New York: Saturday, November 27, 2021
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New York: Saturday, November 27, 2021
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NFL Player JJ Watt Offers To Pay Funeral Costs For Waukesha Christmas Parade Victims * The Scoop

NEWS HEADLINES: NFL Player JJ Watt Offers To Pay Funeral Costs For Waukesha Christmas Parade Victims * The Scoop

Some reports state that J.J. Watt, the defensive end for the Arizona Cardinals, has offered to cover the funeral expenses for all of the victims in last week’s Waukesha Christmas parade massacre.

At least six people were killed and dozens more were injured after the driver of a red SUV slammed into a crowd of people at a Christmas parade in Watt’s hometown of Waukesha, Wisconsin, on Sunday afternoon.

Watt has offered to cover the funeral expenses, according to reports in the local media.

In the beginning, five victims were recognized as Wilhelm Hospel (81 years old), Virginia Sorenson (79 years old), LeAnna Owen (71 years old), Tamara Durand (52 years old), and Jane Kulich (also 52 years old).

Jackson Sparks, an 8-year-old boy, has been named as the sixth victim of the attack. He underwent brain surgery on Sunday night but died on Tuesday night as a result of his injuries.

Upon learning of the tragic tragedy, Watt, who was born in Waukesha and played football at Pewaukee High School, went to Twitter to express his shock and outrage.

“Just now seeing what happened at the holiday parade back home in Waukesha tonight. Horrific images,” his tweet read. “Truly hoping everyone is going to be ok and those not involved are now safe. Thankful to everyone who rushed to action and helped the wounded.”

His brothers, Derek Watt and T.J. Watt, both of whom play for the Pittsburgh Steelers, also shared their thoughts on social media. T.J. Watt retweeted JJ’s tweet to show his support.

Thinking of all those affected by the senseless tragedy tonight back home in Waukesha, WI. This news truly is heartbreaking to see,” Derek Watt wrote.

Darrell Brooks Jr., 39, was charged Tuesday with five counts of first-degree intentional murder. The sentence is a mandatory life term in prison if convicted. According to prosecutors, he will very certainly face more charges.


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