Muslims homicide man for making an attempt to rescue his buddies who have been being attacked

“The police and gendarmes are doing everything they can, but the truth is that the state is afraid of this minority of ultra-violent people who terrorize the majority of the poor people in the neighborhoods.”

What type of future might France probably have so long as that is still true?

“France: Adrien, 26, murdered by Arabs for rescuing abused friends,” Custodela, August 5, 2018 (because of the Geller Report):

Adrien Perez, 26, was stabbed on Sunday morning in Meylan, Grenoble, France.

Three younger males have been indicted within the case. Two of them, Younes El Habib and Yanis El Habib, two brothers, respectively are suspected with the homicide of Adrien and tried homicide on Adrien’s pal, have been positioned underneath arrest warrant.

In an interview by the newspaper ’Dauphiné Libéré’, Adrien’s mother and father evoke the reminiscence of their son for a very long time and say they’re outraged by this tragedy. ’(…) We can at all times manage reminiscence marches to attempt to mobilize opinion, it is going to serve no goal….

The police and gendarmes are doing all the things they will, however the reality is that the state is afraid of this minority of ultra-violent individuals who terrorize nearly all of the poor folks within the neighborhoods,’ stated Bruno Perez, Adrien’s father.

‘My son tried to rescue a few buddies who have been being attacked. It was whereas coming to assist them that he was killed. He confirmed heroism. Neither he nor his buddies have been clearly armed, whereas the others had knives.

But how is it potential that folks can enter a discotheque whereas being armed?’ Adrien’s mom, Patricia, questioned, and collapsed. ‘By killing our son, they destroyed our lives,’ added Bruno Perez, who defined that he would by no means forgive.

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