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New York: Sunday, January 23, 2022
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FULLY-VACCINATED Brian Adams Tests Positive For Covid SECOND Time In One Month

NEWS HEADLINES: FULLY-VACCINATED Brian Adams Tests Positive For Covid SECOND Time In One Month

Fully-vaccinated singer Bryan Adams posted a message on Instagram letting his fans know that he’s tested positive for COVID—for the SECOND time in ONE month!  Fully vaccinated individuals who are testing positive for COVID is becoming more and more common, but what about individuals who are testing posititve TWICE in one month?  Is this also common? It’s hard to know with so much disinformation that’s being spread, especially by those pushing for the entire population to be vaccinated.

In his post, the Canadian singer told his fans he tested positive for Covid after arriving in Milano, Italy, and that he was off to the hospital. He thanked his fans for all of their support and added a praying emoji to his message.

Daily Mail – Adams, 62, who is also a photographer, tested posted at Milan’s Malpensa Airport where he was arriving to promote Pirelli’s 2022 calendar – where he shot other musical talents, including Iggy Pop, Cher, Jennifer Hudson, Saweetie, and St. Vincent for his On The Road calendar.

Adams is not the only breakthrough or fully vaccinated person to contract COVID.

The number of breakthrough COVID cases (fully-vaccinated individuals) in America has risen from 0.049% on June 21, 2021, to 1.15% on Oct 13, 2021.

WSJ is now reporting that state reporting is inconsistent but collectively shows there have been more than 1.89 million cases and at least 72,000 hospitalizations and 20,000 deaths among fully vaccinated people in the U.S. this year, the Journal found.

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WebMD – Because the CDC doesn’t publish a raw tally of breakthrough cases, Journal reporters examined medical data of 21 million fully vaccinated people and state reports to reach its conclusions, often using data from private firms.
For instance, fully vaccinated people with diabetes, chronic lung disease, and chronic kidney disease were about twice as likely to be hospitalized with breakthrough COVID as vaccinated people without these conditions, The Journal said, citing a data aggregation firm, Truveta Inc., that accessed medical records of 1.7 million fully vaccinated people.Not all breakthrough cases result in hospitalization, but some conditions make it more likely.Among breakthrough patients with chronic kidney disease, a quarter of them were hospitalized, Truveta said. In comparison, among fully vaccinated people without underlying conditions, only 7.5% of breakthrough cases resulted in hospitalization, The Journal said.The elderly are especially vulnerable to breakthrough cases because old age weakens a person’s immune system.About 80% of deaths in breakthrough cases are in people 65 and older, The Journal reported, citing data from the Epic Health Research Network. Epic analyzed data from the medical-record software company Epic Systems Corp.The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines a breakthrough case as occurring when a person tests positive at least two weeks after becoming fully vaccinated.

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