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Bank Failure In Process? $109 MILLION “Vanished”! * * by Noah

NEWS HEADLINES: Ditch Cable, Get VuTV+ — Stop Losing $150 Per Month! * * by Noah

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For a while now, I’ve been telling you about VuTV+.

It’s pretty awesome, for a couple of reasons…

One, because it’s a perfect replacement for CableTV or satellite, and at about 1/10 the cost!

So instead of shelling out $150+ to a big company that doesn’t really like you in the first place and cancels all the pro-Trump channels like OANN and Newsmax, you can get this for less than $20 a month and get all the channels back that you lost recently!

Nice, right?

Oh, and they’ve made a TON of upgrades to the system recently.

Yes, early on it was a bit buggy but they’ve reinvested and fixed those problems.

They’ve also added additional customer service reps to assist you in case you do run into any problems.

I have always loved what they do at VuTV+ but I stopped talking about them for a while until they fixed these problems.

Now they’re fixed and it’s totally awesome!

So how do you feel about saving $100+ a month?

Exactly, it’s great!

But today I wanted to answer some of the most common questions I get when people emailing me about wanting to switch over…

Will the App work on my Fire Stick, Roku, Smart TV and Mobile Phone?
Yes, the VU TV+ app and Nora Go app run the VU TV+ content and are available on your Smart TV, Android, Apple, Roku and Fire Stick/TV devices

Where can I find the App?
The VUTV+ app is available in the app stores for Android, Amazon Fire, Apple, Samsung Smart TVs, and WebOS Smart TVs. The app may not have a compatible version listed for Smart TVs with a manufacturing date prior to 2017.

Can I watch on My PC (Windows or MAC)
Yes, VU tv+ is available on your PC via our partner app, Nora GO. Download “Nora Go” for your computer by searching “Nora Go

How Many Devices re included in the Subscription?
Your account automatically includes the ability to use your subscription login on 3 devices and watch on 3 devices simultaneously.
You may have up to 4 active devices on one subscription. Your 4th login can be purchased for an additional $3 per month as an addon option during  checkout or can be added to your subscription at any time

How does the whole home DVR work?
Our DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is automatically recording programming from 6am to midnight 7 days at a time for all Entertainment, National Networks, Lifestyle and Children’s channels, 2 days for Sports and 90 minutes to 120 minutes for News. You can view the recording for each channel by going to navigation bar in the app and selecting Catch Up.

Can I rewind or pause Live TV?
Yes, all live TV channels can be paused or rewound with your remote control.

Do I Need Special Equipment and Does A Technician Need to Come To My House?
No, our service is delivered via our app and viewed on you TV or handheld device via you internet or mobile data service. No special rental equipment is necessary. You can activate your free trial 24/7 and start and enjoying the content immediately once you sign up.  No service appointment is necessary.

Is There an On Screen Program Guide?
Yes, just like regular cable or satellite tv, our service includes a 7 day on screen program guide so that you can see what’s on and when.

Do I Need Special High Speed Internet?
Generally no. Every household is different however and if you have many internet users simultaneously or heavy online video gamers in your house, you’ll need to use our free trial to evaluate the quality of your internet service. Our streams do not require a great deal of bandwidth but we do recommend a download speed in the range of 15 to 25 mbps for the average 4 person household.

Are the channels HD?
Yes. If the channel broadcasts in HD, you will receive it in HD. We ore working to also included 4K content where available soon.

How Can I Pay?
Any major credit card or PayPal.

Is There a Contract and Does the Price Increase After a Certain Amount of Time?
No Contract, No Increase. You will continue to pay the price you signed up for and you can leave any time. We do ask however that if you receive the discount, we offer for a three month or one year commitment that you honor that term.

Can I view the App Content in Different States with the Same Subscription?
Yes. Many viewers love being able to use that app on their TV at home and on their TV at their vacation home or cottage. Unlike Netflix, we allow you to share your login with family members in other locations as well.

Hope that helps!

I know those are the questions I see asked the most, but let me know if you have a different one and I will seek out the answers for you.

Here’s more…

Switch To VuTV+ Now, Get OANN, Save Hundreds Each Month! [Limited Time Only]

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How much do you pay for CableTV or Satellite TV?

Do you have DirecTV?




Need to free up $100 a month in your budget?

Then this is for you!

Most people pay over $100/month for this nonsense and then they end up losing the channels they actually WANT to watch.

Like OANN.

Ever since AT&T/DirecTV cancelled (or threatened to cancel?) One America News Network (OANN) from their lineup, I have been telling you all about a new company called VuTV+.

I love what they do!

More on that in a moment and a big announcement to share with you.

First, here is the news about AT&T/DirecTV:

Even President Trump has talked about it:

From Bloomberg:

DirecTV, one of the largest U.S. pay-TV providers, plans to drop One America News Network, dealing a major blow to the conservative channel that’s been criticized for spreading misinformation and had a loyal fan in former President Donald Trump.

So now let me tell you about the solution and how you can save $100/month or more!

It’s called Vu.TV+ and I think you’re gonna LOVE it!

It’s normally $18.95/month (plus a free 3-day trial), and you can watch almost any channel you want!

But right now it’s even better…with “Switch and Save” you can get it for $15.95/month!

Can’t do that with Cable or Dish!

EDITOR’S NOTE: If the “Switch and Save” is no longer running by the time your read this, I apologize, but I have said it is a limited time offer.  It is still a tremendous savings at $18.95.  Enjoy!

See it here:

Check this out…here’s what they have for News:





Even InfoWars!

For the ladies, yes Bravo is included…plus all of these:

And here’s the latest big announcement today…

They’ve just added all of these channels to, all for the same price!

And to the person who asked me if they have the Hallmark Channel…they do!

Several of them!

Here’s another huge reason why I love this company…they have a Christian Mission at their core!

We are a company rooted in Christian values that serves families of all faiths with affordable entertainment content. We recognize the changes in our world brought on by the recent pandemic and the changes in technology have had an impact on people’s finances and how we rely on and use media.

We welcome the opportunity to assist the faith community in sharing their content through our app technology and within an environment of quality content that families of all faiths enjoy.

Here are all the Christian channels you get too that you can’t find other places:

You can watch anywhere….on your computer, on your phone (Android, Apple), on AppleTV, on Amazon Fire, or on any LG & Samsung Smart TVs!

DVR is free and built-in!

Did I mention its only $18.95/month?

Yes folks, it’s the real deal.  I’ve been testing it for a couple weeks and I love it!





Christian channels…

They have it all, and none of the fluff you don’t care about!

Try it for FREE here:

I’d love to know what you think…let me know if you sign up and love it as much as I do!

Who needs DirecTV anyway?


Tap here to get a Vu.TV+ free trial.

Here is just a portion of the channels you get:

Switch and Save is only for a limited time so claim your spot at $15.95/month here before the promotion ends.

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

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