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Country Proposes Law To Surgically Remove Genitals Of Pedophiles, Chemical Castration Reportedly Not Severe Enough * * by Danielle

NEWS HEADLINES: Country Proposes Law To Surgically Remove Genitals Of Pedophiles, Chemical Castration Reportedly Not Severe Enough * * by Danielle

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A new draft law in Kazakhstan would surgically remove the genitals of convicted pedophiles.

MPs reportedly have complained the system of chemical castration is not deterring child sex offenders.

Elnur Beisenbaev, executive secretary of Kazakhstan’s ruling Аманат party, reportedly said the government was ‘spineless’ for failing to insist on surgical castration.

Daily Mail reports:

‘Unfortunately, [sex crimes against children] are happening more and more often,’ he said, suggesting chemical castration – which lowers the male libido through injected anti-androgen drugs – was not effective.

‘By letting a rapist go free, we allow them to reoffend,’ he added.

‘This is evidenced by the death of little Erkizhan in Saryagash.’

Erkezhan Nurmakhan, five, was lured to a paedophile’s house after he offered her money for an ice cream.

Killer Saidolim Gayibnazarov, 48, who had previous convictions, was sentenced to life in jail and chemical castration.

‘The government says our amendment for surgical castration of paedophiles violates human rights,’ said the MP, a father of four, who intends to keep pressing for the new law.

‘We don’t suggest applying it to all paedophiles, but we’d like to give courts an option of having surgical castration.

‘If a paedophile attack is especially cruel, I believe surgical castration must be applied…

‘There were about 430 crimes of this kind committed against our children lately.

‘Our government demonstrates its lack of backbone by not approving surgical castration, as if we violate the rights of paedophiles, because paedophiles are human beings.

‘I believe they are not human beings.’

Last year, Russia introduced legislation to consider forced chemical castration of pedophiles similar to the system already operating in Kazakhstan.

Per Daily Mail:

Russia is moving towards forced chemical castration of paedophiles, a system already operating in neighbouring Kazakhstan.

A pro-Putin political party in Moscow has produced new legislation which is under review by the government.

Russian ally Belarus has already moved to use such a method of castration against convicted child sex offenders.

Current laws in Russia have failed to prevent rising paedophile attacks on children, according to the ultranationalist Liberal Democratic Party.

One brutal alleged attack last month on two girls aged ten and 12 was by a returning fighter from Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine.

Named only as Sergei Sh, he was wearing his Wagner mercenary army uniform when he threatened the schoolgirls before raping them the day after he arrived in his home city from the war.

He told them he would blow them up with a grenade unless they submitted to him.

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