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Gossip & Rumors: Podcaster Taylor Strecker Says Eric Stonestreet Was

GOSSIP & RUMORS: Podcaster Taylor Strecker says Eric Stonestreet was nasty to her

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Eric Stonestreet isn’t as nice as he appears to be on TV, according to podcaster Taylor Strecker.

Strecker, 41, appeared on “Summer House” star Paige DeSorbo’s Amazon Live last month and called out the “Modern Family” actor when she was asked to name the “worst guest” she ever had on her podcast, “Taste of Taylor.”

“He’s from ‘Modern Family,’ and he’s like the chubby, jolly, sweet, funny one,” Strecker said, adding, “Could he be anything but? Nasty!”

Taylor Strecker. amazonlive/TikTok
Eric Stonestreet at the 2024 Big Slick Party & Show. Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock

Strecker recalled that she thought Stonestreet was coming on her show to talk about “Modern Family,” in which he played Cam Tucker for 11 seasons.

However, the actor was only interested in promoting his partnership with Pepto-Bismol.

“I didn’t know!” Strecker said. “So we’re talking, we’re talking. I’m like, you know, just being my adorable self. And he’s like, ‘So when are we gonna talk about Pepto-Bismol?’ “

Taylor Strecker. amazonlive/TikTok

“I said, ‘I have hemorrhoids. I’m the queen of diarrhea. I love Pepto-Bismol! We can talk about whatever you want,’ ” she further recalled. “And he said to me — and I quote — ‘Somebody didn’t do their homework.’ “

DeSorbo, 31, was shocked about Stonestreet’s alleged behavior.

“You’re gonna come into my house and call my mommy and daddy? I don’t think so,” Strecker added.

Paige DeSorbo. Amazon

She then revealed that she “snapped” on Stonestreet.

“I said, ‘I’m sorry. Am I getting paid by Pepto-Bismol? The answer is no. So that’s your job to figure out, not mine,’ ” she said.

“We’re calling Sofia Vergara and we’re getting to the bottom of it,” DeSorbo jokingly said. “I mean, it’s enough now.”

The Post has reached out to Stonestreet’s rep for comment.

Eric Stonestreet during the 2024 Big Slick Celebrity Weekend. Getty Images

Fans reacted to Strecker’s story about Stonestreet in the comments section of the TikTok clip.

“This one hurts,” one person wrote.

“Nooooooo this and the comments are breaking my heart! 😭❤️In my mind he was so kind and sweet. Obviously just a really good actor,” another fan said.

A third comment read, “My parents met him and said that to!”

A different person claimed, “I have heard this from multiple friends in the industry!”

“I met him in person he was such an a–hole so disappointed,” somebody else wrote.

Back in 2017, Stonestreet — who won two Emmy Awards for his role in “Modern Family” — said that he’s nothing like his character from the ABC sitcom.

Eric Stonestreet in Kansas City, Missouri on May 31, 2024. Getty Images

“I didn’t realize how much I compete with the character I compete on TV,” he said on the Dan Patrick Show. “My character is really outgoing and fun. I’m not as outgoing and as fun.”

He continued: “When I meet people out on the street, in the beginning it used to be like, ‘Are you not feeling well? Is there something wrong with you?’ No, this is just my personality.”

Stonestreet explained that he’s “way more low-key, deadpan and awkward” in real life.

“I always feel like I register disappointment on people’s faces,” he added. “I don’t know how much that’s me. I always feel like, ‘Wow, I’m really disappointing people.’ But that’s just sort of my nature.”

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