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Coach of Female Basketball Player Who Refused to Stand For National Anthem Until Spending Time In Russian Jail Is Angry For Ridiculous Reason [VIDEO]

NEWS HEADLINES: Coach of Female Basketball Player Who Refused to Stand For National Anthem Until Spending Time In Russian Jail Is Angry For Ridiculous Reason [VIDEO]

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In 2020, Britney Griner, a star player on the Phoenix Mercury WNBA team and daughter of a Vietnam veteran and 30-year law enforcement officer, decided not to be on the court while the National Anthem was being played. She told the Arizona Republic: “I honestly feel we should not play the national anthem during our season,” adding, “I think we should take that much of a stand.”

In February 2022, Griner was arrested at a Russian airport for the possession of cannabis oil and has since been held in prison by the Russian Federation. In July, the basketball player pled guilty to the charges that had been placed against her. In August, she was convicted and sent to prison with a nine-year sentence.

On December 8, 2022, nine months after being locked up in a Russian prison, WNBA player Brittney Griner was released after the Biden regime negotiated a prisoner swap that involved freeing a notorious Russian arms dealer named Viktor Bout, known as the ‘Merchant of Death,’ who has been held in an American prison for 12 years.

After being released from a prison in Russia where she only spent nine months of a 9-year sentence, Griner has decided she will stand for the National Anthem.

Last night, Vanessa Nygaard, the head coach of the Phoenix Mercury and WNBA star Brittney Griner, told the media she is angry.

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Coach Nygaard wasn’t angry because Brittney Griner, who is so consumed with her own victim status that, up until now, has refused to stand for our National Anthem, or that she’s also refused to stand in solidarity with former NCAA top female swimmer Riley Gaines, as she courageously fights to ban biological men from competing against women. Nope, Nygaard is angry because basketball fans in Arizona don’t give a damn about the female basketball player who, in the past, refused to stand for the National Anthem and now refuses to stand with Riley Gaines against biological males competing in women’s sports.



Of course, Griner has never competed against a biological man playing in the WNBA, so she’s never had to endure the humiliation Gaines and other female athletes have had to, but if she were forced to compete against an even sub-par NBA player, she would likely be crushed, and may quickly change her stance.

Here’s Riley Gaines speaking out about Britney Griner and other top female athletes who refuse to join her in her courageous fight to ban biological men from women’s sports:

Honestly, what did Coach Nygaard expect? Did she really think because Grines spent time in a Russian prison on a drug charge and was released ahead of other Americans, including a US Marine who has been wrongly accused of being a spy, that fans would be flocking to the stadium to see her play?

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