John Kasich says GOP wants unifying message, much less chaos

Ohio Gov. John Kasich on Sunday the GOP must discover a unifying message to tamp down the “chaotic environment” that appears to dominate political discourse at this time, citing a slender victory for Republican Troy Balderson in a particular congressional election that ought to have been a slam dunk for his social gathering.

Mr. Balderson seems to have squeaked out a win in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District, the place Republicans beforehand gained with “overwhelming numbers,” because the governor put it. That’s elevating fears amongst Republicans about their prospects in swing districts this November.

“What you had is a, I think, a message from the voters to the Republicans that you’ve got to stop the chaos and you’ve got to get more in tune and stop alienating people and try to figure out how do families do better,” Mr. Kasich advised NBC’s Meet the Press. “I mean, you can’t be talking about, you know, being in a fight here where maybe people could lose their health care if they have a preexisting condition, or this business of separating children from their mothers and fathers at the border, or these tariffs that are just beginning to frighten a number of people in business.”

Mr. Kasich was a part of the crowded Republican major discipline that misplaced to Mr. Trump in 2016. He’s regularly requested a couple of potential problem in 2020, although waved off the query Sunday, saying, “Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. I don’t know.”

Mr. Kasich mentioned his criticism isn’t in regards to the president himself, per se, however about sustaining political independence, as he watches GOP colleagues wrestle between catering to Mr. Trump’s base and adhering to Republican credo.

“You don’t need to pick one side or the other. There are things the president does that people will say that’s good. But why not say, when he, when he does something I don’t agree with, for example, tariffs or whether it’s family separation, ‘I’m going to fight him?’” the governor mentioned. “I mean, that’s what people want.”

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