Issa Rae Shares The Best Advice She’s Received About Being β€˜A Bitch’ πŸ—žπŸ‘


Issa Rae has some phrases of knowledge about working within the tv business.

The star and showrunner of HBO’s β€œInsecure” informed β€œThe Late Show” host Stephen ColbertΒ on Thursday that she tends β€œto be afraid of upsetting people.”

But that β€œwill get you nowhere, you know, especially when you’re trying to create a show,” she added.

β€œAs a showrunner, being in the industry, just as a woman, once you’re labeled like difficult, your career is kinda over, cuz then it’s like everybody’s saying, β€˜Oh she’s hard to work with, beware,’ and then you don’t get many chances to fail,” mentioned Rae.

So, she revealed how she sought steerage from others, together with screenwriter Shonda Rhimes and director Ava DuVernay.

Their recommendation: ”Don’t be afraid to be a bitch.”

β€œIt’s so true,” mentioned Rae.Β 

Check out the interview above.

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