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Project Veritas Reveals Evidence That Suspected Terrorists are Living Freely in the U.S. [VIDEO]

NEWS HEADLINES: Project Veritas Reveals Evidence That Suspected Terrorists are Living Freely in the U.S. [VIDEO]

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Project Veritas has obtained information from a source within the Federal Government that reveals numerous suspected terrorists living freely throughout the United States. It appears that these threats were admitted to the country after the Biden Regime’s disastrous exit strategy in Afghanistan. During the government’s initiative to shelter fleeing refugees after exiting Afghanistan, “Operation Allies Welcome”, they were apparently so eager to rush employment authorization that they granted work visas to suspected or known terrorists.

According to the records obtained by Project Veritas, these potentially violent refugees have been flagged by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), indicating the previous actions that have labeled them as suspected or known “terrorists”.

Project Veritas has published redacted government records of some of these refugees in question, including two who are classified as “armed and dangerous”.

In a video released today, James O’Keefe highlights some of the refugees that he has received documentation on.

One refugee by the name of Anwarallhaq Wahidi is classified by DHS as a “Tier 1” threat, meaning he is “armed & dangerous. Wahidi is also classified as a “Category 15” threat for having “used explosives/arms”.

Category 15 refugee, Anwarallhaq Wahidi

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Additional documentation revealed that Wahidi was added to the terrorist watchlist after being admitted into the U.S. The day after being added to the watchlist, he applied and was approved for a 2-year work visa.

Another Category 15 threat living in the U.S. is Ismail Jurat, a refugee who was readded to the terror watchlist one month after entering the U.S. for using explosives/arms. Since this re-categorization, his work visa has been approved.

Nazi Ahmad Rahimi, another refugee from Afghanistan who is also a “Tier 1” threat, was flagged by DHS because he “has engaged or is likely to engage in an unspecified violent terrorist act.”

Rahimi was apprehended by ICE  in December 2021, but has yet to be deported and is reportedly residing in Washington DC, as per his most recently recorded address. He is classified as a “Category 7” threat, indicating that he is a “threat if [he] enters U.S.”

Similarly, refugee Tahsinullah Wafa Manozai, a Category 7 threat, was added to the terror watchlist after entering the U.S. but was promptly approved for his 2-year work visa regardless.

One refugee now living in the United States is Iqbal Alokozay, who was arrested in Afghanistan in 2014 and charged with murder. Alokozay was paroled into the U.S. in 2021, and ICE dismissed his murder case. His work visa is pending.

In Project Veritas’ report, they also published a never-before-seen video of the Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services [USCIS], Ur Jaddou, praising the Biden regime for expediting the adjudication process of Afghanistan refugees.

In the video, Jaddou, who is apparently giving a speech to other government employees, says, “I am so proud. So, so proud of what we were capable of doing and what we did in Operation Allies Welcome. Thousands of our Afghan allies paroled into the United States swiftly received employment authorization.”

According to Project Veritas, Operation Allies Welcome has brought over 84,000 Afghan refugees to the U.S. so far.


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