New York: Saturday, June 25, 2022
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New York: Saturday, June 25, 2022
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New Poll Shows Republicans Beating Democrats In Way They Never Expected [VIDEO]

NEWS HEADLINES: New Poll Shows Republicans Beating Democrats In Way They Never Expected [VIDEO]

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A new Fox News poll found that voters place more confidence in Republican candidates ability to save American democracy.

With a downward spiral in the economy and an increase of violence, the American people are robustly discussing who can save our democracy, questioning how much of the current harm to our nation’s fabric is intentional.
Leftist have not been quiet about their desire to fundamentally change our country. And many fear they are succeeding.

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Mayra Flores is the latest example in a national shift towards Republican candidates, especially among Hispanics.

In 2020 President Trump made significant gains among Hispanics because his policies were tough on crime. The Democratic Party’s turn towards ‘Democratic’ Socialism has also not endeared Hispanic voters.

Flores has loudly denounced the hypocrisy of the Democrat party, as well as their socialist agenda.

Flores’ win is a huge indicator of the emerging sentiment towards harmful Democrat policies. Debbie & Dinesh DSouza discussed that the Flores’ win reveals a greater move towards Republican candidates among Hispanic voters, highlighting the significance of a Hispanic community which they say has “woken up” and are moving toward Republican candidates because they are against the destruction of democracy perpetrated by the Democratic party.

Mayra shared that she prays for her husband, who is a border patrol agent, “now more than ever” when he leaves for work.


Flores understands the reality shared by so many Americans who no longer feel safe going about their normal lives.

Although their reasons for why America is at risk are different, in separate interviews this week, Bill and Hillary Clinton agreed that America’s future is in jeopardy, remarking that America is in trouble after a new poll saying a majority of both Democrats and Republicans believe America will ‘cease to exist’ as a democracy.

The Late Late Show host James Corden interviewed Former president Bill Clinton on Wednesday night, where Bill said he fears the United States could ‘completely lose our constitutional democracy’.

Ted Cruz joined the conversation in an interview with co-host Michael Knowles on the “Verdict” podcast about what the mid-terms likely hold for the insane Democrat agenda:

“They’re gonna get obliterated in November. It is going to be a historic election. It’s, every issue is so extreme,” Cruz offered.

“Look, there are people, Bill Maher. Bill Maher is an old-school liberal, who they are driving away. Elon Musk, Elon Musk has been a Democrat his whole life,” Cruz added.

“They are driving him away, where he said, ‘Okay, I’m voting Republican now, ’cause these guys are nuts,’” he said.

Republican candidates have no shortage of talking points as the Democrat party pushes out more insane policies and does not seem to understand that their destructive, socialist agenda will be the bullet used to kill their re-election efforts.

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