New York: Saturday, November 27, 2021
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New York: Saturday, November 27, 2021
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Former President Bill Clinton Taken To Hospital To Treat Serious Illness In California * The Scoop

NEWS HEADLINES: Former President Bill Clinton Taken To Hospital To Treat Serious Illness In California * The Scoop

According to a report from CNN top medical reporter Sanjay Gupta, former President Bill Clinton has been admitted to a hospital in California with sepsis.

“Yeah, so he went in on Tuesday … I’ve just spoken to members of his staff and also to his doctors,” Gupta said. “Apparently he was not feeling well all day Tuesday, he was out in California for an event related to his foundation, was not feeling well, and was taken to the hospital, University of California, Irvine.”

“At that point was tested, as you mentioned, not COVID-related and also seemingly not related to his heart,” Gupta continued. “He’s had heart surgery, as you know, in the past … including in heart Operation 2004 and a stent in 2010. What they think is going on with the president, the former president now is a blood infection, sometimes known as sepsis.”

“This is an infection that is now being treated with IV antibiotics,” Gupta continued. “And what they are saying is that he is responding well to those antibiotics. He’s actually been increasingly mobile, able to get up and around, said they were he was even joking around with the hospital staff, so seems to be in good spirits.”

On Thursday evening, Clinton’s press secretary, Angel Urena, confirmed the news in a statement, saying:

On Tuesday evening, President Clinton was admitted to UCI Medical Center to receive treatment for a non-Covid-related infection. He is on the mend, in good spirits, and is incredibly thankful to the doctors, nurses, and staff providing him with excellent care.


Urena sent the following message from the physicians who are treating Clinton to the group:


President Clinton was taken to UC Irvine Medical Center and diagnosed with an infection. He was admitted to the hospital for close monitoring and administered IV antibiotics and fluids. He remains at the hospital for continuous monitoring.

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