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HEATED ARGUMENT Caught on Camera Between Canada's Soy Boy Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and China's President XI [VIDEO]

NEWS HEADLINES: HEATED ARGUMENT Caught on Camera Between Canada’s Soy Boy Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and China’s President XI [VIDEO]

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Canada’s authoritarian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was caught on video in a heated exchange with Communist China’s President Xi at the G20 Summit on the Indonesian island of Bali.

The dramatic footage from the G20 Summit shows President Xi scolding Canada’s soy boy prime minster for leaking an earlier conversation they had with the media.

Xi admonished Trudeau for his disrespectful release of their conversation to reporters,“That’s not the way the conversation was conducted”

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This isn’t the first time Prime Minister Trudeau had an awkward moment at the G20 Summit.

In 2019, a camera caught Trudeau in an extremely awkward exchange with President Trump and other world leaders.


After taking his seat at the G20 Summit, avowed “feminist” Justin Trudeau suffered another humiliating moment when he was clearly being ignored by Chinese President Xi Jinping as he sat next to him at the table. Trudeau quickly turned to the conservative president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, on his left, who to initiate a conversation with him. Brazilian President Bolsonaro, who has also been dubbed the “Trump of the Tropics,” also appeared to snub the far-left Trudeau, who, as the Canadian Prime Minister attempted to shake his hand, quickly spun around in his chair and began to engage in conversation with the person on his left.


It’s hard to know if Canada’s woke Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was more hurt by President Xi’s public admonishment or the clear disdain Communist China’s Xi showed for his fellow comrade, Justin Trudeau. The Canadian prime minister showed the world his true colors when restrictions on citizens around the world were beginning to loosen as the COVID pandemic was beginning to taper off. The eyes of the world were suddenly on Justin Trudeau as they watched an overreaching, authoritarian administration enforce brutal lockdowns and take strong, punitive measures against the citizens of Canada who defied them. Citizens around the world were stunned by the inhumane treatment of Canadian citizens who bravely stood up to him and demanded he respect their rights as free citizens.

Justin Trudeau was able to play the role of tough guy when he had the full force of the Canadian law enforcement community and military behind him, but when faced with a public admonishment by a communist thug, Trudeau runs away with his tail between his legs.

Trudeau is a weak-kneed globalist. Even his own half-brother despises his lack of respect for the freedom of his citizens.

On February 6, 2022, when Trudeau was stripping citizens of Canada from their right to practice religion or protest against his COVID vaccine mandates, Trudeau’s half-brother cited globalist groups “like the World Economic Forum, the Council on Foreign Relations, and Bilderberg” that were driving the Canadian Prime Minister’s anti-freedom narrative.

Trudeau is “not speaking from his heart,” Kemper said, as he referred to him as a “weak leader.”

During a recorded interview, Trudeau’s half-brother explained why he believes his brother wouldn’t speak with the truckers who were protesting his vaccine mandates. “The truth is easily debated, but lies, like can’t be debated. So you don’t even enter the arena of debate when you’re dealing with lies,” he said

He didn’t point to his brother directly but explained how Jeffrey Epstein entrapped people. Kemper suggested that leaders get coerced into doing bad things by setting them up, “Blackmail is a very powerful tool,” he said.


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