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Populist Who Admires Trump Wins HUGE Victory In Argentina * * by Frank Schaefer

NEWS HEADLINES: Populist Who Admires Trump Wins HUGE Victory In Argentina * * by Frank Schaefer

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A right-wing populist who has openly voiced his admiration for President Trump reportedly won a game-changing victory tonight in the Argentinian Presidential elections.

Javier Milei, a libertarian who has expressed a desire to take an axe to the Argentinian welfare state and is a self-professed opponent of wokeness, has been consistently leading in the polls and is now reportedly the presumptive winner of the Argentina Presidential election.

“On the campaign trail, Milei – a self-described anarcho-capitalist – has brandished a chainsaw to symbolize his desire to slash subsidies and drastically reduce state expenditure on social programmes. He has also repeatedly claimed ‘taxes are theft’ and called the ‘social justice’ programmes they finance an ‘aberration’. ‘The state was invented by the devil, God’s system is the free market’, he has said.” Bloomberg reported of Milei.

Milei was a favorite to win in a recent poll conducted, with his candidacy garnering 49 percent support and his left-wing opponent, current Economy Minister Sergio Massa at 45 percent support.

This evening, Massa reportedly called Milei to concede defeat in a momentous victory for Milei and conservatives in Argentina.

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