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New York: Friday, April 19, 2024
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Here’s What They’ll Do Next With The Royal Family, Cancer and the mRNA * * by Noah

NEWS HEADLINES: Here’s What They’ll Do Next With The Royal Family, Cancer and the mRNA * * by Noah

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I’m mainly writing this so we have a record we can reflect back on if/when the time comes that this turns out to be accurate.

This is NOT a hard news article.

This is pure speculation and opinion — but I find it fascinating and it seems to be spot on, so I wanted to put it out there.

My friend Chris Greene over at AMTV put this out yesterday and he has an uncanny record of predicting big world events before they happen.

Not in a “Nostradamus” way, but in a way that he simply watches what is going on and then recognizes patters and applies common sense thinking to what the Deep State will throw at us next.

And I think he’s nailed it with this one so I want to document this so we can look back on it in the next 1-2 years in the event he ends up calling this perfectly in advance.

I’ll give you a quick recap here and then I want you to listen to his full video below.

Basically, the idea connects the Royals, Cancer and mRNA jabs.

Three seemingly unconnected things but you can see how they might move these chess pieces on the world stage to achieve their goals.

First we had “King” Charles diagnosed with cancer.

Yesterday (on 3/22 Skull and Bones day), it was Kate.

Terrible luck this family is having!

I don’t want to be insensitive to either of them, but *what if* the story ends up going like this….

We’ve heard that Big Pharma believes it can use mRNA to treat cancer, right?

First they tried to scare you into taking the mRNA jab (hello 2020)….

Then they tried to bribe you (remember the free Krispie Kreme?)….

Then they threatened you (want to keep your job?  Get jabbed!)….

But none of that worked to the extent they wanted/needed.

Gee it sure is strange why they seem so hell-bent on getting that mRNA inside our bodies!

Anyone else find that odd?

What if now they have the newest way to do it?

What if they can suddenly use it to cure cancer!

Wouldn’t that be something?

And what if they end up healing both the King (who is rather hated, but still the King) and Princess Kate (who is adored worldwide, I’m not entirely sure why, but she is).

Wouldn’t that be an incredible marketing story?

It makes so much sense.

And with Cancer and Turbo Cancer spreading like wildfire these days, it would be the perfect Hegelian Dialectic!


When you start paying attention and seeing the playbook they run over and over and over again, it does kind of become easy to predict what comes next.

So there you have it folks.

Time will tell, but is that what is coming next?

Just remember — we told you first!

Watch this from AMTV:

And a backup here in case YouTube deletes that:

Others are starting to catch on as well….

See this:

And this:

Perhaps their old tricks simply won’t work anymore because too many people are awake.

Time will tell.


This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

View the original article here.

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