegations.

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