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Gold Now Classified As A “TIER 1 RISK FREE” Asset — Here’s Why That’s A Big Deal! * * by Noah

NEWS HEADLINES: Gold Now Classified As A “TIER 1 RISK FREE” Asset — Here’s Why That’s A Big Deal! * * by Noah

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I’ve been telling you about gold for a while now…

Here’s more proof you can trust my reporting.

Actually, this is a double whammy!

You have to check out this video below and then I’ll give you more sources below, but here’s the short summary….

1⃣ Thanks to Basel III, gold is now classified as a Tier 1 asset.

What’s that mean?

It’s essentially classified as a “risk free” asset, right along side cash and treasury bonds!

2⃣ Because of this, and because of the historic price manipulation, many believe gold could easily reach $10,000/ounce in the not too distant future!

I’m not a financial advisor, I’m just a reporter, let me make that clear….

But I know a good thing when I hear it.

“Risk free” and the potential to go up significantly?

That’s not me saying it, watch this short video and they’ll explain it all in about 2 minutes:

Incredible, right?

This is a good summary from Chards:

It’s basic supply and demand…

As more banks and institutions can now hold gold as a TIER ONE asset, that should lead to an increase in its demand.

From, you have to read this — and then tell me if this isn’t exactly what I’ve been telling you recently?

The Bank of International Settlements created new regulations following the collapse of Lehman Brothers to stop banks from reckless lending and a repeat of the ensuing financial collapse. Having carried out regulations previously through Basel I and Basel II, Basel III rules are pages and pages of jargon and waffle; however, the salient points that we need to consider are the Net Stable Funding Ratio and how this relates to banks and their balance sheets.

The Net Stable Funding Ratio is the available amount of stable funding divided by the required amount. This must be equal to or greater than 100%. Put, you cannot lend more than you own.

Banks have two sides to their balance sheets – assets and liabilities. On the assets side, amongst other things, are tier 1 assets. As the name suggests, these are zero-risk tangible assets valued at 100% of their value.

These are cash, treasuries, and now physical . Paper gold or any unallocated gold is not classified as a tier 1 and hence would need to be “topped up” with cash reserves to make it 100%. This is critical to understand. A leaflet in your vault claiming gold ownership cannot be rated at 100% cash value, and therefore is not classed as tier 1, whereas physical gold now is.

On June 28, Europe (Excluding the UK), the USA, and the Comex became Basel III NSFR compliant. The UK and the LBMA, who have fought this for nearly a decade, were given a further six-month extension until Jan. 1, 2022, to be NSFR compliant.

What Does This Mean For Gold?

It, of course, raises several serious questions.

  1. Why would the LBMA, which deals almost exclusively in unallocated gold, be so heavily against the implementation of the NSFR?
  2. Have central banks been front running this and been buying physical gold for the last few years at a greater rate than we have seen for decades?
  3. If physical gold can be rated as a tier 1 and given point two, wouldn’t it be in banks’ interest for the price of gold to go up?

Folks, I’ve been telling you!

Here’s one more prime source for you….

Direct from

In its essence, Basel III is a multiyear regime change that aims to prevent another global banking crisis, by requiring banks to hold more stable assets and fewer ones deemed risky.

Under the new regime, physical, or allocated, gold, like bars and coins, will be reclassified from a tier 3 asset, the riskiest asset class, to a tier 1 zero-risk weight —putting it “right alongside with cash and currencies as an asset class,” said Adam Koos, president of Libertas Wealth Management Group.

Since physical gold will have a risk-free status, this could cause banks around the world to continue to buy more, Koos said, adding that central banks already have stepped up purchases of physical gold to be held in the institutions’ vaults, and not held in unallocated, or paper form.

Allocated gold is owned directly by an investor, in physical form, such as coins or bars. Unallocated gold, or paper contracts, often are owned by banks, but investors are entitled to that gold, and avoid storage and delivery fees.

Under the new rules, paper gold would be classified as more risky than physical gold, and no longer counted as an asset equal to gold bars or coins.

That’s why I always recommend PHYSICAL GOLD.

Always have, always will.

In fact, keep reading and I can get you connected with the best option to grab some…even tax free and maybe with no money out of pocket!

How’s that sound?

So, what can YOU do to protect yourself?

To protect your family?

To stay safe?

Simple: you need to get some #Gold or #Silver in your own possession.

It’s called “physical” gold and silver.

Not paper traded garbage on the stock exchanges that isn’t backed by anything.

Don’t touch that stuff.

I have two special hook-ups for you.

Both involve PHYSICAL gold and silver.

Because if you do NOTHING else, make sure you own “physical” gold and silver, not paper contracts.

The paper contracts (like stock ticker SLV and GLD) could very well go POOF one day and disappear or go to zero, because they’re not actually backed by the gold and silver they claim to represent.

It’s a massive game of musical chairs out there and when the music stops (and I think it will stop soon…) people who only own paper might find themselves owning something not worth the paper it’s literally written on.

And I know you’ll never forget it if I give you this GIF so….Let’s Get Physical:

Now…WHERE do you get physical gold and silver and how do you know it’s real and safe?

And that you’re getting the best price?

Oh, and how about personal one-on-one real customer service?

You know, like you were some Big Wig millionaire at Goldman Sachs who could just call their personal banker and get help?

That’s what I’m about to tell you.  

I have two killer connections for you…

The first is for purchasing gold and silver bullion.

That means bulk bars.

That’s the cheapest and most economical way to do it, to stretch your dollar into as much gold and silver as possible.

The website is called WLT Precious Metals and when you see my logo in the top left-hand corner, you’ll know you’re in the right place.

You’ll get a personal phone call with Ira Bershatsky (or someone on his team) and they will work with you free of charge for as long as needed to answer any questions you have and get you taken care of.

How about that!

You don’t see that much anymore, but Ira and his team pride themselves on good old-fashioned real customers service:

No sales pitch, just real, actual help.

And the best prices you will find.

Here’s the only disclaimer I will give you: because they do pride themselves on dedicated service, it might take a few days before you get a phone call back.  Just be patient.

Good things come to those who wait!

You can contact Ira and WLT Precious Metals here.

Ok, that was #1.

Now I want to tell you about option #2.

An equally great company, I am so happy to be working with these guys.

This next company is called Genesis Gold and this is for people who want to purchase real physical gold or silver in their IRAs (Investment Retirement Accounts).

You know what the beauty of that is?

TAX FREE baby!

I’m not a tax advisor, but that’s a general oversimplification.

Never pay more taxes than you are legally required to pay.

And that’s why I love getting gold and silver in my IRA (and why I hold a large chunk in an IRA myself!).

There’s so much to love about Genesis Gold, starting with the fact they are proudly and un-ashamedly Christina!

They call it “Faith-Driven Stewardship” and they put it right on the homepage of their website along with a quote from Ezekiel:

Here’s more on why gold and silver in your IRA are so powerful:

You can contact Genesis Gold here.

They are also very backed up with record demand, so you may have to wait a bit, but someone WILL get in touch with you for personal customer service and assistance!

Tell ’em Noah sent ya!

Oh, and did you know Genesis is recommended by SUPERMAN himself?

It’s true.

Superman himself, Clark Kent — Dean Cain — came on my show a few weeks ago and we broke it all down:

Watch here:

Stay safe!

Make sure you can weather the storm when it hits!

Because the storm always hits eventually, doesn’t it?

As for me and my house, we will be ready. 💪

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

View the original article here.

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