John Oliver Wants Your Help ‘Making Tucker Carlson Really F**king Mad’


John Oliver Wants Your Aid ‘Making Tucker Carlson Really F**king Mad’

John Oliver is handling Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who has actually railed versus propositions that would permit more Americans tovote by mail

Throughout a current program, Carlson declared that ballot by mail was “an invitation to widespread fraud and manipulation,” then concluded his tirade with a shrug and an “I don’t know.”

Oliver took on the “I don’t know” as a chance to school Carlson.

“You don’t know? Well, first off, Tucker, thanks so much for admitting that,” Oliver stated. “One of the biggest problems with modern discourse is that people think admitting a lack of knowledge is a sign of weakness when it’s not, is it? It’s how we learn and grow as individuals.”

After sardonically applauding Carlson for confessing he does not have all the realities, Oliver completed a few of the blanks. He kept in mind that the United States has actually had extensive ballot by mail considering that the Civil War which one in 4 Americans have actually voted by mail in the last 2 elections.

“Your premise that voting by mail is a new idea that would shatter democracy is in fact completely wrong and deeply stupid,” Oliver stated. “That’s not a reflection on you, though, is it? You’ve just engaged in a dialogue in good faith, so thank you ― unless you weren’t doing that, in which case, go fuck yourself, you human boat shoe.”

The host of “Last Week Tonight” then shared extra realities about ballot, consisting of the 5 states where every eligible citizen is immediately permitted to vote by mail and the 29 others where citizens might ask for an absentee tally for any factor at all.

Oliver likewise advised his audiences to vote by mail for one really particular factor– and not simply for health and wellness if the country is still dealing with coronavirus in November.

“If you vote by mail, not only will you be exercising your civic duty, you’ll also be making Tucker Carlson really fucking mad,” he stated. “And what better incentive is there to do absolutely anything than that?”

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