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Gossip & Rumors: Kate Middleton Critics To Feel 'horrifically Ashamed'

GOSSIP & RUMORS: Kate Middleton critics to feel ‘horrifically ashamed’ once surgery truth comes out: expert

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Critics who have cast doubt on Kate Middleton’s post-surgery recovery will feel “incredibly guilty” once the truth comes out, a royal expert has warned.

Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield has called out those who are “making light” of the Princess of Wales’s health and well-being, saying they’ll soon feel “horrifically ashamed” of their behavior.

“I know somebody that goes to school with her children,” she told Sky News.

A royal expert has called out celebrities who are “making light” of Kate Middleton’s health, saying they’ll feel “horrifically ashamed” once the truth comes out. Getty Images

“I also have another contact in the area, and they have both said that they have seen her and that the neighborhood is fiercely protective of her.”

“They think that all this speculation is ridiculous and unfair, based on the information they have,” she continued. “They also told me once we all have the same information, we’re all going to feel incredibly guilty.”

Schofield then hit out at Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively, who have reportedly poked fun at Middleton’s absence from the spotlight and the recent photo-editing scandal.

“You know, Kim Kardashian is making fun of the Princess of Wales, Blake Lively is making light of this subject, everyone is going to feel horrifically ashamed and they’re going to feel real guilt about the way we’ve behaved throughout this process,” Schofield added, but did not elaborate on the “truth” she was referring to.

In response, news anchor Rina Panahi noted that the general public’s response was stemmed from a genuine concern for the Princess’s well-being.

Over the weekend, the Princess of Wales was spotted visiting a farm shop with her husband in Windsor. AP

“She is one of the most visible royals, one of the most hardest working royals, to disappear from sight, with no explanation other than she had abdominal surgery, no explanation about what that was or what the recovery time is going to be, you have to understand that the royal family know they’ll cop this kind of conjecture,” she explained.

“They’re not naive, so the way they’ve been handling it is giving rise to even more rumors.”

Follow The Post’s live updates for the latest news on Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, as rumors swirl about her whereabouts after her botched family photo controversy and abdominal surgery.

“If she is fine and can be seen around the village, why can’t she do a 10 second zoom video and say, ‘I understand people are curious, I understand people are concerned, but I’m fine, I’ll be back to full time duties as soon as I can,” she went on, adding that it would “silence all this craziness and all these rumors.”

Concerns for Middleton went into overdrive after she posted a doctored photo for UK Mother’s Day earlier this month. Prince of Wales

Prior to Middleton’s farm shop outing over the weekend, the lack of public sightings of the Princess heightened whispers about her health following her planned abdominal surgery on Jan. 17 at the private and exclusive London Clinic.

Since returning home from her two-week stint at the hospital, the royal has remained largely out of the limelight, opting to recover in her home at Adelaide Cottage in Windsor.

Keep up with the most recent news of Kate Middleton’s absence from the public eye

In her absence from public life, several conspiracy theories have taken root, which only intensified after she posted a heavily edited UK Mother’s Day image that received a “kill notice” from major press agencies.

The Princess is set for a royal return after Easter. Getty Images

Earlier this month, Middleton’s senior staffers claimed they had not seen or spoken to the princess in recent weeks, and were not aware of her health woes until after her surgery.

The future queen was last seen in an official capacity on Christmas Day while attending church in Sandringham, England.

The mom of three is not expected to return to her public duties until after Easter, which falls on March 31, 2024. 

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